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  1. Thanks schoolofhardNox! Unfortunately the stones are CZ's...The one on the right has real diamonds but they're not real big..
  2. Mike, congrats on your AQ purchase and breaking it in with some old gold and silver! That pendant that looks like a sinker reminds me of a T&CO Elsa Peretti tear drop pendant I found several years ago...Happy B-day by the way, hope you have a good one! Mine is coming up this Monday, turning 45..
  3. Thanks Mike, Haven't started on May yet, waiting for the tides to get a little lower into the negatives..I think sometime early next week I'll be hitting the beaches hard again with the AQ.
  4. Thanks CCadrin! I had to take a week off myself, got quite a workout last month working the wet sand beaches pretty hard. When that gold fever hits though its hard to stop.
  5. Thanks for the rundown Alexandre! I gotta say, you have built one heck of a machine that's for sure!
  6. Thanks Joe! If I keep finding gold at this rate, I'm thinking of buying another AQ since this one has already payed for itself!
  7. Had an awesome month using the Fisher AQ on the low tide wet sand slopes. Ran the AQ mostly in "tone" mode but did spend some time in "all metal" when trash targets were not too bad..All I can say is that I love this machine! My trusty Sov. GT is starting to collect dust now and the AQ has become my go to detector and the GT my "just in case" back up. I started out April with a very crusty 10k class ring. Soaked it in CLR over night and removed all the crust, here's the kicker though, as I was sitting on my couch looking through my loop at the ring trying to figure out the date on the cla
  8. Very nice chunky gold there! Shark tooth is pretty sweet too, congrats!
  9. Yikes! Thanks for posting the failure, now I'm a little worried since I've been hunting the wet sand hard all month and I sweep the sand with my coil. I think I'll order an extra rod for back up just in case..
  10. Thanks! For sure I wouldn't dare scrap these. only crusty broken gold makes it to the scrap pile 🙂
  11. Thanks! Definitely was stoked seeing gold, especially since March is typically a slow month for me for gold finds.
  12. Thanks Joe! I'm still lovin the 11 hour battery masterpiece you created 👍
  13. Thanks George! The ruby & diamond ring I probably would of hit with the Sov GT, it was about 2 feet below a 5 foot cut and it was about 1 scoop down in mild wet sand (no black sand). The other two I found down at the bottom of the wet sand slopes where the sand starts to plateau and were pretty deep so cant say for sure If the Sov would of hit them, I can say for sure that the gold response (high tone squeal) I got from the AQ while in "Tone" mode is so pronounced and amplified that I knew I had a good possible gold target, I say possible because nickels respond just as good. Also I'm able
  14. Did pretty good using the AQ Ltd last month in the wet sand low tide slopes...1 gold per hunt on 3 different hunts! spending a lot of time hunting in "Tones" mode. I love how this machine screams over gold! Almost like it's telling you "You better dig this damn target right now If you know what's good for you!!!" 😄 The total weight for all 3 gold is 17 grams and all are 14k. The stones & pearl account for some of the weight of course so total gold weight is probably more like 14-15 grams maybe? just a guess.. Working on April now 😉
  15. Had no Idea the 8 incher is available for purchase...Is it available through Fisher directly or through Rick? and how much is it?
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