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  1. Thank you Steve that's super helpful. Yes the area we're in is not claimed and wide open. I couldn't find any reports of gold being found on this creek. We were panning up there last weekend and found a decent amount of fines. I ended up leaving the gold cube at home this weekend, I figured better safe than sorry. So I read this section: (ii) Prospecting and sampling which will not cause significant surface resource disturbance and will not involve removal of more than a reasonable amount of mineral deposit for analysis and study which generally might include searching for and occasionally removing small mineral samples or specimens, gold panning, metal detecting, non-motorized hand sluicing, using battery operated dry washers, and collecting of mineral specimens using hand tools; I read this as a "No" on the gold cube since it's a motorized battery sluice & I would assume pulling 5 gallon buckets from the river would be considered an "unreasonable" amount of dirt for analysis of mineral deposits? Thanks again, green
  2. Hey guys!! So I'm wondering if anyone knows the Oregon law or can point me to a link (I've exhausted google on this) if I can use a recirculating sluice powered by a 12v battery back at camp and bring dirt up from the river to work. I've put in phone calls down to Salem numerous times and have never received a call back. I think after reading the 700 permit rules I would need this permit if I was discharging tailings back into the river but I'm unclear if I bring the dirt up if that's still a no-no. Oregon mining laws in general are pretty frustrating to try and navigate. I really appreciate any information about this subject somebody might be able to point me to. Thanks a bunch! ~green
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