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  1. Nine troy oz, found in Nev. A few yrs ago about a foot deep.
  2. Use the detector money to buy your gold,
  3. Bought a new ML Equinox 800, sold it after 8 mo's, bought an other XP, a ORX , to go with my Deus. One of the best trades i ever made.
  4. Gold has always been where I found it and I have never found any where as I did not find it..
  5. Who makes after market clips? Been wanting to buy a spare. THANX
  6. Been there , done that. When I started detecting in the early 60s all coins (except 1 & 5 cents) were silver, but it was only worth face value. Finding $15. A day in city parks was a good haul tho. No disc., lots of bottle caps, gum wrappers &cig. foil. If I could go back, I would go to the early eighties *& detect for gold again with the Ground Hog.
  7. I knew Ben, he also spent some time around Quartzsite in his latter yrs. First met him drywashing near Downieville ebout1990.
  8. Cant remember them all, but my first was a Detectron in 1961 or 2.
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