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  1. must be a Kiwi thing, neither of ours came with one, I just use the foam ear plugs in ours cheers dave
  2. nice chunky bit of gold Simon, well done, nice scenery too. cheers dave
  3. Hey Mitchel, it is disappointing that the trip never produced any gold and just some junk targets. The loud missed targets (gold or otherwise) will take care of themselves, easy to hear, it is the not so easy to hear targets that the other coils and detectors have missed, (mostly not screamers) that you will start to find, this gold has been missed because it has a more subtle target response, very recognizable when you hear it the first couple of times. I don't even pretend to know what your ground is like in the USA where you detect, or what settings will work best for you, I can only tell you what I do over here and it works very well, well there has to be gold there to find and then it works very well. I know I will be trying out the Manual ground balance method that Norvic is talking about and has been using to great effect up in far North Queensland, where as I have been using Semi Auto ground balance, and just kept doing that because it was working. In most places over here I need to use "Difficult" and "High yield" and sensitivity 16, occasionally I can use "Normal" HY or Gen and sensitivity about 9 or 10 in normal. Once you work out some settings in an area your getting some gold it will all come together. And when you get one of those targets you just know is going to be gold, have a play around with settings and work out what is better and what is worse, then use that as a baseline. Once I have a setting that works, and works well I tend not to chop and change. cheers dave
  4. Oh no, wash your mouth out Steve, you don't mean that the gold they find on the TV show was planted, it looks so real. 😉 cheers dave
  5. Well done Andy, great story about the trip and great pictures as well, and some gold to go with it, how good is that. cheers dave
  6. Nice coin Gerry, we do a bit of coin collecting here as well, and by chance yesterday in change from a shop here in Ozzie I got a silver Quarter Dollar, is was mixed in with some of our Ozzie one dollar coins, how I dont know because ours are gold coloured and the 1/4 dollar is silver coloured. There is a saying and an add on TV here "shoulda went to Specsavers" It is a bit tarnished but recognizable. I'll keep it in my collection, as I've never had one before. cheers dave
  7. Great story Gerry, great pictures to go with it, and an adventure that you can not measure in dollars, and of course some gold which is always great to find along with the trip and the adventure. cheers dave
  8. yep, the older SD detectors had a switch to lock in to one or other of the channels or leave the switch in center position for both channels. Some would recommend going to a single channel on these SD detectors depending on whether you were hunting big deep gold or small shallow gold, would determine which single channel you would use. The later model GP and GPX and he GPZ all have these two channels for hearing the target response, just that now there is no switch and the detector decides which channel comes through, and why as JP says it is "channel flipping" cheers dave
  9. Good stuff Simon, your on the board with the GPZ7000 and the x-coil all in one day, awesome. (Hint), with the WM12 if you detct right handed then have the WM12 on your right hand side, I have it in my trousers pocket and the cable then going upto the SP01 or headphones or whatever else your using. If the booster or whatever goes flat then I just clip the WM12 to the top strap of the armrest on the detector. Yes the WM12 does not like being on the opposite side of the human body to the detector. I recommend you keep using the WM12 and just get used to where you need to have it placed on your person. cheers dave
  10. the "Gore" valve, "Air equalization valve" maybe some work better than others, I don't even go detecting in the rain, letalone dunk the coils in water, no matter what brand of coil, anyhow if the valve is unscrewed and let the coils dry out in the sun for however long it takes I imagine they should be ok again. cheers dave
  11. You don't need to use anything, just at the bottom of the post your typing it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" I just choose a file from my laptop and it does the rest. example below is a 2.8mb file size on the laptop and this forum site does the rest, hope this helps.
  12. I also use the SteelPhase SP01 on the Zed, with Pats Dual external speakers, all good
  13. Yes your right Mitchel, the female plug is very close to the curly curls I did mine myself and I never had to actually straighten out any curls, I did have to slide the parts up and around the curls a bit though while soldering on the plug, then slide the parts back when finished. cheers dave
  14. Yep I did, I put the female plug back on the 19 and the 14, I very rarely use either, and it is only to compare the test targets against the other coils. And so I have two patch leads, one to lend others that want to try an x-coil before the take the leap and cut there own. Mind you I don't post it away, it is only if they meet up and I can show them and so then they can try it out. 😉 cheers dave
  15. G'day Nugget Hunter NZ good work there, looks like your going to use the coil in the river behind Simons' place that is all flooded, did you silicone up the air equalization valve or leave it not done. cheers dave
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