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  1. No, we have decided to stay home for the foreseeable future and see what happens, it is going to look like a refugee camp at the boarder before long if they don't get things sorted very quickly. stay safe and isolate cheers dave
  2. Very nice JW, congrats, that is a wonderful piece, very impressive effort with a 10" coil cheers dave
  3. They have a quarantine checking station at the WA SA boarder which has been there for ages, it check for fruit and vegies etc, and another one in the middle of SA, and in VIC as well, all were just tasked with checking fruit and vegies, (so far). At this stage within the states they have just asked/suggested that all non essential travel be put on hold, sort of a lock down with out being a real lock down I guess. I believe they will be taking a real dim view on people just driving about willy nilly, and basically the suggestions are to stay at home, go to the shops to get supplies etc is ok, for now. cheers dave
  4. G'day Mitchel Each state over here in Aussie has there own rules and regs about that. In VIC where you were the Miners right you got for there is for 10 years like you say but it is only for VIC, if you go to WA (Western Australia) the you will need to get a Miners right for WA, it cost about $25 for life, so not a huge expense, and it gives the holder the right to take "Gold" from the ground and keep, or sell, (as all minerals belong to the Crown) (or state Governement) a miners right transfers that right to the individual. 👌 off course you need to know where other people's leases are and to either get there permission or stay off them, really no different in that respect to USA. NSW has no miners right, it was abolished some years ago, along with our rights essentially, although there is a set of "Fossicking" rules that you need to follow that allow detecting and panning etc, and a permit costing $25 per year to access state forests where you can detect etc, not in historical set aside areas though. QLD has it's own set of rules and a fossicking kit a bit like a short term miners right can be bought for a month or more than one month if required, and usually for set GPA's (general prospecting areas) I know some in QLD have permission to detect/prospect on private land and I don't know what the requirements are except permission from the land holder. SA needs some kind of miners right, and also the NT and also TAS, not having done anything in these states so I am not sure about there actual rules Hope this info is helpful to some that are thinking of trying there luck in Aussie. But for the foreseeable future all travel from overseas and interstate is now shutdown, which has put a dampener on things over here. regards dave
  5. G'day Jeff Just so you know if you do decide to one day get to Western Australia, always call it "Prospecting" as "Fossicking" is something totally different there, and refers to Gemstones and the like, where as Gold and other similar precious metals is "Prospecting" A miners right for WA grants you the right to prospect, not fossick. This is just a bit of info for you guys so you get to know the correct words when asking permission in WA It's a strange mix over here, I think that most other states like VIC and NSW, QLD etc refer to any thing other than mining as fossicking, all very strange indeed. cheers dave
  6. Yes Jason, I reckon your right about getting 95% of the gold in 10% of time spent, I am with you on that one, I don't mind leaving 10% that takes 95% of the time to get the last bits. Way better to spend the next amount of time getting the next 95%. Same goes for chaining/gridding, I just believe going over the ground once and keep moving along, to me you get 95% of the gold available in the first instance and keep moving. cheers dave
  7. hey Simon, I don't know about hot rocks in NZ but hot rocks here are magnetic, but that can also fool you at times also it's the Ironstone that is magnetic and gold does get involved with Ironstone, there is an old saying it goes something like "Iron is the mother of gold" and another one is "Gold rode to town on an Iron horse" Gold still attached to a magnetic piece of ironstone is easily discarded if not wary. Good to remember these sayings, and gold in Primary source is different to Alluvial and Elluvial which have both broken away from there primary source, some of which gets re concentrated into supergene deposits. The old timers were very good at what they did, but they did not get it all. cheers dave
  8. some nice looking crystalline pieces as well. cheers dave
  9. Nice going JP, looks like good depth and a nice reward, that is the type of gold the x-coils like, the rough slightly porous type of gold that often gets missed quite easily. I do like the 17x12 spiral x-coil for WA, my favorite coil for sure. Is it possible for you to say in you opinion why that type of gold is seen more "easily" by some coils. Time constants, or the porous type not returning the signal etc etc cheers dave
  10. this is that type of ground where they work well in WA anyway. In this area I used the 18" proto type (X-Coil) it never even had a name back then and got gold with it and the GPZ14 as I was using both coils back then checking things out a bit. Next year (last winter) went back with the later model x-coils and there was plenty of gold to be had, the area yielded over 20 ozs in total between everything over the couple of years.
  11. yep, I found the exact same thing this morning, I will leave the cover on as it gives the top of the battery some protection, and just continue with the foam ear plug in the outside headphone socket to keep the dust out, not much rain here to worry about. cheers dave
  12. must be a Kiwi thing, neither of ours came with one, I just use the foam ear plugs in ours cheers dave
  13. nice chunky bit of gold Simon, well done, nice scenery too. cheers dave
  14. Hey Mitchel, it is disappointing that the trip never produced any gold and just some junk targets. The loud missed targets (gold or otherwise) will take care of themselves, easy to hear, it is the not so easy to hear targets that the other coils and detectors have missed, (mostly not screamers) that you will start to find, this gold has been missed because it has a more subtle target response, very recognizable when you hear it the first couple of times. I don't even pretend to know what your ground is like in the USA where you detect, or what settings will work best for you, I can only tell you what I do over here and it works very well, well there has to be gold there to find and then it works very well. I know I will be trying out the Manual ground balance method that Norvic is talking about and has been using to great effect up in far North Queensland, where as I have been using Semi Auto ground balance, and just kept doing that because it was working. In most places over here I need to use "Difficult" and "High yield" and sensitivity 16, occasionally I can use "Normal" HY or Gen and sensitivity about 9 or 10 in normal. Once you work out some settings in an area your getting some gold it will all come together. And when you get one of those targets you just know is going to be gold, have a play around with settings and work out what is better and what is worse, then use that as a baseline. Once I have a setting that works, and works well I tend not to chop and change. cheers dave
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