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  1. Unreal, seeing is believing, as they say.
  2. G'day AussieMatt I don't know where your at in Aussie, but if your in VIC, I will be in VIC, this week and if you want to try a 12x6 Demo coil (latest model) then your most welcome. send me a PM if interested. cheers dave
  3. G'day AussieMatt I don't have the actual "Numbers" either, but this video "phrunt" Simon has put up in another post shows the 12x6 coil on his GPX4500 and it is the coil he also uses on his QED. This video is with the coil on his GPX4500
  4. Hey Simon that is some great video of the 12x6 on the GPX4500, and even with the power lines not to far away the targets stand out easily. cheers dave
  5. This is a picture of the newest model 12x6 x-coils with the valve, the GPX and QED x-coils are interchangeable cheers dave
  6. That's a mighty fine nugget to find with the 17x12 spiral x-coil Condor, just imagine if that one boomed in like that, quite likely some of the other booming targets might just be yellow as well. Good luck out there and I hope the ribs recover soon so you can dig the deep ones again. cheers dave
  7. I have replaced the small plastic spacers with a rubber Grommet 18mm ID and sanded down the OD to be just a slight loose fit and taped it all into place, this will keep the 5 pin plugs from moving around inside the shaft. cheers dave
  8. Thanks William, I will use your email address and contact you. cheers dave
  9. G'day william Thanks for your interest in a 12x6 coil to suit the QED detector. can you provide a bit more info in a PM to me, and I can give you more details about purchase and where to send the coil to etc cheers dave
  10. This video is a 17" round spiral x-coil on GPZ7000 using the new long "Chet type" patch lead, I reckon it worked very well, "x" balanced very well over ferrite and "G" balanced very well over the ground and ran like a dream, very smooth. Settings are Diff/Hy, sensitivity 16, semi auto GB, Ground smoothing Off, Audio smoothing High, threshold 27, threshold pitch 30, both volumes about 12, and booster, and WM12 and dual external speakers. cheers dave
  11. A bit of video from today, 12" round spiral x-coil on GPZ 4500 verses the 12" NF evo on the 4500, same settings, same target etc. Nothing Scientific or objective, just visual subjective, for people to make up there own mind. This is the 12" spiral x-coil on a GPX4500 running in Enhance and gain of 11 This is the 12" NF evo on the GPX 4500 same settings cheers dave
  12. G'day AussieMatt Simon (phrunt) is correct in his answer to you. I am in Australia and, I also prefer to use the spiral wound coils for there extra sensitivity, and the latest 15x10 spiral coil for the GPZ700 is a dream to use coil. There is a 15x10 spiral GPX coil on a 5000 in Kalgoorlie right now, and is running very well the guy tell me and getting good gold, and in the hot weather as well. The x-coils come in the smaller sizes and up to 17" round and 17x12 elip. I run the gain on the GPX4500 at around 11 and Enhance timing, you can run higher in places but where I have been testing that is about it, no point upping the gain just over a test target if you can't run it like that in the rest of the area. I'll put up a bit of video from today, 12" round spiral x-coil on GPZ 4500 verses the 12" NF evo on the 4500, same settings, same target etc. cheers dave
  13. The manufacture has been working on that size spiral coil for a fair while now, looks like he has it now. Yes it is an exciting breakthrough to get the spiral winding in a very small coil. cheers dave
  14. Ok everyone, I am going out again tomorrow with two 7000's, one with the new long type patch lead, and a 7000 with the original type patch lead, both with 17x12 spiral coils and hopefully get some reasonable video, even though this video will be on the same testing area and same target that I have been doing all along since I started testing and using x-coils, this is an old gold field and has given up gold to various detectors over the past 30 odd years. There is very little gold left but is still a good testing area. I will also have a GPX4500 and the 12" spiral x-coil and a 12" NF evo, and I will be going over the exact same target as the 7000 combos, and hope to get some reasonable video. If anyone gets some benefit from all this other than me that will be great. 👌 cheers dave
  15. There is no amount of visual evidence that will convince everyone, the best evidence is when someone you know is using or doing something and say, hey check this out. This goes for detectors and coils and combos of...and as always what suits one no matter how good it suits someone else. I have not stopped using the GPZ700 with the x-coils in favor of the GPX with x-coils, but people are asking for x-coils of the GPX model detectors, I am showing what x-coils are available, I cant be everywhere and so a few others are using x-coils on the GPX4500/5000 and like what they are achieving. cheers dave
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