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  1. This pulse machine has the function of adjusting the balance! Its performance is not better in the electromagnetic radiation area!
  2. You completely understand it wrong. Sometimes translation software is prone to errors! I mean they never tell the truth in the metal detector forums in China! In fact, China's detector forum has been controlled by distributors! They never tell the truth! We can't learn anything there!
  3. 这里不是国内我就实话实话!你买个三四千块钱的无声脉冲机就行了!没必要整个那么贵的!!再说你去的地方比较敏感最好不要用脉冲机!你玩探盘和脉冲被抓的性质是不一样的!
  4. 如果你只是业余爱好的话!我还是建议你使用觅宝800大盘或者xp13英寸大盘这两种机器!职业玩家可以入手一台大深度国产脉冲!
  5. Can the disk be repaired for free if it is broken?
  6. xlbsa

    Hello From China

    no problem! Welcome to consult!
  7. The price of v3 in China is as high as $2300. And Chinese users just want the White’s company to provide Chinese software. White’s refused. You know that 3030 provided a Chinese interface as early as 2012. And they only sell for $2,000.
  8. xlbsa

    Hello From China

    It is a pulse metal detector based on Bluetooth wireless transmission technology. Wireless connection between host and transmitter.
  9. I am a player with many brand metal detectors. I come from China. At this stage in my country, people are very keen to detect gold coins and treasures. Nice to meet everyone.
  10. How do overseas users obtain warranty service? White’s has no further announcement about that?
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