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  1. what KHz, thats great i find a lot of detectorists leave the nickles
  2. Tex, yes to limit depth and get better modulation, now in real trashy spots i lower the gain to 64 but like at 70 the quarters 8" deep give a nice wisper
  3. like i say i wanted to get the deus 2 but am way to broke, so that forced me to use the ORX . but i am not disapointed, I can only say the more time i give this ORX the more i like it , in fact i want to buy another one its just a great machine
  4. Today on the way to the bank, I had to make a deposit because my pin pointer broke, so I need a new one so I stopped to look for Gold and instead found two silvers, the merc suprized me because i was not looking for silver , I had dug 17 dimes and one was silver and also found a nice sterling ring with what looks like a black onyx stone. I was hunting with my ORX in coin deep ,17.2 khz, 2 sweep speed, 7 disc, and 70 gain also found a 1937 dime
  5. one was a 1937 dime Today on the way to the bank, I had to make a deposit because my pin pointer broke, so I need a new one so I stopped to look for Gold and instead found two silvers, the merc suprized me because i was not looking for silver , I had dug 17 dimes and one was silver and also found a nice sterling ring with what looks like a black onyx stone
  6. Strick, you may be very close to the truth, It could be a human just as you said , I did find it in a tot lot
  7. Well the other detectors only left me a few coins, but no one was digging the tabs and the junk foils and can slaw, or zinc pennys so I had my XP -ORX in coin deep 17.2khz 70gain and 2 on recovery speed, digging all tabs and junk foils and i got a very low number 48-49 wich can be gatorade tops and foils and small can slaw but up came this brass looking thing, but it seemed heavy so i put it in my pocket and finished the day thinking i got nothing but bling , but when i got home I seen the 14k stamp on the back , and weighed it 3.25 grams of 14 k gold , I suppose when dogs spar in a dog park , they go for the neck and thats when sabastion lost his collar and in the shock of the moment both owners moved away from each other leaving this nice Gold Dog pendant , and i was dumb enough to be digging the junk foils and found it
  8. I suck at finding silver , so i geared up everything to find Gold , and its working,stopped using low Khz and went up to the high, changed where i hunt and what i dig Now if I ever get on an old house site i will give silver a try . but Im not looking for it anymore, if i find a silver coin its by chance
  9. found a nice old signet ring 18k I have only a side shot ,only the owner will know what is engraved on the top, and inside of the ring I will be making an attempt to find who owns this ring, I was using my ORX detector, in coin fast,17.2khz, and a 2 recovery speed and gain turned down to 80 ,it gave a VDI of 65 same as all the pull tabs, the pencil erasers where cumming in at the 70,s digging all the zincs the other detector guys left me this is now the 4th gold ring this year for me and one silver . Also the butter fly pendant is marked 925 so found some silver to the rest is bling,bling
  10. digging the aluminum again tody, and found a nice 14 k yellow gold ring I was using the XP-ORX and in the deep program 75gain, 2 recovery speed, 17.2khz and 7 disc the ring s VDI was 49,50 really getting in with the junk foils Its made by Aurelie GI and is solid 14 k they recycle old jewellery and make new rings with it this is now ring number 3 for 2022 made from gold , just amazing how the grass can conceal things
  11. found the exact ring on a website it sells for 925.00$ i wonder if its worth more than just scrap
  12. The house i live in was built in 1963 and in those days kids played out in the dirt with toy cars, and they where easily lost in the dirt and forgotten, .found it by the road about 8" down
  13. XP-ORX coin fast 15.2khz, 2recovery speed, 11 disc, and 80 gain 9" coal
  14. out of an old farm field, today's great find , a silver ring marked 925 which stands for 92.5% pure silver the rest made up of copper for strength
  15. some of the rings loose depth at 26 khz some gain, its like only an 1" or a little more but at 15.2 khz all the rings have good depth. Probably why my Racer uses 14 khz best on many targets
  16. you know i wanted to get the new D-2 but way to short on money, so I had to use the orx, but i cant say i am unhappy with it , I like the ORX more its a great machine. I would buy another , the gold programs are awasome, and its about one of the best park machinesI have ever owned- if i had it in 1972 i would have sacks of cones of silver
  17. 14 quarters alone, and 12 nickles, and 8 dams. a Euro coin, and a token and some bling today.
  18. I use the XP -ORX and have a X-35 coil on it I chose to keep it over the Deus, - well I have been testing on the many frequency's available on the ORX in order to find Gold rings , and this is what i found , 15.2khz is the best for gold , getting white gold yellow gold and low caret gold , and 14 k 18k, and also nickles one program i was using today is the 2nd Gold program called fineGold and using it with the 15.2 khz and a 2 recovery speed which is crucial for making the iron give itself away and getting you deep , but the gold really hits hard - I run the IAR at 4 and no bottle cap will fool you some iron will make a mid tone if its big and be stressed and hyper , but the tabs and nickle s give a cleaner sip sound today i went over a small area, i had hunted many time s and it was very clear to me this was pulling out the nickles, as all where deep and had set in the ground for some time . go ahead and try it out . I was using on an 80 gain but it is one of my favorite programs
  19. I did a test using 10k- 14k- white & yellow gold rings small and normal size, I was using the ORX and X 35 coil i studied 8.4 khz., 10,5khz skipped 11.6---12--12.3 because my pinpointer makes the machine go nuts 15,2khz and 26.khz turns out the best frequency for all gold ring sis 15.2 khz hands down but when hunting a tot lot getting close to the iron poles i found 26.khz better as far as hearing a coin next to the iron poles and so on
  20. found Gold ring today and a silver necklace settings used Coin fast, 85 gain, 2 recovery,11.6 khz, disc 35, using the X-35 9" coil. from testing with the Tarsacci, i learned that 12khz is a sweet spot for Gold 10.k--14k--white gold ,
  21. yes i found a quarter , and the ring in the same hole , right on top of each other
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