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  1. Just what I want, please add mine. Thanx
  2. Bought a new ML Equinox 800, sold it after 8 mo's, bought an other XP, a ORX , to go with my Deus. One of the best trades i ever made.
  3. Gold has always been where I found it and I have never found any where as I did not find it..
  4. Who makes after market clips? Been wanting to buy a spare. THANX
  5. Been there , done that. When I started detecting in the early 60s all coins (except 1 & 5 cents) were silver, but it was only worth face value. Finding $15. A day in city parks was a good haul tho. No disc., lots of bottle caps, gum wrappers &cig. foil. If I could go back, I would go to the early eighties *& detect for gold again with the Ground Hog.
  6. I knew Ben, he also spent some time around Quartzsite in his latter yrs. First met him drywashing near Downieville ebout1990.
  7. Cant remember them all, but my first was a Detectron in 1961 or 2.
  8. I have found meteorites on the surface in the desert that have been there for 40,000 years and pultabs 3-4 inches deep in manicured lawns. Pultabs have about the same or lighter specific gravity than the soil the are buried in. They didn't sink. Eolian gold nuggets can be found on the surface with desert varnish on them.
  9. I owned one of the very first original GBs in my area, it was way better for finding gold than what I had been using which was the Garret Ground Hog. I met Bud in Quartzsite sometime around the late 80s.
  10. What we need (imo)is a. LIGHT WEIGHT , AFFORDABLE pi( ATX, 2300 performace) in a light wt box). Detector Pro made a very lite wt. Pi with all the electronics and battery in the head phones. It was not good for nugget hunting but was a good water proof beach hunter that sold for around $800. Whites tried with the TDI but was a bit short in depth. JMO. P
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