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    Hunting The Sports Fields & Tot Lots looking for Lost Jewelry
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    Teknetics G2+ Fisher F-Pulse - Garrett Carrot - Whites Finds Pouch

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  1. A Minelab Rep At Phil Myers’s store …… stated Minelab is pushing hard for a end of year release …….. The Xmas poster ad a couple post up …….. shows there on schedule.🥳
  2. Funny Thing……in small print at The bottom of most MAP price ad’s for a new detector …..will state ……. (call or email us 1st, you will be glad you did) …… I’ve purchased many new detectors over the years & never paid MAP
  3. Loved The T2 & G2+ …….. There’s times where all I need is a single frequency detector To get The job done.
  4. First Red Flag on The Gold mode on The Manticore is no 6 inch coil is being offered.
  5. Noticed The Manticore has a Gold Field Mode like The Nox …..But no 6 Inch Coil ? ……Maybe A Later Date ?
  6. With Todays VLF Technology so high ….I see very few PI’s on The Southern California Beaches…….12 years Ago PI’s ruled The Beaches
  7. Noticed The same Depth gage as The Nox……which was ok….Liked The CTX Depth gage better
  8. The handle looks very comfortable……TID of 71 ?
  9. I would hoped by now Garrett would of rebadged A cheaper & lighter V3i & TRX pin-pointer …….Think they would of sold a boat load of them …..oh well ….R.I.P Whites
  10. Some Beaches on The Southern California Coast has very high Levels of Black sand, to where The Nox will give iron grunts on good Targets. ‘The Nox is still useable, must Operate it as a PI Detector, you just need to dig all Targets including Iron.
  11. I wish a Detector exist that would discriminate Trash from Jewelry…..wait…. there is …..it’s called dig it all
  12. The Nox Smokes on Small Jewelry ….. very Good ID & easy to setup
  13. Some are saying a new Detector announcement at Detectival 2022 ……. The First week of September ……… I’m hoping for a long overdue CTX 4040 😎
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