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  1. California beaches have lots of Black sand which hates single frequency detectors
  2. What got me hooked on the 19khz machines was (Dirtfishing) utube videos, Hunting the trashy parks with the G2 .....not the (plus) was not out yet. all the TID’s were spot on .....he dug some 9+ inch silver coins that came out of the hole with a rusty bolt. So the G2 can find deep silver. I’m just a jewelry hunter hitting all the active sports fields after work I noticed with The G2+ using smaller coils came the depth lost, compared to the 11 inch biaxle coil.....unlike the F75. will have to try the Ultimate coil on it someday.
  3. Miss my G2+......... it’s one of those detectors you say to yourself ....why did I sell it for ...... it’s only got one Target ID (VCO) which gives a lot of audio clues on your Target, like the size ....depth of the Target ......works great on jewelry hunting .....the best solid Target ID numbers on any VLF detector I ever used. was looking to get another G2 Plus ....but most dealers now don’t sell FTP ? wonder why is that ?
  4. The V3I has always been a all time great Jewelry machine......with good wide TID The ORX can be a great Jewelry machine .....just put the control box in your pocket and concentrate on good repeatable mid tones (sound only) . And you will clean up the soccer fields in no time.
  5. Thought the 24 K was a pretty decent VLF ......when developing a Good Nugget PI you need lots of long Term Engineering team work ......Something Whites had problems with........ Hope they make a Fast U turn.
  6. Congrats on the rings......that’s why digging the pull Tab range is a must when looking for jewelry.
  7. The Nox is got a strange Target ID system.....a lot of nice Jewelry comes in at the Hi foil Range .....so single digit numbers are a pretty normal jewelry range with the Nox . For best Results use no Discrimination, other than Iron, regardless of the Detector your using. Jewelry Park hunt tip.....Focus on the wide open parts of the park ....where people throw freebies/ balls / Horse play...... Less trashy.... and very likely some lost jewelry will be found.
  8. I’ve noticed a lot of used AT Pros & Max’s Up for sale lately. The million $$$$ question is will a Ace Apex Under $500 ..........Outgun a $727 AT Max ?
  9. This is the (Ace version ) of The Apex ( entry level Detector) The AT or Pro Apex will be out later ............ which will be waterproof and more performance wise.
  10. Congrats on the four Ring Day......wish are Waters were that Calm in Southern California.
  11. I’ve owned the MXT Pro / sport / V3i ..... all Three are very great detectors ...found lots of Jewelry with all Three ......the AT Pro came out & dominated the industry ....then came the Nox Everyone Today is after light weight, high performance, affordable (do it all) Detectors.
  12. Bottom line......... Equinox at a very affordable price point with high performance plus a very high customer satisfaction Rate. Turned The Whites MXT / MX Sport / V3I Line into overpriced boat anchors Whites only had two choices ...... start selling V3I’s for $899 MX Sports $499 or close the doors and shut the lights off. I was looking forward to the new V3I in the MX Sport housing ......hope Whites makes a fast U Turn ...... All There employees are back on there feet in a short time.
  13. CTX going on 8 years old.....still the best detector I ever used to this day.....apparently others think the same ...... as the 8 year old CTX still has a insane resale value. Just wish the new 4040 is a little lighter and cheaper.
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