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  1. I have found meteorites on the surface in the desert that have been there for 40,000 years and pultabs 3-4 inches deep in manicured lawns. Pultabs have about the same or lighter specific gravity than the soil the are buried in. They didn't sink. Eolian gold nuggets can be found on the surface with desert varnish on them.
  2. Hobo

    Montana Gold Nuggets

    I owned one of the very first original GBs in my area, it was way better for finding gold than what I had been using which was the Garret Ground Hog. I met Bud in Quartzsite sometime around the late 80s.
  3. Hobo

    World Bored With High Frequency Detectors?

    What we need (imo)is a. LIGHT WEIGHT , AFFORDABLE pi( ATX, 2300 performace) in a light wt box). Detector Pro made a very lite wt. Pi with all the electronics and battery in the head phones. It was not good for nugget hunting but was a good water proof beach hunter that sold for around $800. Whites tried with the TDI but was a bit short in depth. JMO. P
  4. Mine have hammer loop which serve as a small pick holder and a pocket on the rt. side for a pinpointer. They are comfortable and its easy to reach inside scratch an itch. I carry my wallet and phone in the upper pocket, lose proof.
  5. Hobo

    Volume On 800

    I called ML and since I am leaving in 2 days on an extended prospecting / metal detecting trip thru NV, MT and Ca they are sending. me another set of phones. Great service by Minelab.
  6. Hobo

    Volume On 800

    Thànx guys, tried it all. Does anyone know Minelabs Phone ?
  7. Hobo

    Volume On 800

    Thanx for the advice, I tried that once, will try again.
  8. Am I doing something wrong? I cant get the volume control + or -- buttons to work on the ML80 phones. The volume works fine on the detector.
  9. Hobo

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    Started using one when the GB2 came out, before that I just dribbled the dirt onto the top of the coil and listened for the nugget to hit.
  10. Its about 50 miles SW of Winnemucca near Rye Patch Reservoir.
  11. Hobo

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    The pulling power of electric winches is measured when there is only one wrap on the spool, as the wraps multiply the pulling power diminishes a bunch.
  12. Hobo

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I have 2 batteries in my rig with a isolator in between, and a solar panel mounted on top.
  13. Hobo

    Sleeping Gear Advice Request

    I got 250,000 rough miles out of my 96 Ford Ranger with a Flip pac on it & it was still running good when I traded it off.