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  1. You never know what's in front of you …Its the luck of the step.
  2. Thanks to all that responded. Looking at different labels to see if 1st and 2nd generation, but alas no. I too still learning the TDI SL from different users tips and tricks & all angles of conditions, etc. TC-AZ
  3. This maybe a newbie question but, what is the difference in the 12" Dual Field Coils pictured here other than the black and white labels? Is one 1st gen. or 2nd gen. or something else? Thanks, TC-AZ
  4. Thanks Chase Goldman & GB_Amateur, for the info. 👍 TC-AZ
  5. Hi Mike, that seems to be a drag. Speaking about Mom... Remember Mama's Minerals down in the valley near the Museum? They don't sell anymore either. Just my two cents, TC-AZ
  6. Thanks Chase Goldman, Hmmmm, didn't know that Fisher was in making a Pulse Induction detector? TC-AZ
  7. In what I read and the understanding of the Dual Field and the Mono Aussie is that the Aussie are designed for soils in Australia of high magnetic viscosity or slow signal decay rate. The Dual Field (12" or 7.5") are designed for soils in North America of being highly magnetic but being faster signal decay. But as Steve said earlier in his post, "... like splitting hairs" Good Luck and Happy Hunting, TC-AZ
  8. This new Multi-Freq. by Nokta/Makro will be something to see or not? Somewhat skeptical... Will see. I use the Impact, which is a real nice machine to use, well balanced and nice feel (ergonomics). Navigating thru the hunt modes, settings and expert settings is a breeze! VDI is LARGE which is a plus for my old eyes. 3 freq. settings which you can choose from (one at a time not simultaneously). Very fast responding detector that I so far experienced. I recently hunted a local park, going along getting a few coins and trash, etc. I was using an IM28 coil. Got a signal that was a consist
  9. Welcome aboard. You'll find some great folks here or in a club. They will share their experiences and knowledge of detecting... Just ask. I have been doing this since 1974 and I'm no expert at it. Even now, there's still alot to learn. I hope you like this new hobby and stick with it. For a newbie like yourself, you may even get lucky and get some gold! Good luck and happy hunting. TC-AZ
  10. To all, Thanks for the kind words and welcoming me to a great website. TC-AZ p.s., excuse the typo error of TC-NM... Thinking I still live there, HA!
  11. My XL Pro runs at 6.592 kHz. It hits hard on silver! White's stopped making them about 12to 15 years ago, I think. It shares the same freq. as the XLT but, the XLT has no control knobs, but has buttons on the control panel and LCD screen layout. XL Pro has a analog meter w/needle. XL Pro has 5 knobs, 1 toggle switch and 1 trigger switch for P.P. This one of the best machines White's ever produced next to the DFX and lastly the Spectra V3i. I use the BlackMax 950 and Bullseye 5.3 (6") concentric coils. For the Impact, I have the following coils: IM28 (11 x 7) elliptical; IM24
  12. I hunt for relics, coinshoot parks, ghost towns, abandoned historic sites (permission of course). Tried my hand in gold panning too. I have interest in detecting for gold. Since being retired, I definitely want to hunt beaches where alot of people congregate. I have an extensive book collection on the subject of Ghost Towns, Lost Mines & Hidden Treasure, AZ & NM History and SW Civil War & Camp Sites. Especially interested in AZ & NM Tokens. I have found some mostly in NM but not in AZ yet. And always looking for the elusive Gold Coin! TC-AZ
  13. Wow, I like your cake better! I feel that the ATX is stagnant, to say the least... price too. With Tesoro & Whites closing their doors and the last companies to have PI machines, other companies abroad (excluding Minelab) have not produced new PI machines for whatever reason. Probably sitting on the back burner as not profitable. The customer wants a light weight, waterproof, bluetooth capability, muti-freq. w/interchangeable coils, etc., etc detector. TC-AZ
  14. I've been detecting since 1974 and started with a radio shack build your own kit. Later I saved all my yard work money and purchased a Jetco Mustang. About a year later I was impressed with Whites detectors and their capability that I put one on lay-a-way. It was 5000/D coinmaster and from then on detecting took off. Over the years I have tried several brands but not committed to one brand exclusively. They all have their pros and cons which makes it interesting. I presently use a Nokta/Macro Impact and Whites XL Pro. I reside in southern AZ since retiring (2018) from Albuquerque NM
  15. Using Eric Foster's pulse induction design(s) as White's did several years ago. Build one from the ground up, utilizing the SL pkg., higher voltage battery packs (internal and/or external mounted) to last 4 hrs plus, course & fine adjustments, straight shaft, waterproof and a variety of coils & sizes, e.g., folded mono, elliptical, etc. I can only imagine. TC-AZ
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