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  1. Check out the classified section, someone is selling a Nox 800 with two coils (11" and 6") and it still has over two years of warranty left on it.
  2. I scrolled through a few others with the class 9 category, and the description changes a bit. Seems like they use a bunch of keywords that may or may not necessarily indicate the capabilities of the machine. The Vanquish description is as follows: Class 9: Metal detectors; Surveying apparatus and instruments; Oscillographs; Inductors (electricity); Probes for scientific purposes; Metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; Electromagnetic coils
  3. From the brief description on the page: Class 9: Detectors for electrically conducting materials, namely, metal detectors, metal detectors for industrial or military purposes, metal detectors for countermine purposes, metal detectors for consumer and recreational purposes, metal detectors for gold mining purposes, metal detectors for use in conjunction with software; metal detectors with mapping and/or global positioning system functionalities; electromagnetic coils for metal detectors. Is that just a general description, or is it hinting at what this model might be capable of doing?
  4. If you're worried about the ears breaking, you can try 3d printing a set of these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3949618 If you don't have a 3d printer handy, they are sold for pretty cheap in a lot of places online. I know I can file a claim with ML to have them take care of it if they break, but my philosophy is "it's better to be proactive than reactive".
  5. Terahertz imaging has been around for a while, but implementation of it is still very costly. This energy band lays between wavelengths of 1mm and 10 microns, so microwaves to long wave infrared (LWIR) radiation. There are plenty of detectors that can image the radiation on both ends, but they tend to be scientific/military grade devices ($$$). Maybe something exists in the commercial market, but I doubt that it will be cheap or great quality (pick one). But I can be wrong...
  6. This might be something I need to get. It's been 100+ degrees here for over a month, so I've been sitting home 😞 Thanks for the tip!
  7. A fun fact I learned some time ago is that $1 in quarters weighs the same as $1 in dimes (about 22.6g), so if you separate them from your nickles and pennies, weigh them in grams and divide by 22.6 you can make a pretty accurate estimate on how much you have without counting them.
  8. Do you ya'll sell your gold finds? Do you just go to a jeweler and sell it for scrap?
  9. This is Volt. He's currently a year and a half. Haven't taken him detecting yet. Planning to take him when it cools off.
  10. That is some great info there! So there is a lot of variation from coil to coil within a lineup. But does a statistically average coil of one brand outperform an average coil of the same size from another brand? Maybe one brand uses a different technique to make their loops better in general?
  11. Is there any real difference between an original Fisher 5" DD and an aftermarket 5" DD (e.g. NEL) for the same detector?
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