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    Black HIlls
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    Lots of things. Mechanics, racing, fishing, hunting, electronics, renewable energy and now getting into prospecting. Always wanted to do this and never did.
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    Never used any. Just started collecting some of the things needed. Where it says Exp. that isn't for expert, it's for experiment.

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I have done a lot of things in my life, learned a lot, forgot a lot, made a lot of mistakes and done some dumb things. This may turn out to be one of those. I did however find some gold in the most unlikely place and did it without a detector. I was building fencing for a Buffalo pasture some years ago on the Pine Ridge Reservation southeast of where I am living now, Custer,S.D., yep the first place they recorded finding Gold when Custer was violating Tribal treaty with the Souix Nation in 1874. I  looked down to see a Black Hills gold multi link chain necklace in the grass. Came in handy a while back when I was out of town and needed some cash to get home from out of the State several years later. Be nice if I learn enough about finding gold and find enough to fund my desire to do something worthwhile for myself instead of fixing everyone else's broke down vehicles. 

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