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  1. You must be selling nokta seems I've touched a nerve and people have been viewing the vids plus nokta told me they would only repair if I deleted video, is that bullying/blackmail you tell me, infact you are probably the person who was posting simplex is as good if not better than the nox. I love the fact your blaming me, you clearly have not watched the vids, you should watch vids first before posting blame GB amateur. Steve thankyou I had been in contact with the dealer but correspondence stopped. How do I post a direct youtube link.
  2. Hello having some issues with simplex false signals not picking up coins gold chain have had the coil replaced and detector is no better also detector sounds as if it's going to explode the vid numbers and the noise it makes, sound like high revving car engine. And it losing signal and going blank but it does show some vid numbers, had this simplex for 2months now really annoyed all those packed beaches and nothing to show for it and summer is almost over, wow and now nokta wont respond to my emails. Dont know what to do been so stressed. I have videos on you tube showing these probl
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