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  1. Congrats on the 2 day gold run! Always exciting when a spot gets hit with the right kind of surf and yields a ton of targets!
  2. Thanks Joe! I do love my AQ, getting close to my 1 year anniversary owning it, used it exclusively all year and has pretty much replaced my trusty Sov.GT for wet sand hunting.
  3. Thanks CCardrin! I wish the Onyx stone on the vintage ring wasn't busted though, I can resolder and fix the broken ring shank, but I cant do anything to fix the stone unfortunately..
  4. Excellent quality finds there George! Congrats on the summer treasure, hopefully we'll be blessed soon with some fall/winter erosion.
  5. It sure was! This month so far has been even tougher though for me, the last low tide cycle was dismal as far targets go. Hopefully some big surf will carve out some sand in a few weeks...
  6. Wow Joe! Killer summer haul ya got there! Amazing how many class rings you pulled out! Congrats!!
  7. Not as much gold as the previous months but still had fun hunting the wet sand during the negative low tide cycles last month. All hunts were done in "All Metal". First gold of the month was a 14k white gold vintage onyx diamond ring, unfortunately the onyx stone is busted and the shank is broken at the back. Next was a 10k yellow & white gold mariners cross pendant with eagle and small ruby for the eye. Since the bale on the pendant was intact, I searched around for the chain but no luck. Also pulled a decent amount of silver. Next day went back and hit a 10k ear ring with a depiction of The Last Supper, followed by a wide 14k band and more silver. The second low tide cycle towards the end of the month didn't yield any gold unfortunately. I did find a spot that had eroded out with black sand due to some heavy surf and yielded a ton of crusty green clad and some black crusty silver but no gold. So the totals for August: 10k - 5.3 grams 14k- 13 grams 925- 3.63 oz GL & HH out there!
  8. Wow! Beautiful oldies you pulled out of the water there Joe, congrats! Love the Stealthy Excal too!
  9. Always good to have a PI in the arsenal for those extreme black sand conditions that can sometimes manifest on SoCal beaches...In the past I've hit beaches with my Sov. GT that were impossible to detect due to black sand, even with sensitivity turned all the way down..
  10. Hey George, there's one up on Ebay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/393524536571?hash=item5b9fe3e4fb:g:7hIAAOSwHTFhG-fg Also, You might want to hit up Surfmaster on Friendly, I think he mentioned in a recent thread that he might be interested in selling his, and you know his machines are in pristine condition due to lack of use...😉
  11. Congrats on the silver rings! Man I hate those little junk chains, been finding a lot of them!
  12. Thanks! I was running in all metal so I was digging everything including silver. The AQ hits Deeeeeeeeeep! 😁
  13. Thanks Strick, So do you still have the ring in question? If so hit it with a gem tester and see what happens.. I remember a few years back fellow forum member Compass found a black diamond engagement ring, he posted it on Friendly and it was the first time I saw one, didn't even know they existed till then. I gotta take it to a jeweler though to check to see if its natural or heat treated/lab created, major price difference.. Heard and read a lot of good things about the TDI Pro, I was actually looking to purchase one, that or the TDI SL, before the Fisher AQ Ltd came out, and before Whites sold off their business..
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