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  1. On 3/11/2016 at 11:45 AM, auminesweeper said:

    Yeah, It's not a machine that impresses me, but for some reason the guys/gals that have them always seem to have the finds but there again I have searched the same ground and dug what they have missed, most likely through their bad coil control than any thing else, and there is some wild claims out there one of which I posted here yesterday, If I had to pick either the CTX or the Deus I would choose the CTX for one I trust ML and those $500 coils really hurt, and because I need the recovery speed without the expense of those coils has kept me using the machines I have, but our friends from Makro are about to change all that for me.

    Yeah, it's great that ML has such inexpensive coils.

  2. I also have had some sucess with the Deus using the godfield program, but I still prefer my GB2 for small pieces. Am waiting for V4 too, if it dosen't turn out to be what l want i'll probably get a Gold Racer, but l plan to keep my Deus. lMO its the best all around detector available. lf l could have only one vlf  detector it would bethe Deus.

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  3. In a mountain stream gold will migrate down until it reaches bed rock, then in a  violent  flood it scoots along the bottom until it finds a hiding place ,like a crack , a hole or some obstacle to hide behind .Imo gold does not travel far from the place It entered the stream, most of the gold that reaches the oceans which is very little is very fine and take eons


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  4. Some random thoughts.      A hundred and fifty years ago there wasn't a tree to be seen around Lake tahoe. they were cut for the mining industry in VC.  If gold were so necessary, why is palladium half the price of gold and way more rare, but has more uses?    Two wrongs don't make a right. The world was a different place a hundred and fifty years ago. Destroying a a few hundred thousand acres wasn't a big deal and there were a few billion fewer people in the world. IMO suction dredging in Ca. (or anywhere else) is not harmful to the environment. Probably should be limited to 5 in. The mining scars in Peru is way worse than me forgetting to fill my detector hole.The planet will probably still be here long after the people are gone and there will be no sign of mining activity. Think I'll grab my ML and go detecting.

  5. On 6/7/2016 at 7:02 PM, Ridge Runner said:


     You made a good point of having that extra detector. My trouble when I started detecting I couldn't afford another one. In 66 I think I had to pay about 160.00 for A White's BFO. Before that I made one from a kit. It worked but not to the point I'd say great. I did find coins with it. That BFO was like stepping into new world. I was like Buck Rogers with it.haha

    swing low and slow


    I too started out witha Whites BFO Gold Master and it left a lot to be desired when compared to my buddies fisher T 10. KMVs. Little monster was just as good as the Gold Maaster, IMO.

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