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  1. Hello everyone! I plan to find gold next week! This is also my first time I use ML800's gold model! Please guide how to set it! Thank you very much!
  2. 抱歉,找到卖家了!可惜他不能提供电子手册!祝你好运。
  3. 我经常去沼泽地!那里面有很多宝贝!建议您用800的15寸盘!非常好用!
  4. 我完全赞同您的看法!minelab把生产基地放在亚洲可以给全世界的探测器爱好者提供大量高品质且价格低廉的设备!对爱好者来说谁都想拥有物美价廉且性能完美的探测器!
  5. 亚洲制造给大家提供了低廉优质的产品!大家应该开心才是!谁都不想用一千多美元买一台800吧😀
  6. Members of our club will not buy such fake detectors! There is no sales of this kind of imitation detector in China although it is very cheap! !😀😀
  7. I can't find such a perfect shaft in China! I really want to have it!
  8. White people should produce enough accessories to put there! Or authorize other factories to process! ! This may not close!
  9. Sometimes a glass of beer can solve your worries! If we live close, I can help you!
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