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  1. If they can bring out the Mantra in Gold form where it will dismiss iron,,,,,,be a machine to have for sure Marty
  2. Great Post Please put up a X coil so we can all see Marty
  3. One Should not be fooled by its looks, but the SDC is a weapon when it comes to small gold These days I run the 2300 before I break out the Z , if there is small color larger pieces won't be far away I gave it a thought about buying a larger coil for the SDC but why bother when the std Z coil will get those pieces anyway The other day I got this super faint target on an ants nest , Australian Meat Ants are aggressive and are a real pain in the Arss as they just keep biting until you kill them not much fun on the inside of your pants leg , this target was the smallest I had e
  4. You know Rick , I'll put money on it that the next gen ML Gold Machine will have 1/2 its circuitry in the coil like the Nox has, that will stuff everyone up that bought a "X" coil Should that happen, those that have bought these coils will either buy the new Machine or keep what they have, use the 7 as a back up machine after the 8 comes out (if its any good that is) time will tell , 9.5kAU now 13kAU for the 8? Where will it all end? Marty
  5. Just curious JP what Mod has been done to your set up to allow less signal off the Ferrite/ground feedback noise? Cheers Marty
  6. Just looking for the next Firmware up-date not a new machine I did hear that they are close to getting the discrim working , be nice but I'm not going to hold my breath Marty
  7. Hi Every one With the GPZ-7000, 2.5 yrs on and only a single update to fix the GB , Is it about time that the next update is just around the corner ? What is it that you'd like to see in the next fix or performance or what ever etc etc I for one would like to see a similar screen used as the CTX 3030 that shows you what target is what , surely ML should be able to do that by now ? or can they ? Cheers Marty
  8. It would be many tiny pieces of gold ingots by now , someone had the know how to steal and move it , "Next Block Buster Movie" in the years to come Marty
  9. Nice bit of gear there , feel free to come to OZ anytime you like and take some Nature shoots Marty
  10. Thanks for that Dave , mine looks a little different as I didn't include the centre section just the 2 sides and main centre shall bond them tomorrow directly to the coil and not the coil cover Like you, I also like the 19", there is more to this coil where others have dismissed it as a dud I find it Less is more and far greater coverage , who care if you dont find the big stuff as long as the smaller keeps coming as it has been for more including a 22 gramer that 14" couldnt see Cheers Marty
  11. Hey Dave I'm about to stick my 1mm pollycarb directly to my coil , Ill be using automotive Gray 3 bond sealer this stuff will not peel ever, unless you make it peel what is the ozy forum link ? cheers Marty
  12. HI JP Maybe now might be a great time for you to do the "Secrets of the GPZ" video From what you have said here today has shown us all that there is still so much to learn with the Z and now with the new coil to boot just a thought Marty
  13. When are you guys in the US guys getting this coil ? What release date have ML given you? If you dont wanna wait there is a 19" coil for sale here http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t24389-gpz-7000-19-inch-coil and No I'm not the one selling it someone else is and the way your US$ v AU$ there is a bargain to be had Just thought some of you US Gold hunters might wanna get a great deal thats all Cheers Marty
  14. Geees Mate those hands look cold Brrrrrrrr , you should come to Oz for a visit just to warm up a little 8-) Marty
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