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  1. Your right, and mainly because most of the interest was in the x-coils for the Zed for quite awhile at first and then later on people were asking about gpx/QED x-coils. Reg Wilson has done quite a bit of using and comparing the x-coils on QED and gpx and occasionally he will post his thoughts, I don't think Nenad has tried an x-coil on the gpx 4500/5000 detectors yet. Most other people just keep using them and are getting results. You also have to remember that a lot of people just detect in there spare time and don't really have the time to do endless comparisons, they like the res
  2. I was sent this video, the x-coil runs very nicely in the wet ground, just remember these coils are not water proof so don't submerge them. I'm not sure if the nugget was stuck down deep or kept sliding back into the hole from the water, but anyway what impressed me was how well the 10" x-coil was handling the wet ground. Anyway I just though I would share the guys video with you all. cheers dave
  3. Everyone seems to have a preferred method, some methods are more technically correct than others, but hey if it is working and working well why change it? Myself when I change coils I do a proper ground balance, both ferrite "X" and "G" normal type, I did this before the x-coils were even being used and have carried it over to when I began using x-coils The other settings remain similar depending where I am detecting and the coil size, the settings may get changed to suit. In Aussie unlike New Zealand there are very few places I can run Normal/High yield and 20 sensitivity, but
  4. That is excellent Simon, great description and pictures and video, and yes it really makes changing/swapping coils very easy, well done Simon and thanks for sharing the way you have done that. And thanks Chet for the original idea as well, as everyone knows from small things great things grow. cheers dave
  5. I guess that the mines are not buried very deep, but it's not a job I want to do, at least if you miss a gold target it's not going to blow you up cheers dave
  6. Thanks JP for you good wishes. Yes I have been out of action for over a month now, been quite sick really. I had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery in the RPA hospital in Sydney. Recovery is going very well and have been back home now for about three weeks. It's bit of a shock when you think your fairly healthy and active to have this happen, but I just have to follow the Dr's instructions and recover, which means not doing much of anything for awhile yet. cheers dave
  7. Well done Rick, great finds mate, and excellent videos, it's good to see nice gold being dug up even if I can only watch someone else having the fun right now. Keep up the good work. cheers dave
  8. Just a guess, but I reckon your both liking the new black 12x8 x-coils on the Zed's cheers dave
  9. I have replied to your email (gmail) James 👌 cheers dave
  10. I see what you mean Steve, 69 odd trillion of total debt, the scales don't even go close to balancing., that's one heck of a big credit card. cheers dave
  11. and with some countries running debt levels in the trillions and growing and with this Covid19 virus not in a big hurry to go away how long will it be before the combined debt levels equals or pass the value of gold? This is another reason the gold value will keep rising, so in theory the value of the gold will out way the debt levels. cheers dave
  12. Well in Western Australia it is. A guy sent me this message and photo. 5 days 121 nuggets 33 grams 17x12 spiral x-coil on Zed.
  13. A guy in Western Australia sent me this message and photo. I think he is happy 👌 5 days 121 nuggets 33 grams on a recent trip out. 17x12 spiral x-coil on Zed cheers dave
  14. did you try and download the "find points" once I have downloaded the find points and tracks and or waypoints I clear the geostore and everything is back to zero. Maybe your 50 lost find points were still hiding in there somewhere? and after adding some more on your trip it filled up the remaining spots cheers dave
  15. Yes they do look good, and yes I have seen them, because I unpacked them to make sure thay had no damage after a 4 month odd long scenic voyage all around the world. But the packaging kept them safe and no physical damage, so I repacked them and now there ready for the final leg of the journey. And yes, by the way the x-coil for Simon has a short "Chet" type coil cable and the one for JW has the long curly coil cable. cheers dave
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