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    Detecting relics and coins, hunting and firearms in general, guitars and old bottles
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    Minelab Equinox 800, Teknetics Tek-point pinpointer, predator tools, Nokta Makro simplex, Garrett AT PRO, Garrett carrot.

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  1. That’s an awesome story! Not all all boring and too short! It’s great that you kept everything, all the memories!
  2. What I did was find the position I like, mark on the belt where the loops were, drill a hole through the belt on each side of the loop and then just run a sting through and tie around the loop material. Somehow typing that out makes it sound much more complex than it really is lol.
  3. I’ve used this pack mule for a little over a year. I actually just washed it last night. I keep my pinpointer in the main pouch in one of the slots made for a digger, it’s fast to grab and I started doing this because my tek-point wouldn’t fit right in the spot made on the front of the bag. I poked a hole in the original pinpointer slot and added an eyelet, this is where I attach my lanyard for my pinpointer. It seems to work better with the buzz Wilson sheath and not get wrapped up under it. I use the water bottle holder for a small finds box because I carry a water bottle on the other side along with a ready shovel holster sometimes. I have a relic elite pouch too but prefer how the pack mule hangs lower.
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