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  1. G'day Jasong I really don't know if there is a "robust" detecting happening in Russia, I do know that Minelab has many outlets in Russia and Europe so I guess that is there for a good reason. https://www.minelab.com/anz/where-to-buy?search=dealer&geozone=272670&country=167&name= The guy making the coils is hand making each coil, and is very particular about his work, and so this is why the batches of coils getting made are not in large quantities. He does not have a web site. cheers dave
  2. Yes that's correct, I look after that part from here and if there is a problem I sort it out, no need to sent the coil back to Russia cheers dave
  3. Hey Jasong, just to give you a bit of an idea of the time factor, a coil was sent from Russia to the USA posted on the 12/6/2019 and arrived 21/6/ 2019 ready to be collected by the customer. So when your coils are posted I expect it to take about the same amount of time. cheers dave
  4. It was a pleasure to meet you and Dennis today, sometimes these things happen, but I sure hope you get it going this time, good luck out there and I hope enjoy the rest of your trip downunder. cheers dave
  5. I meet up with Condor (Steve) and Dennis this morning, both great guys, the problem was the patch lead that Condor had made, and then sent to GCS and had it remade, it simply does not work unfortunately, the chip in the GPZ plug must have been damaged at some stage while the patch lead was being made. The coil Condor purchased, 17" spiral X-Coil works with my patch lead on my detector, and also works on Condors detector with my patch lead. So he has sent his GPZ14" coil to GCS in Kalgoorlie to have another patch lead made from this GPZ coil, so it is another week turn around time for him. But at least the problem has been solved. cheers dave
  6. G'day Jasong I am sure you won't have any problems making the patch lead, you have the instructions and the coils you have ordered are about to be sent to you. I am meeting Condor (Steve) today to work out what is causing his problem, wether it is the patch lead or the coil not working. There is no doubt that for a better "business model for these coils" would be if minelab would make the patch leads, or license the manufacture for a fee to supply and use the coil cable with the chip in the plug to fit to be fitted to the X-Coils. Will that happen, probably not, but it would be the best solution and if Minelab is not intending to make a range of coils smaller and large sizes then I don't know why not, they will make some $ fro the license fee, sell extra lower shafts, and most likely sell a lot more GPZ7000's this is just my opinion. cheers dave
  7. Just back from 5 days detecting, 10" X-Coil and 12" spiral X-coil, first 2 days 12 grams on an old patch that had been done with 7000 and GPZ14 coils over the last few years. Picture shows the type of ground and the 10" X-Coil on the 7000 12 Grams of gold in the first 2 days here on the old patch 5 days later and alternating between the 10" X-Coil and the 12" spiral X-Coil, ended up with 38 grams of gold. cheers dave
  8. I sent Condor a PM message, see what we can work out. cheers dave
  9. Ok, I have been out bush, and out of phone reception for about a week, I can try and work out with Condor somewhere to meet up and try my patch lead on the coil or try another coil on his machine with my patch lead, etc. That way it will determine what is causing the problem. regards dave
  10. My WM12 is working like a new one now, just needed a good clean out etc and good to go. At least now I now know not to abuse and shake it, and just clean it with a good electrical cleaning spray and job done. 👌 cheers dave
  11. G'day Norvic I also notice a difference with the WM12 when changing it to a different channel when doing a re-pair or just choosing a different channel manually, some of the channels work much clearer than others. cheers dave
  12. Thanks Simon, I looked in the shop here, just the normal WD40, so a friend is coming out this week from Perth to go detecting and he is getting me a can of something, I explained what it is for and he is going to Jaycar to get me something. cheers dave
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