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    Metal detecting, HAM Radio, Hunting, Fishing, Mushroom foraging and growing, Wood turning duck, goose and turkey calls, and lure building.
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    Excalibur, CTX-3030, 1280X, GTI2500

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  1. Nice hunt, Congrats on the Silver and Gold. Thanks for posting your settings I'm taking notes for when I get one. HH Mike
  2. Nice job Cliff, congrats on the Gold. By this time next year the AQ users will start looking like body builders. I hope Fisher keeps increasing their output. I'm looking forward to getting a good workout. HH Mike
  3. Nice job Pirate!!! I see you were getting into the crunchies.😁 HH Mike
  4. Looking good, thanks for adding your settings in your report. Good Luck in Florida. HH Mike
  5. WTG Pirate. I feel your pain all my spare time has been taken up this past month. It seems like I had more free time when I was working. HH Mike
  6. The AQ hit the Jackpot on the first time out. Congratulations on a great find Cliff. HH Mike
  7. Nice hunt Joe. I hope you get the moisture out of the camera. This temp drop is probably making it worse. HH Mike
  8. That's a pile of rings. Congratulations on the Gold. HH Mike
  9. That's one mighty fine hunt there. Congratulations on the Gold and Silver. HH Mike
  10. WTG Pirate. Nice to see that monogram held up on the stone. All mine fell off. HH Mike
  11. Nice pile of treasure Mitchel. Those large lures do get expensive, that's why I make my own. HH Mike
  12. Happy to hear you have your coil situation squared away. Nice finds, I hope the Cartier is real. HH Mike
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