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  1. Thanks all for the replies. The glasses are a great idea, but I wear prescription glasses already. Thanks though. I didn't know about the s rod. I'll look into that.
  2. Thanks, this answers my question about the ability to remove the handle. My next question is has anyone extended their handle so it's easier to see. I had my neck fused and am unable to see the screen unless I bend over at the waist, which is uncomfortable to do all the time.
  3. I've been reading a lot on this great site. Thanks to all of you for your reviews of all the great machines out there. I have been looking for a good all around detector for here in MT and for Bullhead City the rest of the time. With all your help I believe I have settled on the Equinox 600. I wanted to get the new Garrett Ace Apex, but they probably won't be out before I head to AZ in August.
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