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  1. Been there , done that. When I started detecting in the early 60s all coins (except  1 & 5 cents) were silver, but it was only worth face value. Finding $15. A day in city parks was a good haul tho. No disc., lots of bottle caps, gum wrappers &cig. foil.  If I could go back, I would go to the early eighties *& detect for gold again with the Ground Hog.

  2. What we need  (imo)is a.  LIGHT WEIGHT , AFFORDABLE  pi( ATX, 2300 performace)   in a light wt box). Detector Pro made a very lite wt. Pi with all the electronics and battery in the head phones. It was not good for nugget hunting but was a good water proof beach hunter that sold for around $800. Whites tried with the TDI but was a bit short in depth.  JMO.






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