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  1. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Tested the 15"x14" aftermarket coil for the 7000 and also the 18" round, the both performed very well, and the 15"x14" mono coil for the GPX4500/5000 was also very good. I have now tested 7 coils for the GPZ7000 and they all ran well and caused no problems for the 7000. We did a bit of detecting with the 15"x14" on the GPZ7000 and came across this target which sounded very nice, so it was something that had been in the ground for a long time, the old timers throw out heaps from about 150 years ago, so it was a genuine undug target. 15x14 coil on the 7000 undisturbed target. cheers dave
  2. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Yes, it would be interesting to see the insides of both side by side, I don't know how the aftermarket coils have such a low profile compared to GPZ 14" coil. Pictures show the aftermarket 18" and the 15"x14" beside the GPZ14" and there is at least (10 to 12mm) aprox 1/2" profile height difference.
  3. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    I believe it's a mono, hope it's on a par with the nuggetfinder evo and the coiltek elite type coils. cheers dave
  4. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    More coils arrived from Russia from the manufacture for me to test this coming weekend. 😁 An 18" round, for the 7000, the same as the coil Stan and I tested in WA a few months ago, it was a great coil, this one should be the same. Also a 15"x14" coil for the 7000 it looks great. And a 15"x14" coil for the GPX4500/5000 to give a test. The difference in weight between the 15x14 GPZ and GPX coil is significant, (375 grams), the 15x14 GPZ coil weight without the lower shaft is 1350 grams, and the 15x14 GPX coil weight without the lower shaft is 975 grams. The GPZ coil has a few ml higher profile. All coils have skid plates attached, and skid plates are available for all there aftermarket coils. Cheers dave
  5. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    This is the results Aftermarket 10"x9" coil for GPZ7000 Aftermarket 16"x15" solid coil for GPZ7000 Aftermarket 16"x15" open spoke coil for GPZ7000 cheers dave
  6. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Ok so we went out and tested these 3 coils today, Stuart Town in NSW that's in Australia, very impressed with all tha coils, last week we tested over a 58gram lead round sinker, this time I flattend out the same 58 gram round sinker a bit to give more surface area, and that made a big difference to target response compared to last week. Same depth in the same hole etc as last week.
  7. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    G'day JW, looks like you might be in luck if you want to try out the 10X9 coil, I am trying it out this weekend and if I'm happy with it you will get your chance. 😁 cheers dave
  8. davsgold

    A Quick 18 Grams Of Gold GPZ

    Nice, looks like hard ground, but a good result. cheers dave
  9. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Another 3 new aftermarket coils arrived from Russia today, direct from the manufacture. There is a 10"x9" solid which weighs 900 grams plus the lower shaft which makes it 1150 grams in total. It looks very neat, hope it works as good as it looks. There is a 16"x15" soild which weighs 1460 grams plus the lower shaft which makes it 1710 grams in total, another great looking coil. There is a 16"x15" open spoke coil, this is the same coil in the video that they are digging up that big specie, 😁 it weighs 1220 grams plus the lower shaft which makes it 1470 grams in total. cheers dave
  10. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Oh yes us Aussies do care about sub gram gold. 😂 cheers dave
  11. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    I went out for a bit of a detect this morning with these two new aftermarket coils, mainly for a test run to see how they perform, ok it was on a gold field but there was a lack of gold due to it being flogged for the last 20 or 30 years by everyone. Anyhow the both coils ran very well on the 7000, the 22"x21" coil performed best on a buried test lead sinker 58grams in size, this was to be expected I guess. Both the 16"x12" and the standard GPZ14" coil performed about equal. As I said in a previous post these coils are very light and the 22x21 size coil is the same weight as the standard GPZ14" coil which makes it a pleasure to use. The videos show the 22x21 being used and then all 3 coils are given the same test over the 58 gram lead round sinker. next video is the 22x21 going over the test target in all settings and sensitivity 13 which is the same for all the 3 coils this next video is the 16x12 same target and going through the same settings this video is the standard GPZ14" coil doing the same thing using the same settings as the previous coils, just for a comparison cheers dave
  12. davsgold

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Yep I just weighed it on the kitchen scales, 1050 grams (1.05kg) without the lower black shaft, and 1300 grams (1.3kg) with the lower shaft. The GPZ14" ML coil is 1300 grams (1.3kg) without the lower shaft and 1550 grams (1.55kg) with the lower shaft. So the 16"x12" is around 250 grams lighter than the original GPZ14" coil. 😊 cheers dave
  13. davsgold

    Deep Zed Specie!

    Yes your right Simon, and I hear what your saying, they assure me the small coils and large coils for that matter work very well, as seen on there videos. As far as I know there is a small coil on it's way to me as well, and a good variety of coils, I think 6 in total for the 7000 and one for the GPX4500/5000, I don;t know its size yet. As I said before I will be doing my very best to get a small coil the 10" one over for JW to test in NZ as I know the ground you have is the type that can handle the normal timing which indicates milder type ground. It won't happen over night as the saying goes, but I sure hope it will happen. cheers dave
  14. davsgold

    Deep Zed Specie!

    These arrived today. 👍