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    Coos Bay, Oregon
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    detecting any location.
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    Minelab Safari, Minelab Vanquish 440, Minelab pro Find 35, Detector pro pistol probe, Whites ponter, Whites bullseye 2, Whites shovel, Minelab, finds bag, Minelab proSwing 45,

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  1. Never done a forum before, looking for others in my area to detect with. Have a lead on an old stage coach stop near here, anybody local to Coos Bay, OR and want to work that sight?
  2. I picked up the Minelab Safari from a local guy in town, not a bad machine at all. I been out of detecting for a while now, got the itch, bought the Safari and been busy almost daily swinging for at least an hour a day. This machine does find everything, the good, the bad, everything. Still trying to figure it out but would recommend.
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