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    Fishing, Guns and Reloading, Harley's, Cummins Diesels, Pro street cars, Metal Detecting,building computers and OC them, Going to my cabin in Northern Mich.
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    MineLab E-trac , had a Safari sold it, Whites TRX....

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  1. I finally received everything charged all took everything outside threw a silver ring and a gold ring in the grass I went over them with the wireless and without , I can not tell the difference........So for me the AptX-Low latency TX and the AptX buds are working together.....At least for me.
  2. I think I'm going to need to invest in the tall man lower shaft for this E trac, I'm 6' 4" and I have the lower shaft extended as far as it can go and its wobbly now ....
  3. Well Im a rich man I can retire This it what I found up front 6 inched down and the other 2, 20 yds from the first, 8 inches down ,20ft away from each other...... Wow I need a drink now.........
  4. Just something to better understand....... for some
  5. Yeah I'm aware of that it a chance I'm going to take......Not a big deal Ill keep or return and choose another Thanks for the reply
  6. I found these and ordered they have a volume control https://www.enacfire.com/product/enacfire-e60-0
  7. Im adding Bluetooth to my E-trac I found these earbuds. I want some that had volume control https://avantree.com/dual-driver-bluetooth-earbuds-avantree-as20l What do you think? And Yes I picked out the this TX https://www.taotronics.com/products/tt-ba07-bluetooth-transmitter-receiver
  8. OMG Detector still didn't show it was due last thursday it was shipped 200 miles away good ole USPS again
  9. Absolutely Umm even a old turkey tin pan like I found last time?? 12 inches down registering silver I thought I hit a big one
  10. Thanks for all the greetings Well I just got notified my Detector will be here on wed. I just purchased a Whites TRX after reading a lot and watching videos seemed to be the one to get it came wit a probe too...... other than that Looking at digging equipment I use the Gerber folding serrated shovel previously may order that again.... Not sure yet??
  11. Im Rick from Michigan, I'm getting back into detectors after about a 10 year pause.... I had a Minelab Safari that I sold , I just recently purchased a preowned E-trac with some extras . Im waiting on it to hit the door. So needless to say I have to get back into the swing of things.... I still need a pointer deciding on which and some smalls That I will need......I will be reading and asking a lot of questions....Rick
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