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  1. No mate, I stood in the NSW portion and rotated the picture ๐Ÿ˜‚ it was just good to be able to view the other two states, although I must say it all looked exactly the same. ๐Ÿ‘Œ cheers dave
  2. A short trip out to Tibooburra in far west NSW Australia, we managed to get about 150 nano nuggets, for just over 12 grams, but hey it was fun and catching up with people we have meet over the years as well was great. The gold and some of the places along the way. 10" and 12" spiral x-coils were used on the Zed Towns along the way A hill over looking Tibooburra in the distance Sturt Desert pea, grows in the outback desert areas Cameron Corner this is where three states meet, NSW, SA and QLD cheers dave
  3. G'day Mitchel Nearly all the videos the manufacture has sent me from Russia they dig with a Spade/shovel and the gold ground is on some kind of deep black looking soil plains, and I agree that the ground over there is like nothing I have seen here in Aussie, but hey if that is where the gold is then that is where it is. This is another video from about a year ago where they are digging with the spade on deep soil with the 15" coil on the Zed
  4. Should try that little coil out at Tibooburra in far west NSW Australia, we just came back from there and most of the nano nuggets take 20 of them to make a gram ๐Ÿ˜€ well we got about 150 of them for 12.5 grams and I guess we detected for around 12 days, it was a fun trip anyway and was good to get away. I will get a picture of the tiny nano nuggets on the coil and put up a picture. This is a picture from on top of a highish hill top looking back towards the small town ship of Tibooburra in the distance.
  5. No it is a bit different to the standard 5 pin plug on the gpx5000 coils, you would need to make up a small adapter to run the coils, they may or may not work well, even though the both type of detectors are Pulse Induction machines.
  6. Wow, Simon, you have really got the hang of it now, that 10" x-coil on the Zed is.......well you know what it is, if the 8" or the 12x8 is any better then it will be beyond awesome. What a weekend nine and a half grams to add to your tally is awesome, and between yourself and JW the tally for NZ gold is growing rapidly. cheers dave
  7. We bought one of these for the stand on the sdc2300 I think it was this size clamp it was a fair while ago when we bought this, anyway the part of the clamp jaws needs to be about 50mm when closed to work nicely, the pictures I used are not my detector but we did it exactly the same. And it works brilliantly and for a couple of dollars https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-110mm-nylon-spring-clamp_p5860185 https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-170mm-nylon-spring-clamp_p5860186
  8. Yes, looking at the riots looting and protests on TV, if the Covid19 virus don't get spread like a wild fire then I reckon it never will. Just stay safe cheers dave
  9. exactly right Mitchel, same here not been out detecting for months now either, the travel restrictions have eased up for within the state you live now but interstate travel is still not allowed yet. So yes, small gold or any sort of gold will be good. cheers dave
  10. no wonder you want the 8" coil on the 7000 for NZ when the average size in the picture is a bit less than 0.15g, so the small bits must be really small. cheers dave
  11. Great story and great pictures, your both getting good results. cheers dave
  12. Ok will do, I don't know how far into the future that will be, but when things get back to normal again. cheers dave
  13. You need a mobile Faraday cage, detect inside of that. ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. What were the noise cancelling ones that you used? I have never used any sort of noise cancelling ones but have heard some good things about the benefits
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