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  1. Thanks, El Nino.The reason I ask is that I have been getting High tone falsing and thought it may be related to swing speed.I had the same thing with my AT Pro usually at each end of my swing.I am careful to maintain a level path, I did hear someone talk about something he called winkling, sort of wiggling the coil over suspect targets and it does work.I have noticed Deus users often use a fairly quick swing while I tend to be rather deliberate in using a consistent 2 secondish swing.We musician's take timing seriously LOL. Different machines may call for different tactics. I have been very successful so far but still have to pass on deeper targets for another 3 weeks or so, no more than 6" using one arm only.Kinda forces me to focus on details. I have setup 3 programs, 7.8k- 12k and 17k along with factory presets. I change settings at times on a target and compare my programs to factory presets, I stick with one of my programs for a hunt.I hope that makes sense.
  2. Just wondering, does reaction setting affect swing speed ?
  3. Hey all, been laying low with shoulder PT but have been trying new settings on the Alter in my yard. I found that I was getting confused with too much audio in dual mode and a 5 tons setup. I have a wireless headphone setup that is a bit too bass heavy, the Cowen E7's have noise canceling that helps a little but still decided to use a 3 tons setting that is easier to follow. It seems as though even with IRON Vol. at 1 it still is loud. I may get a set of Garrett Cleartone's, they are pretty inexpensive and reviews are good. I like the ear buds I have tried ( Shure 215 and Galaxy S10) but I need to extend the chord about 3 ft. I am able to go with out wearing a sling but still can't use my left arm much, so shallow coins are pretty much it for now.Anything deeper than 6" I have to pass on. That's ok because it is causing me to simplify my detector use,it can get overwhelming with the Rufus because it has capabilities unfamiliar to me and I am a tinkerer. I am very pleased with it so far and enjoy using it more and more.
  4. Now that is cool, put that in your Mystery mobile and hang on!!!
  5. Now that is outside the box,I will give it a try.I have been trying 17k at home to deal with emi, and have been surprised by how useful dual mode is.I have found a specific setup yet but am taking my time with changes so as not to be overwhelmed.
  6. I spent about 40 min in the front yard and pulled up 15 coins and 2 pieces of trash(foil and 6" copper wire) one copper cent was with in 1" of the wire.I can tell which coin is which fairly accurately, it is taking some getting used to the wireless headphones.They produce such a spectrum of sound that it was distracting at first.No noticeable latency issues and very comfy.
  7. Thanks, I am having a ball, I have a small detector that I repaired for my grandson and will be taking him out in the next couple of days.I tested it today by marking targets in my yard and it saw all of them, should be a blast. I asked my daughter to meet me at a school field so that I can teach him how before he digs up Moms front yard.LOL He has been out with me before, I had him using the pinpointer.He loved it!!!
  8. I was out for a little in my front yard trying some settings, I noticed the other day I was getting confused with to much sound, and My head was not really in the game which can really affect my attention. I ended up very close to your settings. Do you find a specific frequency is best for coin hunting? I do like threshold running in the background. Next I am going to use the Concentric coil. I have not seen coil covers available, so I will be using bedliner spray, worked great on the AT Pro.
  9. ok. Thanks. I was out yesterday and was using dual mode, I have to spend more time with using threshold, it is eye opening what it can reveal.I have no experience with it but it seems like having pinpoint running in the background. 2 things I can wish for- User tones is a great feature, adjustable volume per tone would be even better.Adjustable pinpoint tone. Minor tweaks to an awesome detector.I am just scratching the surface. I am always checking out different detectors on U Tube, the ones the interest me are 1-Etrac,2-Nox800,3-AKA Signum, but to they offer more the the Alter ? Not so sure, but I do like the Etrac !!!
  10. Because you'll asked, here are some finds over the past couple months, The gold ring is 18k, both of the other rings are silver.One of the flat button next to the rings was found close to where my buddy found a large cent.Just a sample of current coins, most of this from 2 sites we keep revisiting .
