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  1. Nice find! I was out the day before yesterday taking some samples and found this greenish rock that seemed brittle and layered. Turns out it may be Serpentine rock which contains asbestos! I wasn't to happy when I found that out as I was digging out a bunch of dirt and fine gravel where there was nothing but this stuff as was bringing back a bucket to pan at home. Now I'm worried about all that dust I was around, just great....
  2. Also the battery seems to last a really long time on both the wireless headset and the detector itself! Started the day at around 10:00am and finished close to 6pm with only stopping to use the unit when going to lunch and changing locations to try out various places. The headphones are telling me full charge still and the detector went from 5 bars to 3 bars, pretty damn good for using it all day almost non stop! This was with the small coil so maybe the larger one would draw more power.
  3. Came back from the day and no gold nuggets for today 😞 But that's ok as I'm still getting used to the machine and learning it! I very much like this little gold kruzer and learning to trust it more! For example, I was for the most part using it in beast mode with the gain turned pretty high up and many a time I'd find a target, dig, find nothing, pass the machine and it would tell me, something is still down there, keep looking buddy, it's there and slightly less deep this time on the deepth meter. I kept telling myself, this thing is going Crazzy there ain't nothing down there, then
  4. Alright boys, taking her out for some gold nugget hunting today! I'll let you guys know how i do! Wish me luck!
  5. I had no idea it came with a carbon fiber lower shaft! Have it assembled and charging the headphones and unit as we speak!
  6. Erggg, Had a 2007 Jeep Grande Cherokee with 5.7l v8, Quadra Drive 2 with the Eaton lockers on front center and back. When it ran, it ran good but just had to recently scrap it as to many corners they took to cheap out on it, essentially the pressed in valve seats. Had a valve seat drop in to the engine and then bye bye engine... I had a nice hole in one the pistons as verified when i used a bore cam and removed a spark plug, i was not happy.... I could go on with the amount of short cuts they took on the Jeep i had (wheel nuts were hollow with chrome caps that snapped, engine fa
  7. No, Bear spray is a real thing here! It's apparently super strong mace (concentrated capsaicin from peppers). However i don't know if i would trust it, i mean one strong wind gust or how far the bear is from the spray could leave you having a very bad time. I personally would take a good riffle if possible, if you are in remote areas as there are Bears, Wild Cats (Lynx, BobCats, Cougars etc...) and Wolves, charging Moose or Deer, and although all the above is rare, it's still a possibility....
  8. Haha sure! It's pretty much like that for all the provinces in Canada and in my case Quebec! Cheers!
  9. Here where i am the whole province is open to public exploration as long as the land isn't under claim and is not private property. It would be a impossibility to explore all of it in a lifetime so tons of untouched land! This includes areas that are known and have active mining for gold and just by panning 1 or 2 weekends i had found some teeny tiny flakes without knowing the area to well and try some random spots (hope it's not pyrite lol!
  10. Hey there kac, ya no salt water around me in my province (Quebec), only beaches that are all fresh water here! I will definitely try it for fun anyways, just to see!
  11. Ordered my Gold Kruzer today! And now the waiting game lol! Hey PeterInSa, ya i saw that video, as well as a bunch of others on the Gold Kruzer. Looks nice! I also so a video of these dutch coin hunters and the guy was using the Gold Kruzer and was finding coins like crazy, like one after another non stop on the beach with it! After that he went to a park and again finding coins silver earnings etc... Apparently as he said, there's no gold nugget spots in his country, but for some reason he bought a Gold Kruzer? Not sure why, maybe because he was also hoping to find lots of lost
  12. For sure, will do! I'm excited to get it and start having some fun exploring with it! I'll let you guys know when i get it, hopefully soon!
  13. Alright i think i'm pretty much settled on the Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer (61kHz). It will fill the primary role nicely which is gold nugget hunting, it's water proof, comes with 2 coils, and i seen videos of people successfully using it to still dig out coins etc in soil! If after getting really used to the machine, and trying it out for coins/relics and see i'm not happy with it for that role, i can still go on to get a Vanquish to fill that specific role! Payday tomorrow so i think i know what i'm going to get LOL!
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