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  1. 9 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

    I agree 100% Gold Catcher.

    When I hear someone say a detector is junk, but only used for a month?  I think the owner did not give it due justice.  Typically, it is the operator who has issues, but I don't think so in his case.  He likes the extra fine tune features the GB-2 and 24K possess, so he knows those detectors.  Or maybe the unit was bad to begin with.

    I too was not a big fan of the Monster at 1st, but it grew on me the more I used it and I starting seeing its finer points in some situations.  My issue at first coming from VLF detectors than needed adjusted all the time.  Now I realize, like most folks, the Gold Monster 1000 is a fine tool for most applications.  And as others have mentioned, it is truly one of the best detectors to hand to a friend, family or buddy who does not hunt as often, since it's so User Friendly.

    GM-1000 is the #1 selling VLF gold detector in the US, so I'm certain "junk" does not get mentioned often when compared to the amount of Success it provides the majority.

    Heck, I'm a NOX fan myself when it comes to VLF gold detectors, but will admit, the biggest piece of gold I found in 2020 was with a customers Gold Monster 1000.  Boy it's a hard pill to swallow when you hand over a 10+ ozt specimen with over $5000+ you just dug with someone else's detector.  But I got to find it, so that's what counts most.


    I agree,light, easy to use, and finds gold. l will probably never give up  my GM 1000.

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  2. 16 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

    They do, the Gold Monster 1000.  It's lighter and better at tiny gold than a GPZ.

    Minelab makes a variety of detectors to do a variety of tasks.  Just like Ford has a multiple sizes of trucks and then even the same size truck has different packages based off of your driving style.

    The GM1000 is only better  at finding super small gold and porus gold, not in the same category as the GPZ

  3. 9 hours ago, Sheppo said:

    We’ll just have to wait and see, I personally feel it’s going to give the Z a run for its money but as said, wait and see. Yes, I already own a Z, and yes, I have my name down for a 6000 when it’s released, and personally can’t wait until it’s released (ML seriously needs to loosen that gag they have on their testers!).

    I feel it’ll be the machine you’ll want to use when you don’t want the lump of a GPZ hanging of your arm but still want the punching power to do some serious prospecting. If it behaves anything like the 5000 (which I’m sure it won’t) it’ll be a damn fine machine to do just that. 

    Do you think ML is going to sell a detector that is better and lighter than the GPZ for less money.

  4. 19 hours ago, GotAU? said:

    Another great write up Gerry! Darrell has a very nice rig, I like his solution on where to put the solar panel. I’m going to have to try that out on my truck, been head scratching about where to put it for awhile.

    PM sent for a book order, thank you!

    The panel tilts out as needed and is removable to place in the sun while I park in the shade, utilizing a 30 ft. extension cord.

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  5. 57 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Small lead is an alternative.

    Depends upon how small.  It should be at least as good as the Fisher Gold Bug (19 kHz) family and they've found a lot of small gold, although not as small as the 50-70 kHz detectors.

    As has been said many times:  among detector, detectorist, and site, the detector usually is the least important of the three.

    Go out there and have fun.  You might find some gold along the way.


    Not even close to the Gold Bug for  gold

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