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  1. Again Reducing the Price on the Impact to $375 shipped to your door. Will accept Paypal for payment. Please see original write-up posted 5/1/22 with pics. Thanks for Looking, TC-AZ p.s., Really like sell this!
  2. Well like I said in my earlier post, that's what I was getting. Some signals (if I recall) exceeded the 8 inch plus depth, but it all depends on what type soils and moisture in your area where you hunt. Then the hunting mode(s) and coil choice your are using are all factors. As far as weight is concerned, the MXT vs. IMPACT are generally 3.5 lbs. Give or take a few ounces either way. I didn't feel that it was too heavy for me, but other folks may differ. Generally most VLF detectors have limited detection depth beyond 11 inch plus. Personally, I like to hunt after it rains, 1) it's easier to dig and 2) sensitivity to the target is greatly increased. I don't want to dig holes up to my armpits... TC-AZ
  3. The detector has not sold. I would of indicated here in my post. Tc-AZ
  4. I am Reducing the Price on the Impact to $398 shipped. Will accept Paypal for payment. Thanks for Looking, TC-AZ
  5. Welcome Jeff, I use to have a Vaqureo (years ago) with the same setup as you on the coils. Wish I didn't sell it... oh well. Tesoro had some great detectors. Yes, maybe you can look and shop around for a new one. Anyway show us your finds when you get out there again. TC-AZ
  6. Digger TDI Mono coil has been SOLD!!! Thanks to all that responded,TC-AZ
  7. Davide, have a couple of questions about your discrimination. Do your pulltabs disc. out Before or after the nickels? TC-AZ
  8. 7 inches at best. There are 12 hunting modes you can use... requires the user to tweak more and more, plus many different types of soil conditions here and abroad which in turn are all factors in depth Selling mine to thin the herd out. Interested? TC-AZ
  9. Cal_Cobra, that's great. I probably will never find a gold coin... Only in my dreams. Do you want to buy the detector though? TC-AZ
  10. Nokta / Makro Impact, Come with 3 coils: IM28 (11” x 7”); IM24 (9.5” x 5”) and IM18C (7” Concentric). All come with lower rods, coil covers and hardware. Included items are: extra set of hardware, detector stand, 4-AA rechargeable batteries, wall charging unit, USB data cable, set of 2 environmental covers (upper & lower), carry bag, user manual (with some writing) and orig. box. Operating freq: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz. Works as it should with no issues. With the IM28 coil cover, I had to repair with epoxy because it was cracked. This is the only issue I had in taking off the cover. Has orig. protective screen cover on it. Great Detector; just thinning the herd. Sorry NO TRADES at this time and WILL NOT separate. $419 shipped CONUS. Will take Paypal for payment. Thanks for looking, TC-AZ
  11. Razorback Coil has been Sold! Thanks stateguy and Detector Prospector. TC-AZ
  12. Oh wow stateguy! Sorry getting back to you. The messages from you were in the spam folder ...Duh!!! Sorry about that. Yes the razorback coil is still for sale for $110. TC-AZ
  13. PRICE REDUCED On the coils! Sparking Further Interest Here! Hothead Coil w/lower shaft $50 Digger Coil $100 Razorback $110 SOLD Thanks for looking, TC-AZ
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