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  1. JW.........In my situation and area patch hunting with the Zed is like hunting rabbits with a 30 cal. rifle, every patch I am aware of  has or had a significant amount of the gold detectable by a vlf.  At 80 + yrs old I can't wear & lug (or want to) a Zed all day. Once a patch is located a  heavy pi can clean it out. The GB was and still is a great gold finder, the biggest patch l ever found was with a original GB. I just believe l can cover more ground effectively with the 1000 than I can with the GB2.  

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  2. Thats true and if l get a non ferrous signal I will dig it and ferrous most of the time.

    13 minutes ago, Mike C... said:

    Hobo just look at this way its like training if you can find the small ones then the bigger sitting ducks are a piece of cake :wink: Mike C...:ph34r:

    True.  All l am saying l enjoy patch hunting and hunting a bit larger pieces more. I think for me the GM1000 will make a good patch hunter. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, DSMITH said:

    Well now I am  a little confused and pretty disgusted 

    The confusion comes from getting up this morning went out after getting dressed grabbed the GM 1000 started detecting was getting all kinds of signals on the gold chance side of the meter some were pinging the meter and others were 2-3 bars on the gold chance side so I decided to do a little test  well what I found out is the GM 1000 is actually sounding off on everything like it is stuck in all metal and reading everything as gold chance on the meter laid my steel digging shovel down on the ground and passed the coil of the GM 1000 over the shovel and it pegged the gold chance meter on the gold side tried factory reset and it still does the same thing so that is where the disgust comes in I think I may have gotten a defective unit

    Can anyone give me any ideas as to what to try next other ,then contacting mine lab 

    it does not mater if you have the GM set in all metal mode or discrimination mode it does the same thing in both 

    Your shovel is way too big, try a small irregular shaped bit of ferrous metal. A small nail or such.

  4. 7 hours ago, Condor said:

    In retrospect, Steve should probably close this topic.  I don't think any good can come from a topic about "bashing" Minelab, it goes against the grain of this forum.  Keep it real, keep it current and keep it tasteful.  I want to read real world tests without some preconceived notion of the adverse outcome.  My bad!

    I disagree, everyone is entilted to an opinion and the right to express it. I like the Monster but that dosen't mean every one has to.

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