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    Metal detecting, HAM Radio, Hunting, Fishing, Mushroom foraging and growing, Wood turning duck, goose and turkey calls, and lure building.
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    Fisher Impulse AQ LTD,Excalibur, CTX-3030, 1280X, GTI2500

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  1. Congratulations on some nice finds. The AQ is treating you right. HH Mike
  2. Nice pile of treasure there. Love the 18K. Keep them coming. HH Mike
  3. I can't get anyone to come back here either. Good test bed for extreme depth.
  4. Brackish water. Nickels hold up pretty well, but silver and copper are pretty ate up. The buffalo looks like it wasn't in circulation long since the date (1937) was raised. Power lines in the area do give me some EMI problems, but that's the only thing in the area. No, I didn't change the sensitivity stayed out in deeper water for the rest of the hunt. Thank Joe. The AQ is a beast. I'm hoping it will bring those heavily hunted areas back to life. The more I use it the better I like it. Thank's, it's nice and quiet when submerged. Hunting this place with the Excal as soon as the coil was out of the water it would go nuts.
  5. Got out this afternoon for a few hours. Hunted one of the hardest to hunt beaches in my area. Not many targets today, but good for this beach. Started off shallow and picked up a couple of nickels then went deep. When I can back in shallow the detector was erratic. I noticed if I released my hand off of the grip and grab it again it would sound off. I could release my grip and just tap the foam with my finger and it would sound off each time. Looks like once the grip gets wet you can't hunt shallow. I did pick up a deep small Gold ladies ring that the AQ hit hard on it. HH
  6. Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for the 8 inch report and your settings. HH Mike
  7. Thanks, this area has very little sand movement. Everything gets piled into that area, but you never know. Joe's wealth of information. Always tinkering to get improvements out of his equipment, and yes it does make a difference. I think we taught each other a lot over the years and we're still learning. Thank you. I wish I got the AQ the past winter. That's prime time for hunting here.
  8. 😂Thanks Joe. The AQ sure has it's place in these areas. Still need to spend more time in tone mode, but I can see this machine paying for itself in no time. HH Mike
  9. Didn't get out this past week since I was under the weather. Started out with the detector being really unstable. Water got into the coil connector. Blew the water out of the connector and tightened the back-shell and everything was good to go. I also have noticed when I'm in shallow water she's a little noisy and a lot of falsing (water way below the connector). She's pretty stable when completely covered. I do run my machine hot in all metal. One old beach I hunt always has sand piled in to the one side. No sand movement in this area other than more accumulation. For years I said there has to be targets just out of detection range. Well not for the AQ. I did find a few targets in this area. I had to work slow since these targets were pretty close to the depth limit and I was running hot. A few pieces of crusty Silver and a nice 10K ring dated 1946. HH Mike
  10. Looking good Joe. I'm going to hold off until the warranty runs out. HH Mike
  11. That's a lot of targets. Thanks for posting your settings TVR. I noticed the same, all metal runs a lot smoother. Also it seems to be more stable when completely submerged. Good Luck on your next hunt. HH Mike
  12. Had a great time. It's been awhile since we hunted together. 5 months is a long time. I'm ready anytime you are. HH Mike
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