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  1. I have been using the ORX and doing well but have not found any coins, and i think i have hunted this unhunted spot now 10 rimes or more, But this time i got out the big gun , the DEUS in full tones, using Coin fast, it started squeeking out shot shells and brass things, one after the other , then my 1st coin on the spot came out a 1923 wheat. and not long after that the 1872 shield Nickle, I was using 8.4 KHZ and it came thru for me .and its deep to
  2. confirmed what i thought all along , they better get with it or out of bussness
  3. Yes red colors, are Pottasium feldspar. dark are biotite or hornblendmaybe magnitite
  4. Running the Deus today using the Hot program with full tones, i was delibaratly digging out the big iron ,this program is great for telling what kind of iron you have i dug about 12 large iron s , and we know Iron can mask so i was digging it out and then i got a solid high tone that was clean and high 85 solid hit up comes a sterling silver spoon
  5. The ORX is beep dig does not have full tones, but its a good machine even stripped down from the deus , but the deus towers over the ORX in my opinion
  6. i HAVE been using the Hot program in full tones, with the HF coil and 28khz , I have been amazed at how good it is at telling iron from non iron , and tells me more about the iron in the ground , like is it round iron flat iron and really good at telling me how big the iron is . I took it to iron hill and its finding 22 slugs, shot shels, brass, right now i would have to say its my favorite, i do check it with the deep , program. the deep seems like the Equnox to me prone to false on cut nails. but so far the hot has been hot and good and hot
  7. Yes i can see that , I found the only coin on nail hill with the ORX, and it was hunted with many detectors over 100 times the only coin ever found on nail hill was found with the ORX , i went over it with the deus 5.2 and did find a chunk of lead and brass but no coin, if i knew somone went over a yard with an ORX i would not even bother looking , the machine is that good
  8. Back out with the Deus , and the Deep program and Deus fast, but this time i used 4 tones, with the 1st toneat 120 and the 2nd tone at220, 3rd at 614 and the last 120 and set the 120 to go low at 98 thru 100 and the 3rd to start at 11up to 98 the high tone in order to eliminate the nails sticking up at a angle it worked good , just the flat iron giving the high tones and they turned out to be some intresting relics. the fork has brass in it but I am sure it was probly just the flat iron that really gave it away , but I am using 28KHZ so who knows found some non iron targets again , great machine for relics
  9. went back to the same spot i hunted yesterday, using the XP Deus program (DEEP) 9" HF coil and using 28KHZ, and found another 6 non iron targets. got fooled by the tabacco can bottom and spoon and hinge, it did have a low grunt of the end of it . gain was at 90 , and a reaction of 2. turned up the target volume to 6, so the faint targets sound louder, used a disc of 7. most iron will low tone but the flat or round iron will high tone and have a low off the edge., the Deus is bringing this old site back to life
  10. I took the HF 9 to the notoriouse hill of many nails, used the deep program 90 gain, 7 disc,5 iron volume ,6 on the sound , two tone, 50 khz, and in 15 minutes found two non iron targets, this is like a miracle for this small area, if i ever get this thing on a new spot its going to eat it up if it can do this with a 10 year pounded spot
  11. Got out again to the 30,s tarpaper shack, site. Hd the x35 9" coil, so the 1st thing i did was set the Khz to 25khz and used the deep program again , 90 gain reaction of 2 two tone, and right in the spot i have gone over and over for years i started picking out non iron targets among iron , if that baby is giving the high tone its a 90% chance you better check it out . and if its not its round or somthing flat i have to say I never knew a detector could do this . I like that its so light , and i can colaps the shaft and carry it on the ATV thru the woods and not snag branches, very easy to change coils , like i say very pleased with the deus
  12. Yesterday i wanted to see how the HF coil staked up against the x35 coil in my test garden , I wanted to see how it did on high conductors . 8" dime 7" dime, 6" dime, 7" pull tab, and a 7" cut nail pointed at a 45 degree angle to make it false good . I used the ,Deep program, 7 disc, 2 reaction speed, silencer 1, 93 gain, bumped up the audio volume to 6, and to my amazment it hit all targets good and this at 50KHz I also have to 3" cut nails laying flat at 5" the one has a nickle 1" under it , and the other just the nail . so at the factory pre set of 5.5disc i was getting a high tone on the cut nail and i adjusted up the disc untill it went to a low sound , that was 7 disc but when i went over the cut nail with the nickle under it i got a clear high tone unmasking the nickle , so i wanted to take it out to the 30,s tar paper shack and see what it could do with an earea i had cleared of brush and went over many times. it was not long i started hitting 22 short shell casings and slugs, and to my great amazment a 1930,s shot shell , could hardly think i had missed it , but it was the 50KHZ was just picking things out in the iron , very pleased with it , i did dig several iron targets one was a fence post nailand a round tarepaper washer, and two pices of flat iron and at least two nails , but the performance was very noticeable at how good it is at hunting in the iron and still getting reasonable depth
  13. Garett better start making somthing better than that or we will see some bad news like whites, gee wizz,
  14. I got the remote finnaly , Alot moor potions and i really like the Audio boost
  15. Made a sound reflector to derect the sound back to my ears rather than away, worked good . sometimes i just dont like to use headphones. so this is a nice improvment . Something else i discovered was about the disc. Its normal setting is 6.5. but i turned it to 0 and the nails sound like good targets so i started upping the disc and at 2.00 the nails gave a nice crackle like on the old beep dig machines like the tesoroes but if you hit a nickle the sound was clear and better yet if you hit a high conductor it gave a nice high tone . still liking the ORX nice little machine
  16. Chase, I,m going to try what you said , sounds like you know what your talking about .
  17. using the hot program with some changes actally pulled out a copper thing right next to a cut nail on the hill of many nails i was getting a 70 72 number and went to dig it and up comes the nail , And i was just bummed out it seemed like such a good signal i re scaned the hole and got a solid 91 and up comes this copper thing , so then i was happy it was a good target just right next to a cut nail i was using the hot program with modes shown in pictures Using the x 35 coil 11.6khz
  18. I like the ORX but whats nice about the High end Deus is its adjustability like the target volume , the tones and HRZ ajustments . but for a change i dont think i will sell the ORX its just to nice
  19. Todays digs on nail hill, a very small knife and a button& spoon and some old cut nails. I was using the Deus 5.2 with the X-35 coil settingsbased off coin deep 4.4KHZ , boost , 4 tones with the 1st two set @150 hrz and the 3rd set at 500hrzand the last at 800hrz 1st tone break @ 32 second at 64 and the Disc was -3.2. 2.5 reaction, GB 2 points lower than the ground setting , Gets deep , for example the small knife with iron thru it was 7+ inches deep the button was maybe 3" deep with nails around it
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