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  1. They could improve the charger clip.
  2. Sense I consider my XP pinpointer the best l have used it will have to do until some one makes one as sensitive as my GM 1000
  3. Your opinion as too wether dowsing works is the correct one.
  4. Why is question about whites TDI moved and questions concerning Minelab are allowed?
  5. Much of the gold I have found was invisible to PI detectors and much yet to be found still is.
  6. Don't know. Probably less than 150 . Started about 1960, have owned 7 or 8 at a time, only have four now.
  7. I agree,light, easy to use, and finds gold. l will probably never give up my GM 1000.
  8. The GM1000 is only better at finding super small gold and porus gold, not in the same category as the GPZ
  9. Do you think ML is going to sell a detector that is better and lighter than the GPZ for less money.
  10. The panel tilts out as needed and is removable to place in the sun while I park in the shade, utilizing a 30 ft. extension cord.
  11. having used both I believe it all depends on under what circumstances and conditions it is used.
  12. I have never collected tax of the gold I sold, nor have I ever paid tax on gold.
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