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  1. Thanks Simon for doing that as I don't have much upload or download out here. Yes it is good to see how, and the ground that is being detected on over there. cheers dave
  2. This is a specie from today, a 331.6 gram specie and the Specific Gravity (213 grams) suggests about 25 grams of gold, there is visible gold on the outside and so there must be quite a bit inside. The 17x12 spiral X-Coil on the mighty GPZ7000 strikes again 👌 cheers dave
  3. Another successful trip for a few days out detecting, the 17x12 spiral X-Coil does it again, this coils is great for patch hunting and just an all round great coil. Anyhow this is one larger piece from the last outing, and there were plenty of small bits as well. 20 gram nugget cheers dave
  4. Yes I suggest you get them made by SteelPhase he is in the manufacturing of electronic equipment, and knows how important it is to have these done properly.
  5. A.1: started of with a ML GP extreeme (2005), then a ML GPX 4000 when they came out, then shortly after that a ML GPX 4500 times two, then a GPZ 7000 when they first came out, and recently a 2nd GPZ 7000 and somewhere in between was a SDC 2300, and also tried a Whites GMT for a short while. A.2: Yes happy with most of them, the GPX4000 was a bit disappointing, and the GMT was good on hot rocks here in WA so it didn't last long. A.3: No warranty claims on actual detectors, some of the ML 11" mono coils failed and were replaced under warranty, and one of the GPX4500 batteries failed and was replaced under warranty. A.4: Yes, for the GPX 4500's and the SDC2300 and the GPZ7000's A.5: Only kept one GPX4500 as a backup and the SDC2300 for the same reason. A.6: Without a shadow of a doubt the GPZ7000 wins hands down, and now with the X-Coils attached it's at another level like I have never seen before, Ok I might be a bit bias on the X-Coils, but it is true, seeing is believing as they say. cheers dave
  6. The 17"x12" X-Coil on the 7000 is performing very well for me, the pictures show some of the gold and species found, and am I happy, hell yes. 3 nuggets for 35 grams for the afternoon using the 17x12 X-Coil Some of the gold found with the 17x12 X-Coil Species found using the 17x12 X-Coil and the SG suggests there is plenty of gold inside them. cheers dave
  7. Well here in Aus the cables on both our detectors the coil cables are fine, nothing like what your talking about. The manufacture makes the cables yes, by hand yes, he has seen what your describing, yes, are the coils getting very good results here in Aus, yes. regards dave
  8. I have never ever had any of the problem with the cables like your having, I have changed coils many many more times than you have in summer and in winter, I first started trying the very first 18" coil over a year ago, I have suggested to you the way I do it and the way I go about changing coils, if the cable is slightly and I emphasize slightly bigger then roll the coil anti clockwise when pushing the cable up the middle shaft, make the connection and give it another anticlockwise couple of rolls and this compacts the curls a bit, and the cable has never causing any of the hassles your talking about. Also the lower shaft is not supplied with the coils either, and has to be changed from coil to coil or buy another lower shaft, I guess the plastic spikes can be swapped or not from coil to coil, or not used as the person prefers, I sometimes use them sometimes not, to me I see real reason to use the or not use them I don't really think I need to recommend or not, it's upto the user. cheers dave
  9. I also note that the hard plastic spike things that are on the GPZ 14" coil have not been used by any of the people having trouble with the cable!!! cheers dave
  10. It look fine here(picture in Andys first post) except the lower shaft appears to be upside down and has the clamp to the top side instead of underneath
  11. Andy, please completely close the shafts before unscrewing the connector and this won't happen, even if using the GPZ coils and unscrewing the connector while the shafts are extended the it will "shoots out the shaft like a torpedo" no matter which coil you are using, completely close the shafts please. At least if the X-Coil cable shoots out like a torpedo it is not binding and stuck. ? ? cheers dave
  12. Yes about 80km away, Hmmmm, we won't be saying Hi to Larry. ? cheers dave
  13. A couple of pictures from the drone (Mavic Air) just out of town, Leinster Western Australia, Veronica has only just got the drone and still a big learning curve, but it's fun. cheers dave
  14. To Jason and others that may have a coil cable that is a bit tight in the shaft and binds when extending and closing the shafts, this is what I do, as I know a couple of the cables are a bit bigger than others. Undo the lower shaft clamp and spin the coil anti clockwise a turn or two and this winds the curls in the cable a bit and seems to fix the problem for me. Same when first fitting the coil cable up the shafts, instead of dragging the cable through with a string attached to the cable plug, just wind it through by spinning the coil against the curly and push it through while turning and when the plug comes through screw it onto the fitting in the detector if it still feels a bit tight and wants to bind just undo the lower clamp and spin the coil another turn or two I agree that if the cable was made with slightly smaller curls would be the ideal answer. The way I have explained how I do it works for me and I have no problem after that, and I still change coils quite often, as different coils arrive for me to use etc. So far I have not had a patch lead fail from extending and closing and changing coils, fingers x I guess. I have three patch leads one on each of our 7000's, and a spare for other people the try a coil on there detector if they want to give a coil a run before making a decision cheers dave.
  15. G'day Jin, you should have your big 20" spiral round X-Coil very soon, it will look like this as I now have one as well, it just arrived today, I just put it on the scales and it weighs 1670 grams (without the lower shaft) cheers dave
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