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  1. I will be giving the 12" X-Coil for the GPX 4500/5000 a good go during the Easter holidays, I will let yo know how it goes. cheers dave
  2. The main difference I see between fitting an aftermarket coil to either an SDC2300 or GPZ7000 is that the GPZ7000 was designed to have coils swapped, granted it is supposed to be the 14 and 19 ML coils, but the SDC2300 it is clearly stated the machine was not designed to have coils swapped. Even the earlier GP and GPX ML detectors, ML always stated that if aftermarket coils were used it "could" void warranty, as ML said they could not guarantee anything but their own coils on their machines. Not many people ever worried about this. 😉 That's my understanding anyway, and as always if the internals of any ML detector have been modified then ML have the right to send them back unserviced, if they choose. cheers dave
  3. Yes I think this is where the 10" coils on the Zed will shine, extra depth compared to the 2300 and getting into spots the GPZ14 has to be lifted over or go around. I was sent this picture of the 10" coil and some of the gold found sitting on the coil, very recently. cheers dave
  4. I am told it's flat wound, so that makes it even better. 👌
  5. G'day Northeast, Yes the GPX 12" X-Coil is a Mono coil, I'm looking forward to giving this one a go. 😉 cheers dave
  6. Three more X-Coils arrive today, two for the GPZ 7000 and one for the GPX 5000/4500 Two 17x12 elliptical X-Coils for the 7000 and a 12" round for the GPX 5000/4500 cheers dave
  7. As a lot of the 7000's are past the warranty period, it up the the potential customer to decide if it's worth doing. Certainly would void the warranty on the coil, and like has been said on the machine as well if the X-Coil has done damage. But unlike the SDC2300, the GPZ7000 has been designed to have coils swapped, and yes that was for the Minelab GPZ14" and 19" coils, they probably never had X-Coils in mind for swapping, all I can say is I have been trialing and using and swapping between the Minelab GPZ coils and the various X-Coils for nearly a year now, the only i'll effects are on the fingers from winding the knurled tightening ring on the plug connection on and off. cheers dave
  8. G'day jasong The are becoming slowly available in Australia now. When you say "sacrifice the plug from the 14x13" the 14x13 can still be used again with the same patch lead that is needed for the X-Coils so nothing is wasted. There is on other way unless Minelab decide to make the patch leads as an accessory item. The price range is from $1300 to $1500 AUD cheers dave
  9. Just the weight of the GPZ19" coil, compared to the 17" X-Coil and the 18" X-Coil are about half a kg lighter in weight and dare I say go a bit deeper. cheers dave
  10. From what I have been told by the manufacture about the "Spiral wound" is the TX winding is the spiral or flat type winding and the RX windings are the more standard type of windings, I have not cut a coil open to have look. 😉 cheers dave
  11. Excellent result JW I knew it was a good coil. And a good pick to dig the extra deep holes with ay, and nice looking gold as well. cheers dave
  12. The coils haven't got as far as the the USA yet, but I'm sure they will, and yes the do take a good while to arrive, just keep an eye on posts about the coils. cheers dave
  13. Not that I know of, what size coil do you think would suit where you detect? cheers dave
  14. G'day Simon, I will know soon if it runs better than the 10x9, it has only just arrived and they tell me it runs better, other than that its now round instead of a slight elliptical shape 😉 , and I do know that the 10" is made from slightly thicker plastic and it feels very sturdy, and the skid plate is also a bit thicker so it will last a lot longer. 👌 cheers dave
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