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  1. davsgold

    Map Grids ( Graticules )

    Thanks for your reply Barry, Yes I never thought about it on such a big scale, and basically we just use it in the one zone area (51J) in Western Australia where we have a few leases and go detecting/prospecting during the winter months over here. cheers dave
  2. davsgold

    Map Grids ( Graticules )

    G'day Clay Diggins I like this system, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM, is it anything like you describe in your post, in Australia I just set all our GPS equipment to this system, and use the same in Google Earth and Oziexplorer as well, and for checking the leases in Western Australia using "Tengraph" which can also be set to the UTM system. I like it for the simple reason you have 2 sets of numbers, Easting and Northing, and a of course you need to know what Zone, which is mostly automatic on the GPS as it knows what zone/region you are in. cheers dave
  3. davsgold

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Yes the small coil would be good in and around rocky edges in creeks and gullies and in shallow type ground, depth is about 3"to 4" inches on tiny stuff, like point something of a gram size. And about 12" to 13" on larger multi gram piece (10g), seems to be about what it can do. I doubt it is water proof, light shower of rain and dew yes, but I would not be dipping in puddles, or in a creek with water in it. cheers dave
  4. davsgold

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    The 10"x9" is going well, but I don't think there will ever be an 8", there has to be x amount of room physically to fit stuff into. cheers dave
  5. davsgold

    A New Zealand Claim

    That looks like fun on a hot day.
  6. everything you say GB_Amateur is correct, and any SG on a "Gold in Quartz" specie is at best an indication that you can expect to get some gold from the specie when it's processed. From my experience sometimes the calculations are close to the mark and other times not so, and as always the dolly pot tells the truth. 😁 cheers dave
  7. G'day Iron Digger Your submerged weight of 71 grams needs to be subtracted from the original 242 grams, you see it depends on how you do the wet weight, so you should end up with (242-71=171) wet weight then go ahead and do the usual formula thing which gives a healthy positive result of 66.5 grams. 😁 cheers dave
  8. davsgold

    Unknown Nugget

    Melting temps for various metals Just noticed Lead is not on the list, lead melts at 327.5 °C Metal Type Fahrenheit Celsius Pewter 440 226 Tin 450 232 Zinc 786 418 Aluminum 1220 660 14Kt Gold 1615 879 Sterling Silver 1640 893 Brass 1652-1724 900-940 18Kt Gold 1700 926 Fine Silver 1760 960 Bronze 1825 996 Gold (Pure) 1948 1064 Copper 1983 1084 Nickel 2030 1110 High Carbon Steel 2500 1371 Stainless Steel 2550 1398 Medium Carbon Steel 2600 1426 Low Carbon Steel 2700 1482 Platinum 3221 1771
  9. davsgold

    Unknown Nugget

    if its lead it should recombine all the bits and pieces when taken to melting temp again, right, or at least some of it should, there may be other stuff in the mix to cause some contamination. cheers dave
  10. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    G'day Chet The coil cable is inside the shafts as per normal on all coils, aftermarket and standard, nothing has changed there. It is probably just the bungy cord or the swing arm that appears to make it look like it's on the outside. The Russian manufacture uses the timings much more like you do, Normal/Extra Deep is there favorite and 13 sensitivity. Much of the ground here in Australia has to much mineralization to use Normal timing. Man you will sure notice a huge difference in weight between the GPZ19" coil and the 22"x21" and the 18" round. 👌 cheers dave
  11. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Testing aftermarket coils for the GPZ7000 at Maryborough VIC in Australia, recently conditions were wet ground and some spots of rain, all coils ran well and were compared against the standard 14" GPZ coil and a 17"x13" evo nuggetfinder coil on a GPX5000 in fine gold. All tests were done the same day and spread over about an hour. Settings for the tests for the aftermarket coils were as follows, Difficult/General and Sensitivity 13,Threshold 27, with Audio Smoothing High, Ground Soothing Off, Semi-Auto Tracking. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhNCC_OPjVU&list=PLf7iPqCW_DPrWTnJ20OnCrMh7-N9ZnGaC) Testing Aftermarket coils in VIC for GPZ7000 (scroll through the list above on youtube) cheers dave
  12. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    I hope so, they do seem to be working well. cheers dave
  13. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    G'day Chet Yes that is from the same manufacture, these coils were sent to Stan to test, I tested the 18" coil with Stan a bit earlier in the year in Western Australia, the manufacture sent me more coils to test in New South Wales and in Victoria, which I have just finished in VIC, and will put up some videos soon. The coils that were tested were 10"x9", 16"x12, 15"x14" two of, 16"x15", 18", and the big 22"x21" all coils ran very well, and the ground was wet, very wet in places as it rained just about every day while in VIC. cheers dave
  14. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Tested the 15"x14" aftermarket coil for the 7000 and also the 18" round, the both performed very well, and the 15"x14" mono coil for the GPX4500/5000 was also very good. I have now tested 7 coils for the GPZ7000 and they all ran well and caused no problems for the 7000. We did a bit of detecting with the 15"x14" on the GPZ7000 and came across this target which sounded very nice, so it was something that had been in the ground for a long time, the old timers throw out heaps from about 150 years ago, so it was a genuine undug target. 15x14 coil on the 7000 undisturbed target. cheers dave
  15. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Yes, it would be interesting to see the insides of both side by side, I don't know how the aftermarket coils have such a low profile compared to GPZ 14" coil. Pictures show the aftermarket 18" and the 15"x14" beside the GPZ14" and there is at least (10 to 12mm) aprox 1/2" profile height difference.