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  1. davsgold

    Find Of The Month

    Congratulations to Simon (phrunt) for getting in the treasure hunting success find of the month in the Minelab site. ☺️ https://www.minelab.com/anz/go-minelabbing/success-stories/recruited-to-try-find-lost-wedding-ring-in-a-huge-paddock cheers dave
  2. That is one serious trail there JW if he went over the edge the valley floor way below would break his fall. πŸ˜‚ it was good to see a safety fence a few meters long in a couple of places that would sure give a person greater confidence. πŸ˜‚ anyhow it was good to watch, and thanks for putting it up just so we over here can appreciate the scenery. cheers dave
  3. Excellent result JW, along with the pictures and report to go with the story, and some nice chunky bits of gold ay. cheers dave
  4. davsgold

    Settings Or Specimen?

    Now JW that is a small bit of gold on the coil there. I was just going by the weight Glen in Co said in his post which is 1.543 grains and that equates to 0.099984718 grams so I though it must be small, but it looked much bigger than that along side the coin, and his measurements 1.48cm x .499cm x .058cm make it a bit over 1/2" long, so no wonder he was asking why about the settings on the detector. cheers dave
  5. davsgold

    Settings Or Specimen?

    That's a very very nice piece of gold, not very big but very nice, well done. cheers dave
  6. davsgold

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    That shovel/pick is a close as you can get to a backhoe without being a backhoe. πŸ˜ƒ Glad yo found the old footage JR, I bet it brings back some wonderful memories cheers dave
  7. Yes for sure, it's an exploration (junior) company (Artemis) and they have some joint ventures with a Canadian company (Novo) They were originally talking about similarities to South Africa witwatersrand type deposit, I think this might be a bit over stated. But there certainly is gold there as well as Cobalt and Copper, they have got a big processing plant and plenty of tenements and there doing plenty of drilling so time will tell. cheers dave
  8. Yes I am, it's all very interesting, I keep a good eye on what Artemis and a few others are doing up there, we were in the Pilbara a couple of months ago, we were in the very area. Different looking country to what I'm used to seeing. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. davsgold

    The $80,000 Nugget

    Aint that the truth Reg
  10. davsgold

    The $80,000 Nugget

    G'day Reg and others I am one of the ones that use, or rather in the past used the GPS part of the 7000 and the associates Xchange2 software to download waypoints and findpoints and tracks to a laptop, as most would also know that when the last software upgrade (about july2017) the xchange 2 was made incompatible with the GPS system on the 7000. I have been trying unsuccessfully since then to get Minelab to come up with a fix, they have sent me 2 betta versions of xchange2 to try but it still won't work. In my opinion, if Minelab can't even get the xchange 2 to work in sinc with the GPS that is onboard the 7000 there is no way they could track you movments, I even sent Minelab some of my find points and way points and tracks to try and get them some info that was relevant after the upgraded software that stuffed the thing up, even that never eventuated to anything. So help me, conspiracy theorists how do you think its even remotely possible for the 7000 to send Minelab your data.πŸ˜₯ cheers dave cheers dave
  11. G'day Simon Yes a speedy delivery, probably quicker to get to NZ than some places here in Aus, good luck out there and may you find many gold nuggets and hope you avoid some of those lead pellets. cheers dave
  12. Well done JW, great pictures and commentary as always, and that pick is going strong ay, and Simons one is on it's way, he should have it in hand this week. cheers dave
  13. davsgold

    The $80,000 Nugget

    It's a white board check list Reg, so you can keep track of where the big gold is. πŸ˜‚ cheers dave
  14. davsgold

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    G'day phrunt They don't want to clone/backwards engineer the chip as this is breaching Minelab IP, the way it's being done by making the patch lead from an existing coil leaves all Minlab IP intact and the only thing is, it may void the warranty if you use a coil that is still in the warranty period. cheers dave
  15. davsgold

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    G'day JW I will make some enquirers and let you know in due course, if all goes well and it comes off then I will let you know the wiring schematic for the plugs, when making the patch lead from an existing GPZ coil like I did. cheers dave