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  1. Thank you 😇 to whomever nested my original 3 posts!
  2. Small, Magnetic, Weathered or limited crust, has metal
  3. Rock 2 Small, Magnetic, Crust, Metal mixed with stuff
  4. Rock 1: Tiny, Magnetic, no crust, visible metal.
  5. I like the theory on this but the rock has the black crust on all sides. It's just more prominent on two of the sides. the sides with less black crust seems to be more weathered as well.
  6. Correction. This rock is not magnetic in that it attracts ferris metals, but it is magnetic in the sense it attracts a magnet.
  7. Too early. Missed the HLC. Dropped some 34% HLC onto the cut surface and no reaction was noted.
  8. Thanks HHH. What type? Nitric, Hydrochloric, Sulfuric? At what concentration?
  9. Found In southern WI. Weird one due to the difference between the outside and window cut. Looks like there is some volcanic crust on the outside but a lot of it looks to be weathered away. Last Closeup pic of the outside is not color correct due to the lighting used. Any help with its ID is surely welcome.
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