  11. My wireless setup arrived today.A tiny Taotronics TX and Cowan 7 noise canceling headphones, easy setup and seems to work well.The TX is supposed to have 10 hr battery time,headphones 20hr. I will try to post pics tomorrow. I struggle with headphone, they just hurt after a while but these are comfy. No clue as to durability, they seem ok and I generally don't slam my gear around.Gotta get a wired set for back up.Oh, both units are Bluetooth 5.0 low latency. A short hunt today in a super trashy campground. So much stuff that one swing can sound like Morse code! A few times I would chase a nice high tone but pinpoint would be way off center and come through as a low tone, I assume this is trash making a deeper target? I had to resort to a 3 tone Coin profile, too much sound was a distraction and fatigued me.Maybe the reaction and masking setting could help? I am unfamiliar with using those.From reading the manual those are very interactive and might need subtle adjustments. Does the VCO only affect the threshold ?
  12. Thanks to all, no I have no EE background, just a shade tree mechanic type of guy that enjoys figuring stuff out. Got in a 2 hr hunt today, my head was not in the game due to 2 weeks of interrupted sleep with shoulder pain, but get old ain't for sissy. So I decided to focus on iffy signals,all info pointed to trash so I needed to confirm the data. Mostly right on with the occasional surprise, when it doubt dig it out.I am gaining confidence in my interpretation of the info the machine supplies.I will try to post some pics tomorrow time to ice the shoulder and read some forums.
  13. Thanks guys, I look forward to learning more . I am going to try and post pics soon.My buddy and I hope to do a road trip as soon as I get out of this sling, one armed digging is tiresome LOL. but doable. I have access to the Old County farm , an old family farm down Cape, another friend has an old farm about 50 miles north.2 yrs.ago I did a little detecting at My wife's family farm in Southern Ohio 20 min ride to Kentucky. Her Uncle is a history buff that has collected many arrowheads, he told me that close to his home was a known location of Morgans Raiders.A great guy, he converted part of the farm to a golf course and there was an Indian burial mound that a local historian started to excavate, Uncle Phil halted construction until all materials found were returned and the mound restored.He told me- I love history but will not abide desecration, all peoples loved ones should be respected- that is a good man in my book!! I detected around the old log cabin site where My in laws lived and found a silver plated spoon,Uncle Phil said it was his mom's so I insisted he keep where it belongs. I gotta get back to that beautiful area this year. Uncle Phil's one tip" look around the outhouses"
  14. I do have v.2 of the Alter and was pleased to read the coil is submersible to 1 meter, looking forward to the beaches and ponds here on Cape Cod. Being limited to short hunts I am experimenting with small changes, I settled on 12.2khz because the is no interference from my pinpointed at that setting. I have also played around with a custom coin sound profile, still working on it. With the AT Pro I struggled to dig nickels at all, it took time and I ended up in Pro Zero always.When a signal was iffy I would switch to Pro coins to identify trash, I then began to find nickels consistenly.Keep in mind I am at School fields and parks. With the Alter I can already pick out coins with confidence,still digging trash to keep learning what is what. I had a 1/2 your last week to get out to a field that I hit with the AT, in 15 mins I had 9 coins from Pennies to Quarters. I covered a 60 ft.stretch one swing width. I had been twice with the AT covering much more ground with less success.Not a conclusive experiment but it speaks volumes to me. With the Rufus I can use a custom tone profile and refer back to Coins 3 tones easily. Just the begining!!
  15. Thanks, I have been sidelined due to shoulder surgery and this forum is helping my sanity.I can get out for limited hunts and start putting into practice the tips I receive here.looking forward to some beach hunting with the Alter 71, I also have permission to some old county properties to look forward to. Having found a beautiful silver ring as well as a nice good ring the week before Mothersday my wife encourages me, unlike some other hobbies !! I can also include my grandchildren at times.
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