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  1. Couple hour hunt yesterday brought a little surprise. I rarely get chains, let alone this small. Was about knee deep in the wash and the AQ hit on this one. Did not come up on the first scoop but did on the second scoop. ATS at 8 and delay at 10.5 to quiet things in the water movement and the chain hit very well. No good way to know how deep it was but when I got home and did an air test the chain is heard well on the AQ at 4 inches; all metal. In the picture it is next to a dime I dug today. Not sure if I hit on the clasp or the little balls on the chain. I tested it with the Excal and need to be about an inch or closer to the coil to hear the faintest indication in all metal and scraping the coil to get it in disc mode with disc set on minimum ... it nulls at 1/2 an inch and nothing at an inch in disc on the Excal. Markings in two places say 925.
  2. If it stays close to the coast but just east of the bay, it could suck a lot of water out. Good luck and stay safe!
  3. Glad to hear you are in the water again. Sounds like it was a great summer with the grandson. They grow up so fast; blink and they are all grown.
  4. Hmmm ... I've got a 3x18 coil from a Tesoro Sandshark. I'll have to check the impedance. What coil are you talking about with the bigfoot type you have?
  5. What phones are you using? Oh ... and I'm loving the AQ LTD with Joe's battery upgrade. I too have two.
  6. My guess is they are bought when a kid says they want a detector. They get used a couple times then sit in a closet forever.
  7. When I think of the education I got from working to understand what a detector without target ID was telling me, all I can say is that it is kind of a shame that most people will not get that education. Kind of like not learning to drive a manual transmission or write and read cursive.
  8. It has some things that need fixing. I'm very happy with mine ... actually have two, but after some initial hunting, one has been sitting as standby just in case the other has issues. The AQ LTD has paid for both AQ LTD detectors and then a some. Many of the good targets found with it would probably have been found with other detectors, but a few of the goodies, I suspect not. When I go back to the Excal hunting in all metal I quickly find myself mumbling to myself "not any deep targets today" ... then again, I don't get as sore from digging on the Excal days. I too am surprised in the lack of interest in it; even as a diamond in a somewhat raw state, it is still a diamond.
  9. Wheelchair with tracks should get around that:
  10. In my time with the CZ I think that is not the way to go. Very slow sweep over the target and listen to the edges ferrets out the iron much better.
  11. He will be missed. Learned so much from him through his posts and answers to questions. Prayers for his family.
  12. Where I'm at, there are some hotels that were problematic to hunt in front of that are now no problem. I'm guessing they changed their wifi equipment or fixed some faulty power transmission stuff. Not sure what changed. I'm sure you took the delay up and sensitivity down in attempts to mitigate ...
  13. My gosh ... I must be used to the waterproof beach detectors ... when I picked up the F75 (same weight as T2) yesterday to check an area of the yard at our new home before putting in a raised bed garden I remarked about how light it is.
  14. I recall people saying they could hear both the Sand Shark and the Headhunter Pulse approaching. I have no idea what different processing in some of the newer detectors might keep them from hearing a PI ... ?? I have not tried listening to the Excal with the AQ on nearby (or the other way around) ... might do that just to see what it does.
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