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  1. If Mlab didnt want to keep the coil market to themselves, why chip the coils!
  2. Physically the CZ21 and Excal are both a pain out of the water, too much weight and cables. For my 2 cent worth I would go with the CTX, fantastic park hunter, as good as any VLF on the wet sand and you can use it IN the water to 3m. I have hunted a week in the water with no problems.
  3. That answers my question on beach detecting. I can get 8 TDi's for the price of one GPZ so clearly just for beach combing the GPZ wouldnt make any sense.
  4. Why are you guys so keen to pay for SW updates! Windows, Android etc, dont charge for updates, neither for that matter does XP on the Deus and they actually come up with SW updates!
  5. The weight issue is interesting,as the GPX is not heavy and the balance is good even with a small side mounted Lion batt. Also I have my GPX fitted to an old 3 piece stem, so it can go in a ruck sack. No way will the GPZ fit in my ruck sack. Also GPZ coils might become an issue, check out how much the standard 14" coil is!
  6. Hi Rick, I've had a 5000 as well, for me there is no difference - I dont need the fine gold timing. As long as the source for the 4800 is ok, ie its reputable so youre not getting a fake then I would take the new 4800, what is the price? Coils you are right only disc in DD format or the Coiltek AIs (very useful for getting under pylons). I use the stock coil, 11" AI, 10x5 DD 18" DD, 11" mono and 18" x 12" mono. I think the 11" stock coil is very versatile and a good starting point, but a larger coil is nice to have in special circumstance
  7. Hi Rick, I have a GPX 4800 that I use for coin and relics and with practice you can leave most of the iron in the ground. Discing out large pieces of iron is easier than a VLF! So if you can get a cheap used GPX (or any GP for that matter) go for it. I think the GPZ offers no advantage for us, in fact it has disadvantages in that it has no disc and will be even more sensative to small bits (I mean tiny) which a coin and relic hunter doesnt need.
  8. I would be surprised if the GPZ was not a good salt water beach machine, as all Minelab multi-frequency and PIs (Sd, GP, GPXs) are all excellent salt water beach detectors. So looking forward to hearing how the GPZ is on the beach.
  9. I would be curious if anyone has used the GPZ on salt water beaches and if they think it has any advantage over other PIs in this environment.
  10. Thanks for the replys, little to technical for me to grasp fully, but its enough for me to work out this isnt a GPX5000 with a different coil and box. Do you think the new coil design is the reason there is no discrimination option with the detector?
  11. jasong, do you think this type of coil design could be made for a GPX, if an after market coil manufacturer chose to do so?
  12. What are the chances of getting one of these new type of coils made for the GPX? My guess is a lot of the extra performance of the GPZ is down to the coil.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I think I'll try to track some down.
  14. There's alot of caveats in the small print! Not sure what "average performance" means.
  15. Thanks vanursepaul. If the GPZ wireless module works as well as on the CTX there will be no complaints.
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