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  1. It should get here by tomorrow. I think it was Chase Goldman who first mentioned the Equinox to me as a replacement for my MXT, in response to my first Meet and Greet post, I thought, (although I cannot find that post which I was going to quote). None the less, thank you very much to all those that responded to my questions and concerns. I certainly appreciate all the feedback I have received concerning the 800. I also have learned so much from reading the many 800 threads on this site. This site has proven to be a gold mine of information for me. Su Amigo Canoe
  2. Still have not bought the 800 but I am close. A question--it appears to me from the pictures I have seen that the so called wireless headphones plug into a little box (receiver?) that you hang on your belt. Is that the case? If so I do not call that wireless. I think one would be better off with a low latency transmitter plugged into the audio output and velcroed to the machine that is paired to a set of Bluetooth headphones for a truly wireless set up. Anyway, for those of you that own the 800 what is the deal with the little box? Thanks PS Upon reflection, maybe
  3. Any speculation on what they will be? For me I would like to see an Equinox powered by easy changeable batteries instead of having to return to a power source. Anyway, any guesses ?
  4. finally got it to work. thanks for the replies
  5. this is strange tried your hot link and still get the security page with no entry box, cannot access minelab Australia either. Could some post minelab USA phone number please?
  6. I have been looking at the site off and on for the past couple of days. Now, all of a sudden I cannot get to it. When I click on it, a security page comes up, the kind where you are supposed to type in 3 or 4 letters/numbers to prove you are not a robot. Only problem is, is there is not a place to type them in. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Was just getting ready to order the equinox and noticed that apparently minelab only makes double d coils for it. Will a double d coil work ok in non-mineralized soil??
  8. Thanks to Chase Goldman for telling me about the Equinox. Looks darn good to me, have read a number of reviews. Will order one today.
  9. OH, so sorry, I did not know others had posted about this. I will try not to repeat a topic in the future.
  10. Hey, thanks for the Equinox tip. I will check them out.
  11. Since I am new here, I wanted my first post(other that the meet and greet post) to hopefully be a contribution and perhaps help a few folks. One of the most annoying things when using a corded set of headphones is catching the cord on brush and whatever else it might be attracted to. Well, I recently discovered there was such a thing as wireless headphones but could not find any that I thought I would be satisfied with, so with some research, this is what I came up with. I bought a Taotronics blue tooth transmitter $29.95, a set of Cowen noise canceling low latency blue tooth headpho
  12. Am in N. Central Tx. and am currently using a MXT that is a number of years old. I will be asking about the newer models in the near future. Anyway, howdy to all.
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