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  1. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    Been out in the back blocks of WA detecting, alternating between the aftermarket 18" coil and the 14" GPZ coil, both coils work very well and seem to be getting the same results on the gold, the main benefit with the 18" coil is the extra coverage and is way lighter than the 19"GPZ coil. The biggest nuggets I have managed to find with the 18" coil are in the 4 gram range, and way down to 0.1 grams all up total is over the 1oz I never done any comparisons between the coils as it's way to difficult to carry the extra coil or go back to camp and change coils etc, I am just happy that the new 18" coil works very well, and am hoping that some other coil sizes will eventually become available. This is a picture of a recent 4.14 gram nugget. cheers dave
  2. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    The 18" after market coil on the 7000 is running along nice, nothing big and deep yet, just finding leftovers where I've been with the 14" standard coil. So far I've got about 24 pieces ranging in size from 0.1g up to 4.75g and the benifit so far has been the extra coverage with the 18" coil. Also what I have noticed is it performs a bit like a mono coil, in that it is picking up the targets all the way around the outside edge and then is extra sensitive where the crossover point is just like the original 14" coil. As most will know the original 14" coil is not very responsive to small targets around the outside edge and need to be pinpointed where the crossover point is. Anyhow somewhere out there is lurking a bigger deeper one. 😉 cheers dave
  3. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    For anyone that's interested, Stan has loaned me the after market coil to use for a few weeks, I set it all up today and gave it a short test run late in the afternoon, it all went well, tomorrow I'll give it a good go all day, the coil is quite light, about the same as the 14" original coil. Here is a short video of turning it on on my GPZ7000 for the first time, all good. cheers dave
  4. davsgold

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    Yep, it's much faster recovery using a "sissy" plastic scoop now with most of the nuggets being as small as they are, mine are mostly averaging 5 to the gram size. Man it's great when you get a 4.5 gram piece. I don't turn the coil over, I just shake shake shake so the heavys go to the bottom of the scoop, and run the scoop over the white marks on the top side of the coil, this is where the windings cross and is the most sensitive part for very small nuggets. I do agree the underside of the coil is, or seems to be more sensitive than the top side though, and for sure I have had to go back through on to odd occasion of what I have already passed over the top of the coil, it's just a fact of life now days. 😉 cheers dave
  5. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    G'day phrunt The guy Stan who I was with when he tested the 18" coil says an 11" coil is being tested at the moment, also a 16"x13" and a 24" so time will tell. All I know is the 18" works very well and if the other sizes do the same it will be great. The underneath inside picture of that coil does look complicated, I have no idea what the underneath inside of the after market coil looks like, but the guys that are making them seem to know how to do it. I'm watching what is happening. 😊 cheers dave
  6. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    Check out what Stan has found in 6 days detecting with the aftermarket coil on his GPZ7000 amazing stuff http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26022-gpz-18-coil-test-report
  7. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    A couple of videos of the After market coil, not real good quality on account of a limited data allowance but it gives an idea. cheers dave
  8. davsgold

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I bought this one last year, works well, started a tractor and a mates truck, much the same as the one Steve got. https://www.elinz.com.au/buy/800a-car-12v-vehicle-portable-emergency-jump-start/BCJS800 cheers dave
  9. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    G'day JW, there is a small coil but it's not here in Australia as yet, the 18" coil is the only one here for a test run yet. They have been using various sizes of coils overseas. 😊 we just need to be patient. cheers dave
  10. davsgold

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    I saw this coil on his GPZ7000 in action the other day, posted up a bit of a report on the other forum. I can say it worked very well. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t25940p60-aftermarket-for-gpz cheers dave
  11. davsgold

    Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Yep they work, I now have 3 choices, the original "C" cells they only get used in an emergency, the 18650's with the adapters, I like these and these were the first ones I tried and used them for about 5 months detecting last year. The 26650's with the adapters that Wes made up for me, work just the same, they will get a good work out this year, just like the 18650's did last year, so I know I won't be stuck for batteries in the SDC2300. cheers dave
  12. davsgold

    GPX 4500 Mods

    Don't believe everything you see on youtube. I know which one I would pick out of the modded or a 7000 and it's not the modded ones. As for saying the older 4500's aren't as good as the new ones is not right either, the only advantage a new 4500 has over an old one is it will have 3 years of warranty. The best advantage you will get with the gpx4500 is use the new type flat wound coils, either Nugget finder or Coiltek types, spend your money on these type of coils instead of spending it on getting the detector mods. cheers dave
  13. davsgold

    Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Thanks Wes, the adaptors turned up today by post from the USA to Aus which was in my book pretty quick I reckon. Wes has done a very good job on these and I just need a bit of time to get out and try them, I'm sure they will be great. Thanks again Wes. cheers dave
  14. Yep JW I recognise it no worries, I see it in most of your posts and the dig holes, they are digging holes all over Aussie and NZ cheers dave
  15. Well done JW, great pictures and story to go with them as always, good way to fill in the day finding some gold ay. cheers dave