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  1. Excellent! Water levels at my location have been terrible. Ring sure cleaned up nice! Could be a very good thing. Both the Tejon and HHPulse I've used tested better on a nickle than a quarter and both were very good at finding gold.
  2. What diamond tester are you using? Nice hunt. One hunt, one gold. Hopefully it is a start of a gold streak for you.
  3. If there are any others out there who have an AQ and don't think it is their cup of tea, please message me and I will gladly talk about taking it off your hands!
  4. That is quite a statement! Can hardly wait to get an AQ in my hands!
  5. Good collection of little pieces of jewelry. Nice to see those in the mix. Thanks for the post!
  6. Nice finds. The gold ring is a little over $30 at today's melt price. That lure would go right into the tackle box for me! I normally find lures with hooks rusted off or in bad shape.
  7. Nice! Looks like the kinds of sinkers and a eaten up maybe 9 mm casing that I find in my local beach. What part of the country are you hunting? Thanks for the report and setting info.
  8. Glad to hear it and thank you for the work and posting it. Sounds like an assembly instruction with "IMPORTANT" for the manual.
  9. Appears to be two composite connectors. Watching the videos, to me, it appears to be amazingly quiet in the wash; as Carolina describes his experience with the AQ.
  10. Thank you for posting the videos. When I see part 2 of the in the water has uploaded, I'll watch that one also. Looking forward to seeing the video planned for tomorrow. Looks like sensitivity is set to 4, and it is in all metal mode. ATS and delay as stated in the post and in part 1.
  11. What is the tactile response on the Delay / Freq knob? Meaning: are there detents as it is moved? How hard (or easy) is it to bump off a setting? If there aren't detents, how do you know when you are set at 11uS vs 15uS (or the upcoming 20uS)? If no detents, is the adjustment a continuously variable setting based on algorithm or mapping related to knob position?
  12. Without actual in use reports on how one made with the stainless connector vs the composite one acts when dipping across the water line in salt water, we may not know how well the shield and insulator are carried through the connection with the stainless connector. The dilemma of trade offs, testing, information flow, clarity of information and interpretation of what the information really means. Frustration. I'm still leaning to paying for the expensive connector for two reasons (unless the first one isn't true): 1) The sound off from the knee to waist deep wash across the connetor shoul
  13. Willy posted the following to this thread on July 9th: "The high voltage and short pulse delay of the Impulse are requiring a strict shielding of all the parts subjected to the pulses (coil, cable and connector). That effect is due to the small gap of continuity of the cable shield between the the male and female connectors and the changes of capacitance coming from the conductive water level variations. It was for that reason that the coil connector was initially made of metal in order to keep the continuity of the cable shielding up to the inside of the enclosure. (Same suppl
  14. Pretty sure I could work around that too. I do like to spend time in the mom and kiddie wash area as it has been productive. That is where composite connector would sound on going from immersion to open air. With multiple detectors available, I could use one for one session and another for the next one away from the thigh to waist deep wash ... then again, it is nice to grab one detector and just cover it; and $300 could be just one ring away from being covered. Without an AQ in hand, I'm still leaning towards being willing to spend the extra for the stainless steel connector, that would limit
  15. My gosh did that make me laugh just way too hard! Another good hunt! Enjoy the time with the grandsons!
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