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  1. If you look at the picture of the pieces, the ring on the original clamp is what you need to remove for it all to come off easily. This is Carolina's picture since he got his off with little damage and I mangled mine a bit. Looking at the clamp from the top, there is a very little seem between the top ring and the cone shaped piece. From the side, there are retaining pieces that fit into slots along the upper part of the cone. I tried unsuccessfully to push the retaining parts in to release the cone. I ended up using a very small flat blade screw driver to get between the top ring and the cone
  2. A thought that I hope is based in logic, then I'll walk away from this particular part of the discussion. If both quoted items are true, the logical conclusion is that the Equinox is a flop in moving salt water. Might be interesting to see that discussion over on the Equinox forum. 🙂
  3. Bull! Some areas are better than others, and I'm a little limited in where I have and have not been with it ... but your statement is bull. I understand you have not gotten one in your hands, so I'll have to say that is why you might make that statement.
  4. Which Grey Ghosts are you using and do they happen to be pin for pin compatible or is a connector rewire needed?
  5. I will need to take a couple of the targets I dug and a couple rings and go do some more ear training on the wet sand.
  6. As ugly as it was before the clean up I would have bet it was silver. Good recovery on that one!
  7. Yes that is where we were for the weekend get away. Wife booked the weekend and I knew I had to try the AQ around the granite and brick pieces. Thanks for the info on the 18K pig. I don't have an 18 K bigger than I think 4 grams to test with. How I was set would have missed that pig. Most places and most of the time I'm in all metal. Picture is of stuff less the few crab trap pieces that I thew away at the hotel. The little chain and things left of it will get picked up by a magnet, things to the right won't.
  8. Several years ago I was calf deep detecting a little cut in front of a sand bar in Myrtle Beach with my favorite CZ6a. Got surprised by a wave that drenched the detector for a second or less. It went nuts with a very ugly continuous squealing. I turned it off, took the batteries out and let it sit. Tried it again a week later and it was fine. CZ6A is water resistant. I've had it in the rain doing tot lots and never had an issue, but the wave must have found a way to get the insides wet. Since then, it has not ventured even ankle deep near the surf.
  9. As for the end of sweep "noise" ... I don't try to get rid of it since I can reduce it with better coil control, I know what it is and I can reposition to get that part of the bottom covered so another sweep or two of the coil ha that part in the middle of a sweep. I'm listening for a short rise and fall of the threshold that is different than the end of sweep "noise" that has a different sound profile.
  10. I'm still learning things about the AQ. Most of the time, it is pretty much set it and go hunt in all metal. Some sensitivity adjustment may be called for if there is some chatter from some beach front buildings; turn down sensitivity to quiet it then turn it back up when farther away from that interference source. If there is a lot of iron in an area, I might go to tones or mute and adjust ATS up some to exclude more of it. But it is mostly hunting all metal and set and go. I have not yet found issues that I've read some have where a maximum delay needed to be used. Much more set and go than
  11. It is easy to tell them when one can walk around them and sweep from different directions. In the water where you have moving water to watch out for or holes in the bottom to be wary of, there is not the luxury to walk around and find the sweep direction that gives the double bip. Not complaining, just saying ...
  12. That is a huge ring. Would be interesting to have one even 2/3rds of that mass to do some testing with.
  13. As for talk of low conductors; it was an interesting day today with more learning. Was at a beach that has a lot of hot rocks that have given me fits with the Excal on other trips here. Took Carolina's suggested setting from one of his posts on cutting out some iron, ATS 8.5 and disc 3 and started from there. Found that disc setting did not make much difference on the rocks but with disc set at 3.5, got ATS to just short of 9 and no more hot rocks in tone or mute mode. Was running delay at 8.5. With these settings it hit hard on a larger brass snap swivel that came up still attached to the fis
  14. Wasn't able to make out it saying anything, just looked like symbols on first look. Thanks! (I need more magnification). LOL
  15. Unique. Wonder if it is Chinese? The mother of a guy I used to work with would put part of her savings into gold jewelry for her kids. It was a Chinese tradition. Got the jewelry made in China for about what the melt price would be; and like the tradition, used 23k or 24K gold. Nice catch on the large 14K piece!
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