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  1. These are the type of hot rocks I'm digging and some are quite deep
  2. Well nothing has been said for quite a few months now, all very quiet, but hey the X-Coils for the GPZ7000 are out there in the real world finding real gold, how good is that. 👌 cheers dave
  3. One of the species from the trip, I cracked it open to start the dolly up process, looks like there is a good amount inside. and the result of another 6 rocks This piece broke out on its own so I have left it like it is, looks neat. About 3 grams of gold just sticking out. one of the 2oz bars cheers dave
  4. I will send you a message, (PM) I am the one handling and organizing sales etc. cheers dave
  5. Laanecoorie Gold Bash in VIC is on next weekend, Luckystrike that started the rumor for Ossie made aftermarket coils for the 7000 has a sale site there, and is one of the organizers for the event. Anyone that wants to totally pull apart a GPZ coil to salvage the entire coil cable could also have an X-Coil made like that, at this stage by using the adapter/patch lead you at least get to use the GPZ coil again as well as the aftermarket X-Coil, just sayin. 👌 cheers dave
  6. That's great to hear, I am very pleased that this has been sorted out, and as always NF produce great coils. cheers dave
  7. I don't know anything about this coil, there are obvious differences between the Nuggetfinder coils made here in Australia to the the coil in the picture of the coil in Russia, the labels on the coil and the cable entry and the bracket and the air relief valve appear different. The coil may well be a real coil, and it may work very well, but unless it is a genuine Nuggetfinder coil, then it should have its own name. That is my main point. cheers dave
  8. I now also have a 15x10 spiral, the slightly smaller cousin to the 17x12 spiral that I really like, I am going to have to give the 15x10 spiral a good go now. cheers dave
  9. One thing I did notice is the coil cable on the GPX model X-Coils is a bit stiffer than say a NF or Coiltek cable, it never caused me any grief, just something I noticed. cheers dave
  10. The twins look great Simon, I hope they find each of you some goodies. cheers dave
  11. Heading home from the WA trip which was excellent, we went via Adelaide SA to catch up with some friends for a few days, so as you do a bit of detecting was suggested in the Adelaide Hills. I scored my first bit of SA gold, 1.25 grams with the 17x12 spiral X-Coil on the mighty 7000 cheers dave
  12. Nice going Condor, and I reckon you'll be glad when the cool weather arrives. cheers dave
  13. Some more excellent results using the 17x12 spiral X-Coil on the mighty GPZ7000 Around 4 ozs of gold in the species plus the nuggets for a week out detecting, in reality about only 4 days actual detecting time. 130 gram specie and around 50 grams of gold inside this beauty Around 4.5 ozs of gold in species and nuggets, top row middle is the same one in the first picture cheers dave
  14. Well done phoenix, good job, I also make my furnace from Hebel blocks, about $13 from Bunnings for 600mm x 200mm x 200mm block. The Hebel last a reasonable while with the heat going into it, and probably get 20 or more firings and pours from a furnace, about the same with the graphite crucible as they get thinner and thinner from the heat flame on them and also last about 20 or so firings and pours. End result is a 2 oz ingot cheers dave
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