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  1. I got my Headhunter Pulse from Bill when he was closing down his shop. I got the 11 inch coil. I think the form factor of that coil makes it a great coil in the water. It has less drag than the 10 inch Excal coil. Agree that the 9-10 inch range is kind of a sweet spot size for water hunting.
  2. Agree! I thought I'd be OK with two of the stock batteries until I was consistently running out of both. I thought five hours would be enough, until I actually ran one of Joe's big batteries out from a full charge. Completely lost track of time; wife was ready to call in a search party and I was sore as heck from the digging the old body did. Love the AQ LTD but it does need a lot of battery to keep it going. Joe has made it very usable where it was not entirely what was needed as it came from the factory.
  3. I like that old gold! The AQ is really quiet in the bay and tributaries. Settings that I can run in the ocean waters are not near as hot as in the bay. I like that black coil! Now wouldn't it be nice if First Texas made one that size? Around 10 inches or so.
  4. I remember when you posted the side by side depth tests several years back and a CZ21 was the deepest on a gold ring ... but it low toned, very solid low tone, with the ring at depth. That taught me that I needed to dig it all with the CZ in all metal, or use it like a PI and only exclude the sweeps that double blipped. After a few years on an Excal and going between it and the CZ it became apparent the the minimum discrimination setting nulling on the Excal excludes less gold than what the low tone indication on the CZ does. Both seem to find more and better stuff running all metal and digging the deep ones. It is an ongoing learning experience ... never ending learning! Thank you for all the lessons you share!!!
  5. LOL ... winter can be the best time to hunt the bay and tributaries. Have broken up the surface freeze with the scoop many times to get to more of a beach. OBN has a full dry suit; I go with chest waders and layers with full length trapper's gauntlets. I have an auto / manual inflate life vest that I feel is just a little cumbersome when in the water so normally don't take it ... but after OBN's experience ... I take it more often. This fall and winter might be my last in the bay ... bought a house near the beach in South Carolina. I pray OBN has some more good bay years in him!
  6. My thoughts are that if there is not a significant improvement in real in the ground detecting capability, then what is currently available, even if designed in the 1990's suits me well. The market for detectors is minuscule compared to phones and TVs where development costs are covered with a very small part of the costs. I'm not a big feature driven guy, I don't notch targets ... just like a little info on conductive range of target. Beep and dig detectors do that. Would be nice to see the Impulse Gold come out and see what you think of that going after nuggets.
  7. Sunray 12.5 inch coil that was made several years ago for the CZ. It is thin in cross section.
  8. Have you ever tried the FZ-12 in the surf? I nearly drowned my CZ6A a couple times, but that FZ-12 handled the surf very well.
  9. Would be nice if that new coil form factor comes out for the CZ's ... a big, low water drag coil on the CZ-21 would make it more attractive for working the water. As it is now, I think the best compromise for working the water with the CZ is the 8 inch coil. The 10.5 inch coil has too much water drag and for wet sand work (or dry) is just too heavy.
  10. In all metal it finds silver just fine! If you go to disc mode and turn disc and ATS up, you can exclude silver, lead sinkers and even big pieces of gold. I like it in all metal ... most of the time.
  11. some of the old stuff has found it's way back onto the revised live forum and can be found in searches; but still a lot has been lost.
  12. The cleaner I've used with good results is CRC 5101 QD Electronic Cleaner ... that and Joe's recommended one are good choices for electronics cleaners.
  13. Having worked a burned down old home site that had a metal roof ... a small coil helps a lot; but you still need to remove a bit of trash to uncover some of the goodies. I worked that burned old home site with a friend. It was shortly after the original F75LTD and the Whites V3 came out. He had the V3 and I had the F75LTD. We were both just starting to learn those detectors. He had the standard coil with no other option. I had a small coil (5 inch). He laughed at the tiny coil until it was finding lead, brass and a few coins and he was hitting nothing but iron ... then he started cursing ... a lot. It wasn't a miracle of finds, but the small coil helped take a few goodies home.
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