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  1. 1st silver of the year, and I have been detecting since the snow was on the ground, its marked 925 LATH , It has a bit of tarnish on it from being in the grass for a wile, its not plated, I was running the Gold -1 program on the ORX and i got a solid 83-82 VDI , well the drought is over , maybe some Gold will come along to . It says on the pendant the words, Faith, Hope ,& love, my setting in Gold 1 where 84 gain, 14 khz, 2,5 speed, 2 IAR,
  2. Yesterday I found 15 cents in change, and today I found 3.50$+ in change, No rings this time , but found one good heavy piece of copper wire, happy with the finds.
  3. One thing I have always liked about the ORX is its Gold Mode, I needed something that could I,D small iron , like bread ties and remove them or oval bottle caps because they can mask, good targets, so after some messing around with Gold 1 i came to this setting and on a spot of ground I have been over , and over in disc i managed to pull out more and deeper tabs, cuzz I am looking for Gold rings, and it worked , the find of the day was a long undug but masked U,S nickle , it was singing thru in that gone over spot . I also found it will find targets next to iron poles as well . ya the nail was masking the nickle. but it made a good sip sound and i dug it
  4. did not get the Job , so I will have to pray for my daily bread, just have to be patient
  5. Today after having a Job interview, i did some metal detecting, and found a ring that has the Lords prayer on it , Hopfully I get the job and have my daily bread, Yes LORD Amen
  6. I found the Medalion, St Paul winter carnival, Its made of cheep pot metal , I just want to forget winter tho, and this reminded me of winter
  7. Gravle roads have been intresting spots for me , for its amazing how many nails are laying in the roads, and how much change, and for me copper nuggets
  8. and i detected the mud from the bottom of the ditch, I found alot of 50,s ACL soda bottles and toys. and modern cladd, but no silver came up from the depths
  9. Today I was looking for Gold rings, but ended up with 8 nickles, some dimes & quarters, my settings on my ORX using the 9" HF coil where . Coin Deep -72 gain , 2 sweep speed- disc set to 5.5 Now I have done some testing on 6 gold Items from 10k-- to 14 K in yellow and white gold I wanted to find which frequincey Hit the Gold the best . and after going threw 13.3- to 58KHz i found i got all objects better and deeper using 15.6 khz so if i run across gold i have probably the best chance of finding it
  10. I threw it out , its gone with the garbage truck
  11. I think Mine-lab has hit a home run on this detector, probably will be the best selling detector so fare , because the poor can afford it and it looks to be of good quality
  12. I figured it was time to change the battery for my X--35 9" coil, I watched all the videos on how to do it , I figured it would be a cinch, but after i got the little plastic plate off the bottom of the coil a hard piece of foam was glued in so hard over the little battery connector I could hardly get it out , then i looked to find the connector to unplug the old battery and could not even see it , It was totally covered in epoxy glue I pulled on the wire and it broke off, apparently the temp worker filled it with glue and completely covered the battery plug in making it impossible to remove, why me ? why does it work for everyone else but when i go to do it its covered in glue, ? I was pissed now it will cost me 300.00$ to get the HF coil . I will never buy another X-35 because I have no assurance the battery plug will not be glued over again . at least the HF coil its possible to change the battery
  13. so big it fell off the finger, ( the bigger and heavier the ring the better it falls off)
  14. was using the XP- ORX in coin deep 10.5khz 64 gain, 2.5 sweep speed disc set at 5.5----- and using the 9 inch x - 35 coal Got out for a few swings today and found a nice 925 earing , and one Gold plated one. clad was few but I made par - Par is 1.00in clad so i just made it and dug alot of junk looking for those elusive Gold rings- but ta the exercise was good .
  15. I use a humble ORX and an x-35 9" coil and hunt in one frequency at a time and this year i have found 6 gold rings, and one nice gold pendant, and numerous silver items, Hear is the deal if you hunt an old house site or farm field, you will get an advantige with the deus 2, but if you use a run of the mill machine you will not come home empty
  16. No EMI in this spot but i like that 70 gain ,it still gets deep but less sensitive to trash foils
  17. found two sterling items today, and 9 quarters and some nickles. The bracelet is boldly marked sterling , good weight to both of them . not plated, so i was looking for gold rings, but not disappointed with the silver. my settings on the orx where coin deep , 75 gain, 8.4khz, 2.5 sweep speed, and 6.5 disc mostly open low trash spot I chose the low frequincy becase it can see thru the junk foils and give me the higher numbers thru the small foils. a gold ring is under the junk foil , the 17,2 will not do that , some of the nickles came in the 71 ,69 VDI range but ya this is how it is . And i dug alot of trash .
  18. Ya they can have the quarters, I want the gold , the ring is worth at least 200 quarters, and i only had to dig a few tabs to get it
  19. It says inside under the heart and crown IRELAND , and another mark inside the thin band but i cant read it
  20. After my Job interview went south, I went metal detecting , and I have another offer to rake some leaves for extra cash , so I prayed that if i should do that leaf raking that God would give me a sighn and let me find a gold ring today, and I did. had to XP ORX set up in coin deep , 70 gain 6 disc and 2.5 sweep speed at 17.2khz and at the 1st spot i was hunting , I got the thinking I should take a break and then go to another spot I have been to many time but never found any rings . I found a big chunk of iron and after it was out i got a quarter Hit , other wise someone had dug the cladd out pretty good , I was finding lots of tabs and foil , thats a good sign a ring could in theory be in the ground , and I got a signal 62 on the meter and expecting a tab, up comes a nice Gold cladda ring , marked Ireland inside. and another mark i cant read its a bit worn , but its pretty clear its not bling or plated its small but still weighing in at 2.4 grams. In the last picture you can see the big iron bolt that i dug out and after that an old crusty quarter was heard , yes it was masked ,someone else had stripped all the clad so i was luckey to get that quarter , but it was clearly masked
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