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  1. Was in Myrtle Beach area for a couple days. We had a lot to get done and did not expect much beach time so I only packed one detector, the old blue tube Excal. Got a few hours to detect. In a little cut near shore, about thigh deep I hit a shallow target that more than pays for the parking cost.
  2. John-Edmonton had put up some videos of making coin rings. He also made some rings from the brass ends of shot gun shells. I see he has been seen on this forum; but it looks like it has been a while. Looks like it is not hard to do and doesn't take any expensive tools, just some patience and learning to get the feel of it.
  3. Nice hunt! Wonder if there is any relation to signal emitters in the area and wet salt conductivity paths? ... understand I'm reaching with that. In any case that seems a strange phenomena. Did you try turning sensitivity down?
  4. Thanks! The blue heron coming up and getting close was amazing. Didn't expect much from this beach except to learn about the coil and that I did get a start on. As expected, in the area very near the community pier, where all the trash is, the small coil helps separate stuff better than the big one.
  5. Walked down to the local watering hole; brackish water bay tributary, pretty well cleared out over the years but a bit trashy with bits of iron. Ran delay 7, sensitivity 7, threshold 4, volume 8, ATS 6.5, reject 6; mostly all metal but some tones and mute to check targets. Initial reaction is that it is a little easier to hear the edge modulation with the 8 inch than with the big coil. I walked away from several targets that were very pronounced double tones then had a more subtle edge that I told myself to walk away … but dig to verify. That was the little fish hook. The odd shaped washe
  6. Excellent! Nice Buffalo nickles too. Love finding Buffalo nickles and almost never find one with a visible date. Can't tell if the date is legible on yours or not ... they look a little worn ... but a great hunt!
  7. Good coil control is important for best results with every detector I've owned. AQ is no different and on smooth wet sand I can glide it on the surface too. I have no idea what you are talking about with the quoted part of the statement you made. Maybe you could enlighten me with more of your expertise.
  8. Yes, I know. I'm hoping he sees many rewards for all his efforts to bring this one to market and that things go smoother for the Impulse Gold.
  9. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing the new part. Did you note that the serial number sticker on the coil is getting nearly illegible? Might possibly want to go to a serial number marking that is more permanent, otherwise there won't be serial number traceability should warranty work need to take place for a coil. So far, the sticker on the electronics housing is holding up better than the coil sticker, but it is not as clear as it was when new either.
  10. Mine is a little different than cuniagau's. His pictures show a mostly solid lower piece with holes drilled in the shaft insert for the pins. Mine is hollow nearly all the way to the yoke end, meaning it is still hollow down into the thick part that is outside the shaft when assembled. All the pin holes enter the thin tube like part of the molding. As an aside, before the pictures are inserted, note in the assembly picture that the serial number sticker is getting nearly illegible. Material for that sticker might be an area for improvement too. Edited to add: The material the yoke is make
  11. Not yet. I'll get some up later. Will need to pull the retaining pins out and see if I can get the entire piece out.
  12. Unfortunately, the cut wasn't deep enough to get the detector fully under the surface for most of it. As you both have posted, it runs quiet and smooth in the bay and tributaries, even with very hot settings.
  13. I was surprised the interference went up in the shallow water. I'm guessing it wasn't coil pick up as I would think the water would attenuate much of the stuff coming from a building. Not sure what was going on. As I got further away it got better and at the southern end of the cut (away from the offending building) I could take sensitivity back up to 4 and it ran quiet in the water. It was good to see it is still pretty deep with the sensitivity in the low numbers and I still had some adjustment room on the delay and ATS.
  14. Yes. Much of the sand was way too soft. We get back to this beach area a couple times a year. The day before we left, the city trucks were delivering stacks of beach chairs for the upcoming summer crowds. Hopefully there will be more dropped goodies and not too many people detecting before our next visit as well as some deeper cuts in the water.
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