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  1. I don't know what happened to my ad that I modified on Sunday the 26th.?? I reduced the price on the Outlaw to $365. TC-AZ
  2. 10” DD, 6.5 x 8 SEF and Eclipse 5.3. All coils have covers, hardware and lower shafts. Also included: Spectra wireless HP, 2900 RNB LI-ion battery pack w/smart charger, 8-AA battery pack and printed manual/literature. Also throwing in extra Slider Clips for the Wireless HP. Works as it should. Sorry No Trades, trying to thin out the herd. Price reduced to $675 shipped CONUS. Will take Paypal for payment. Thanks for looking, TC-AZ
  3. Tesoro Outlaw w/8” white donut coil. Also included: Brand new Tesoro zippered carrying pouch, brand new headphones, Bucket Hat and printed manual. I rate it at 9 out of 10. Works as it should. Real Nice! Sorry No Trades, trying to thin out the herd. Price reduced to $375 shipped CONUS. Will take Paypal for payment. Thanks for looking, TC-AZ
  4. Hello Clive, is this book applicable for the Equinox 700 and 900 models or totally different? Thanks for your time, TC-AZ
  5. Steve, thanks for all the work you do. Happy New Year! TC-AZ
  6. I have a Pulse Scan TDI and would like to know on the connector that plugs in the machine, what is the positive (+) end of the plug, the ring (outside) or is it the center? Lastly, does anyone where I can get an electronic schematic for the TDI? Thank you, TC-AZ
  7. Thanks Jim for the feedback. Contemplating in purchasing one that I saw FS. In the past, I've seen them on the market, but here and there. And you're right when you said: had little mention anywhere... Oh well?? Coiltek and others seem to be hotter on gold in crevices and pockets in stream beds. Thanks for your feedback, TC-AZ
  8. Jim, Can you be more specific, like depth, sensitivity to relics, coins and gold? Thanks, TC-AZ
  9. Would like to know if any of you used this coil on a big box TDI? Trying to get some opinions and/or feedback. I heard that White's put it out for users who hunt for gold in Africa. How does it rate toward other TDI coils in comparison is my main concern? I just purchased a big box TDI and waiting for it at the end of week. Can hardly wait to use it! Would it be advantageous to get one or would I be stuck with a "lemon"? TC-AZ
  10. Welcome Jeff, I use to have a Vaqureo (years ago) with the same setup as you on the coils. Wish I didn't sell it... oh well. Tesoro had some great detectors. Yes, maybe you can look and shop around for a new one. Anyway show us your finds when you get out there again. TC-AZ
  11. Davide, have a couple of questions about your discrimination. Do your pulltabs disc. out Before or after the nickels? TC-AZ
  12. You never know what's in front of you …Its the luck of the step.
  13. Thanks to all that responded. Looking at different labels to see if 1st and 2nd generation, but alas no. I too still learning the TDI SL from different users tips and tricks & all angles of conditions, etc. TC-AZ
  14. This maybe a newbie question but, what is the difference in the 12" Dual Field Coils pictured here other than the black and white labels? Is one 1st gen. or 2nd gen. or something else? Thanks, TC-AZ
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