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  1. At least now you know what and where to go if it happens again. May start thinking about getting a new pot. They are not all that robust anyway. A small metal wiper running on a thin layer of carbon inside a none sealed housing that gets dust in it. There are pots made that are better housed and won't be easy to get trash in them. Everyone usually goes for the cheapest piece available to get it working long enough to sell and after that, well you know. throw it away and get another, that's the American way.
  2. Coils are supposed to be shielded from the housing all the way to the coil. I would start by looking for a place or connection from the shield to ground point in the circuit to be a cause. These things are supposed to be super sensitive so it wouldn't take much of a leak in the ground circuit to let interference into the system. Beyond that, as I just noticed in your later post about the pots, yep, that would be about the same as a component value shifting, it happens. Glad you found the gremlin.
  3. Ok I just joined this site earlier today and I am having issues getting where I want to go. I think I may have hijacked someones post and if this gets where I want it to go, I appologise. I just read a new post by KAJ asking if the circuit could be modified to run at a much higher frequency. I would like to tell him that I believe it could be set to run about anywhere provided the correct components where installed on the circuit board to enable the 7555 to generate the desired freq. simply by replacing the resistors and capacitor with the values needed to adjust the timing of the IC.
  4. Just recently joined here myself and also recently acquired one of these boards. If you're still looking for help I can assemble board. I have a few ideas for bumping it up slightly and posted a somewhat long entry. Haven't seen it up here yet to see if it looks good, if it needs editing?
  5. I just recently got one of these Russian boards, which IMO looks like a good piece to work with. I read over the supplied build instructions which are fairly clear, but in a way are not totally, at the same time. I have worked with circuits quite a lot over several years, I went back to a site that discusses working with timer IC's of which in this build uses the 7555, a CMOS version of the vaunted 555 that uses 1/10th the power. This is where the MD transmitter freq. is produced. There are several ways to construct the oscillator and in the case of this design, I find one very small issue. Si
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