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  1. Interesting point. I just came across the U.S map of state legislations at mdhtalk.org. Per image below, there is wide discrepancy across the nation, but it looks like most Southern states seem to have banned or highly restricted md:
  2. Thanks for sharing. Does it have a plug-in for headphones?
  3. Hi. I'm new to metal detecting, and have a couple of questions on sharing valuables found in your own neighborhood, I'd appreciate your thoughts on: 1- How do you go about metal detecting in the streets nearby your home, such as, curbside lawn in front of houses, public schools, churches, or local parks? Any advice? 2- Do you offer or agree on sharing any valuable findings with the property owner beforehand? Is there a typical percentage?... Apologies for any inappropriate questions. Thanks in advance for your advice. Tony
  4. Hi All, I live in Chicago suburbs, am quite new to the hobby, about to buy my first detector. I did some research and have a few final questions I was hoping you could help me with: 1. Should I buy Minelab Vanquish 340 or Fisher F22, or do you have a strong suggestion for another model? (Honestly, I'm new to this, I'd like to find gold and historical relics but live in the semi-suburbs and worry about excessive anti-detecting regulations and hostile people) 2. Pinpointer: are they all the same, or should I stick to top brands like Garret, Mr. Otel or Minelab, even though they are 5x more expensive than copycats on Amazon? 3. I have a degree in anthropology (though I work in a quite different business field). Does metal detecting lead one to archaeology or numismatics necessarily? Does numismatics help with metal detecting?... Thanks so much for your insights. Tony
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