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  1. Now that is a great hunt, My area has no big open fields, but it's a dream of mine to do that. I love pocket change but relics really do light up my imagination.
  2. I appreciate the replies, Geof the KG ID'S have readable dates. One is 1730, the other is 1739. F350- looking at the rear view there seems to be 2 raised dots that had me thinking it might be a button. After 5 yrs of detecting to get my first colonial era items all in a maybe 100 sq ft area blows my mind. We have been to this spot many times with multiple machines. One never knows what lies beneath !
  3. I did some research and my town was first settled in 1639, should be some more colonial relics around. I do wish someone could ID that button or whatever it is- measures 1 7/16" in diameter.
  4. These all were found at 6 to 8 inches. I had decided to chase faint iffy signals because that's how I have found most of my gold rings, iffy signals that catch my attention some how. Going between the Alter 71's 120 pt ID and the Legend 60 pt ID messes with my little pea brain. I am getting more focused on the tones above all else.
  5. This is larger the the George II Coppers, can any one tell me what it is?
  6. Monday my buddy Greg and I returned to a favorite site where he found an 1860's large cent. Since then we have pulled many modern silvers,what's and some nice relics. About a month ago we were getting ready to call it a day and decided to give it another half hour, within 5 minutes I hit 2 silver dimes and 2 buffalo nickles in a 10 square ft. area. So on Monday we saw that a trench had been dug so we each took a side, within a half-hour I pulled out a 1730's George the II copper, my first colonial coin, 2 old buttons and a relic I can't identify. I will try to post pics. We returned Wednesday and again I immediately found another George II, and a couple of buttons. Greg found an Indian Head and a couple old button. All within a 100 sq ft area. I have been struggling with the Legend lately, apparently its not the machine. I just feel more in tune with the Alter 71 at times.
  7. I gave up on the AT Pro on the beach. The Alter seems more stable, I need a long day to go through settings in an orderly fashion noting the affects of changes to depth and stability.
  8. So after hunting at a Park my friend Greg and I went to a beach, first time with the Alter. Right away I was baffled by the amount of chatter. Changing freqs made minimal difference and I did find a couple of items at 4". The beach was fine sand with a very rock water line- low tide, loaded with iron trash. I realized the sensitivity was at 75, after lowering to 50 the chatter was mostly gone. I am looking for tips for beach settings from you experienced folks.
  9. Hey George, yeah I am really enjoying it. I was worried that maybe this machine was over my head but it can be very simple to setup.
  10. I would love to meet up with an experienced detectorist in the Cape Cod area to guide me through the deeper settings. I am new to a lot of the features, can only compare to my AT pro.
  11. Hello folks, it's been a while since updating. I have been busy with family time and now that my shoulder is up to snuff my wife has me back on house repair duty.LOL. Also because we haven't had any appreciable rain in about 5 weeks I am hesitant to dig in a lot of spots, can't really cut a plug, it just falls to dust. I did hunt at an old school a couple of weeks ago for about an hour. In an approximately 25'x100` area, pulled up 3 copper pennies, 1 clad dime, 1 Jefferson and 2 buffalo nickels along with a small buckle (book strap ?) , a couple of square nails and piece of horse shoe. Sorry no pics. Not a zinc to be found !. I returned a week later with my buddy Greg and we covered a lot more ground but didn't find much at all. Yesterday we hit another school with some wooded shadey spots ( 90+ temps) lots of modern coins and a couple pieces of jewelry, I found a heart shaped pin and Greg found a silver ring. I have found that I can ID a nickel with 85 percent certainty, at a School site the pencil eraser ferrule is my nemesis. Depending on the amount of pencil attached they are within a couple points of a nickel. My Alter 71 settings- 17k, reaction 5, masking 3, iron vol. 2, disc 21, threshold vol. Just audible, audio gain 25, vco on. I ground balance when moving from shaded woods to sunlit field. If I change settings, I will find a zinc penny and use it as reference for ID numbers. I did notice on a deep iffy nickel signal in the woods, when I changed the ID Type from 12k to 6k the signal got a lot more crisp sounding. I like that I can quickly change some settings to better ID a target. I have decided to stick with a couple of programs- 1 custom and the Basic setting- so that I can swap between them. This can be a tricky machine if my ADD has it's way. Oh, and I have been using the concentric coil for the last month, I want to get another lower shaft to make cool swapping easy peasy. More to come, Pray for rain !
  12. Thanks, El Nino.The reason I ask is that I have been getting High tone falsing and thought it may be related to swing speed.I had the same thing with my AT Pro usually at each end of my swing.I am careful to maintain a level path, I did hear someone talk about something he called winkling, sort of wiggling the coil over suspect targets and it does work.I have noticed Deus users often use a fairly quick swing while I tend to be rather deliberate in using a consistent 2 secondish swing.We musician's take timing seriously LOL. Different machines may call for different tactics. I have been very successful so far but still have to pass on deeper targets for another 3 weeks or so, no more than 6" using one arm only.Kinda forces me to focus on details. I have setup 3 programs, 7.8k- 12k and 17k along with factory presets. I change settings at times on a target and compare my programs to factory presets, I stick with one of my programs for a hunt.I hope that makes sense.
  13. Just wondering, does reaction setting affect swing speed ?
  14. Hey all, been laying low with shoulder PT but have been trying new settings on the Alter in my yard. I found that I was getting confused with too much audio in dual mode and a 5 tons setup. I have a wireless headphone setup that is a bit too bass heavy, the Cowen E7's have noise canceling that helps a little but still decided to use a 3 tons setting that is easier to follow. It seems as though even with IRON Vol. at 1 it still is loud. I may get a set of Garrett Cleartone's, they are pretty inexpensive and reviews are good. I like the ear buds I have tried ( Shure 215 and Galaxy S10) but I need to extend the chord about 3 ft. I am able to go with out wearing a sling but still can't use my left arm much, so shallow coins are pretty much it for now.Anything deeper than 6" I have to pass on. That's ok because it is causing me to simplify my detector use,it can get overwhelming with the Rufus because it has capabilities unfamiliar to me and I am a tinkerer. I am very pleased with it so far and enjoy using it more and more.
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