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  1. Got to prepare the surface. Just spraying on the scoop handle without cleaning and a surface brushing or sanding of the surface will make it not last long. Do it right and it lasts well.
  2. Had some north winds that were producing riptide warnings. They pushed sand in rather than creating the cuts I'm looking for in South Carolina. It's been about a ring per hunt but all junk rings since July.
  3. Paint the aluminum handle with truck bed liner spray. The skin staining stops, there is a better grip to pull up a full scoop and the handles don't heat up as much in the sun.
  4. If you find the list, please post it here. I'm curious about that too!
  5. As OBN said ... some of us are happy. This was a hunt a couple weeks ago where I found a hard packed bottom in a cut in the water.
  6. It is a killer on the stud earrings to. As you show, it finds chains that the Excal would never see. My bane is how it lights up aluminum pop rivets that have separated from beach gear.
  7. In all metal mode I get double blips on most iron, including tent stakes from certain directions of sweep at any ATS setting. Round pieces like bottle caps and washers do not do that. They do tend to have a slightly elongated or wider beep than non-ferrous targets. I'm still working on not digging those. Most of the tent stakes go low tone in tone mode, or disappear in mute mode when I have reject set to 7 and ATS just above 8 to about 8.5.
  8. Thank you . That makes a lot more sense now.
  9. Interesting. Do you mean that the different modes use different filtering circuits in the signal processing?
  10. Would love to see a comparison of this coil with the Detech Arrow 18x4 on the F75. Have been considering the Arrow coil just to cover ground looking for new drops in the blanket area of the beach.
  11. Never purposely applied pressure to the head on mine before. Just went and put some thumb pressure on the head of mine and there is some flex when side pressure is applied. I'm not going to test it's limits. The AQ has been good to me and I do not want to do any destructive testing on it.
  12. Only thing I don't like about some of the RTG scoops is that the 5/8 inch holes frequently let tabs slip through. They have scoops with 9/16 inch and some with 1/2 inch holes where the tabs don't slide through unless they are bent. They used to make the scoops with the size holes you wanted. Don't know if they still do that; might be worth calling them. The RTG scoops hold up well.
  13. In any case, treat her well and she will reward you.
  14. I didn't set up tests other than finding a non-desirable target that I was digging a lot of (rusted sheet metal screws) and testing on the beaches where I was digging them. ATS and discrimination settings interact. You can make those tent stakes and soda cans go full low tone as well as pennies, dimes and quarters while still getting high tone on most gold. I found discriminate setting of 7 and ATS around 8 to 8.5 to be useful. If you run ATS much higher you start to loose the bigger gold pieces and will only hit mid-sized and smaller rings. With discriminate around 7 and ATS just a hair above 8 most lead sinkers are not seen; I was only digging the lead sinkers that had a brass swivel or clip attached to them as the AQ, on those settings, hit the brass fittings, but not the lead. I'm getting better on bottle caps because they exhibit a wider signal than most of the desired targets ... but I'm still digging nearly all the bottle caps because I have not become confident enough yet on walking away from the wider signature. It is my headspace issue on that, not the detector because the headspace is saying "you never really know until you dig". Here is what I wrote a couple months ago:
  15. I leave mine connected. Only disconnected to change coil and now have one AQ with the 8 inch on and one with the 12 inch coil on it. When you are in the water, either stay where the connector is above water or fully under water. Be aware that the connector coming out of the salt water or going into it will cause a sound off and deal with it. It does not sound like a target, it is a long rounded sound and not a short narrow sound like a good target. When I first saw video of that I was concerned, but after using it have found it easy to recognize and just a minor annoyance that I can adjust to.
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