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  1. I make them picks very solid mate, take care, hope it repairs quickly. cheers dave
  2. Yes I can, and I did some time back post everything I knew when asked, nothing has changed since then to my knowledge, except now that Rob Allison says people have rang him and said there detector blew up by a bad patch lead. There is no one that I recommend in USA to make the patch lead and the few x-coils that have been sold to USA the guys say they either made it themselves or got it make by a professional electronics person that they know. I think most of the guys that actually bought x-coils for there Zed in the USA have actually posted on this gold forum about how the x-coil i
  3. I'm kind of hoping that it will run in Normal timing here in alot of places where I need to run in Difficult timing, we will just have to see how it goes.
  4. very good Simon, the concentric x-coil on the Zed is running very nicely in Normal timings and when you went back to difficult timings it was that quiet I thought you had turned the detector off. šŸ˜œ Yes the targets stand out nicely and from what I can see, and have been told the sweet spot is dead center of the coil, so it's not much use trying to nudge the outside edge of the coil towards the target unless it is a piece the size of your fist. šŸ˜„ cheers dave ps: that last video was just put up as I was typing all good and yes you already realize the center of the coil is the hot
  5. Well I guess the headphones they supply have a 3.5mm jack and most other headphones the Minelab supply previous had 6.35mm or 1/4"jack and a lot of expensive headphones people have most likely have the 1/4" jack as well, but hey at least you can buy an 3.5mm to 6.35mm audio adaptor
  6. Good to see you got the concentric coil for the Zed Simon, hope it turns up a bit of gold for you. And I gotta say the water in the lake looks "Horrible" šŸ˜„ I don't know how you could jump in there on a hot day ā›±ļø šŸ˜Ž cheers dave
  7. Looks like some pictures and a video from Dubai or somewhere, are they being released over there first
  8. There is zero risk of an x-coil causing any damage, the only possible way damage could be caused is by an incorrect adaptor being made, I always advise to get it made by someone that knows how. The Russian manufacture has tested the x-coils that they build and you can be sure the coil will do no harm. This goes for the new Concentric x-coils as well as the previous spiral and standard wound x-coils suitable for use on the GPZ7000 and also the range of x-coils suitable for PI gpx and QED detectors. There is no need for an adaptor for PI gpx and QED model detectors, these x-coils are
  9. G'day jasong you do need to take into account that the 12" spiral round x-coil is "Spiral" wound as apposed to the Zsearch 12" NF being DOD standard wound. Even though this topic is more about the new concentric x-coil I realize there will be a bit of crossover in the discussions. And as per you saying previously it would be good if x-coils could get ML supply them with the same coil cables that NF is using šŸ˜‰ cheers dave
  10. Using your numbers 125 g in air and 100.5 in water the XLS comes up with very similar calcs to yours, somewhere between 71.02g upto 74.05g, that is leaving all the preset parameters as is, but we all know that most likely 19 density is a bit high and the number for Quartz is also for pure quartz, so unless you know these exact numbers it is best to leave them as is and it will give you the "best guess" result
  11. I use this XLS spreadsheet to get an idea of gold content, you can change some of the parameters. Gold specie calculator.xls
  12. Like these. http://phasetechnical.com.au/product/detech-18-concentric-coil/
  13. A mate was telling me about these the other day and reckons there the go, makes it very easy to read the screen out in the sun. Just google "GPZ Shed" and they come up
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