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  1. Thank you for the video. Always appreciate content on machines I own.
  2. Thank you for the help! The ground I was on this week was indeed somewhat hot and quite varied in it's mineralization.
  3. I am still need to metal detecting and learning an original tdi. So lately I have been experimenting with the different controls and how they affect the machine. I read some instructions that mentioned running the gain at the point that the threshold remained steady and did not waiver. This typically leaves me with a gain of 3 or 4. Does this sound right or am I missing something?
  4. That is a really cool object! I wish I could get the stl or other source files. It would be a great starting point for other 18650 projects,
  5. You never know what kind of benefit Garrett could derive from the source code related to the v3i. If they are working on a high end multi frequency machine it could help a lot. I think expecting them to revive old detector lines that didn't sell well enough to keep White's afloat is pretty foolhardy. It's probably a coin flip for them to keep some newer designs [24k/GMX]. Garrett seems to be really good at marketing. Perhaps they can apply some of that expertise to White's products but marketing 20-25 year old detectors would be a real challenge.
  6. 🤔 Is there anywhere in the world where it's not the 16th? Maybe tboykin is not the one producingthe news here and we have to wait for another party to announce something. Additionally, having gone through several large business transactions with banks, i feel like banks love nothing more than coming back with more questions at the last second. Business deals often get delayed repeatedly.
  7. Do you believe you would see a similar performance increase with ground balance on? I have an original TDI but I always have ground balance on when I am out detecting.
  8. That's too bad. I was excited the headphones came with the detector and it wasn't something else I would need to buy.
  9. How do you feel the stock earphones compared to aftermarket?
  10. I guess I can always return it as well if it turns out fake.
  11. Has anyone received one of these units yet? I would really like to purchase one but want to make sure it's the real deal and not a counterfeit.
  12. That's great video for someone like me that is just starting out. Thanks for sharing.
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