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  1. I guess they would not do such a silly thing😉 The 8" coil is coming with a removable coil cover (65gr). That could be used as a ballast in the water if the coil happens to float. Without coil cover, it is very light since it is made with glass bubble-filled epoxy as is the 12.5" coil model. We strongly feel that a coil cover is optional as the back of the coil is made of very hard epoxy. Le Jag has never used a coil cover for many years without any visible wearing. Ask Joe, he has field tested the proto.
  2. It is coming, the field tests of the proto are finished and it has been validated Light as a feather and tough as a rock😉
  3. Wireless : Could be but independently from the Impulse system, i.e. using an external BT transponder. NO BT inside the enclosure. 14" coil NO, 8" coil option YES Salinity problems? Reported problems had nothing to do with salinity. The salinity of any large Ocean water remains within very narrow limits. There is nothing special about the waters in Mexican Gulf, Florida, California or Hawaii. The enclosed seas are usually much more saline than open ocean 'e.g. Mediterranean, red sea, dead sea or some specific salted lakes. Demo have been made that the Impulse is insensitive to h
  4. ❓❓❓❓❓❓ Could you give us the link to that podcast? Thanks
  5. Alexandre was hired by FTP based on his N'th operational prototype version then named AQUAMANTA. FTP has renamed it Impulse AQ for marketing reasons but it is exactly the same as the AQUAMANTA. FTP has prepared the industrialization under close control of Alexandre. The Impulse AQ LTD is now in normal production at El Paso and Alexandre is now working on the prototype of the Impulse GOLD version. Le Jag (Denis) has always been the preferred tester of Alexandre for all his consecutive prototype versions. As such, he owns the latest prototype version and uses it routine
  6. First passes were in all metal mode. Then, in tone mode and, finally in mute mode The iron nail is fully discriminated but the lead bullet gives a lower tone than the gold or aluminium. The pull tab can not be discriminated out.
  7. I had not seen this new option. The edit button was before at the bottom of the post. Thanks
  8. Question 1: YES Question 2 : No comment😉 Question 3 Yes, it is perfectly Possible
  9. Question 1: YES Question 2: Yes, it is perfectly Possible Question 3 : No comment😉
  10. You would have preferred that there was NO manual?😉 This manual will be modified later but the mods will only be slight updates about the battery aspects. Nothing dramatic!!
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