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  1. Bloody hell Relichunter you and I wouldn`t want to get around the camp fire, lots of rum would be drunk but bugger all detecting. Hegemony and supremacy? I see the US as the first "empire" in the worlds history that hasn`t taken over conquered territory rather have tried to bring them democracy. Some successes some failures, you are the worlds policeman, and that is costing big time. No crooks love the cops and bugger all law abiding.

    If I remember my history, the US took the country away from the Indians, the English, Spanish and the Mexicans.

    I agree, finding it is the best way to aquire gold, but getting a " steal" on some is almost as good. I have bought a considerable amount at yard sales at very good prices

  2. Has anyone tried using a Sunray probe for small nugget hunting? It seems to me that a sunray probe attatched to shaft of a GB Pro or a F75 would work great in places where a larger coil would be too big, like in cracks and around rocks. Since the Sunray workes off of the detectors control box it should have good depth and sensitivity.

  3. I had tried this a few years ago without much success but couldn't remember why. Today tried my 5"GB Pro coil on my f75 and it seemed to work ok, but when I put the f75 6" elliptical on the GB Pro it wouldn't ground balance. It may be my dirt, the ground phase reads,97,and that's what the gb reads also, if I manually GB up to 99.9 it is still out of bal. After doing this I now remember why it didn't work and I think it was the same for the larger coils also.

  4. I started detecting seriously for nuggets  in 1983 with a Garret Groundhog and found quite a bit  then switched to the original Gold Bug when it came out and my nugget finds went way up. Moved up to the 2100 and continued to find nuggets, BUT I think I have found more wt . over the years with the GB & GB2 than with the M.L.s, not because the GB is better, but because there was a lot more gold to find back then and a lot of shallow gold.  Wish that I would have kept a record of my finds with the various detectors.

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