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  1. Yes, we tried it in different parts of the state even. I haven't touched the threshold tone. I think the must frustrating thing is that out of the box, my son found a ring and a knife. He is 13yo and didn't mess with any settings or anything. After that, we put it away, and the next week we tried finding stuff around our home (on a golf course so lots of change falls out of pockets around here). And the thing just kept beeping. Took it up to the mountains, same thing. Even back to same property he found ring/knife and same thing. We loved the ease right out of the box, and now its
  2. No sir. Took it apart, cleaned it up, put it together, reset all settings, and still just goes crazy (even when not moving it) when we turn it on. And just missed return window of course... lol. Might try firmware rollback...?
  3. Thanks Steve! We just brought it out to try it here at our house, and same thing. I will do the reset and see what happens. Thanks again!!
  4. Hello all! New to the forum. Got a Nokta Simplex+ to replace my old Whites detector. First 2 times my son and I took it out, we found good stuff (knife, ring, and a dime). Took it out yesterday, and on any setting, it is just beeping like crazy. And the numbers jump from 10-90. Even when not moving the detector. Just saw a post about a wonky update, and wondering if we should so something about that. Or is there a way to reset this thing and tune it in? My old Whites had a ground control knob, but was also from the 1960's... lol Thanks for any help/advice!
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