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  1. Kinda hard to tell what your looking at in many of the pictures. Close pictures with good focus on the area's of interest in natural lighting will help. For the ones that stand out good pics 5, 6 and 7 are iron minerals either hematite and or limonite. A streak test would help but 5 and 6 have good form and luster. The last 3 pictures are pyrites. Overall a very heavily mineralized area is on display.
  2. Not a fossil in my opinion. It appears to be either a geode or a nodule of quartz that surrounded a softer material thats since eroded out of it similar to a concretion. In the second picture there appears to be banding like that of agate's and some crystal formation towards the center. A slab cut off the open face and a light polish would make the internal structure stand out and help identification.
  3. Nice find 🙂 How'd you know its an old hobo camp? *curious*
  4. Good on ya 🙂 I remember my first silver, a 1940 Merc. I'd say the hook is set for ya. There'll be more for ya there I suspect. Luck.
  5. Have to forward this to engineering and see what they can do to screw it up. 🤣
  6. Certainly looks like gold 1515Art, pyrites generally don't sound off on detectors and it looks to have flattened areas from wear that pyrites wont display. Definitely worth the work if there's that much rubbish like Fred said its not been pounded. Luck. DD
  7. What you have are sedimentary concretions. They can come in some pretty neat formations. Here's a link with some photo's and info on concretions : https://www.thoughtco.com/gallery-of-concretions-4122853
  8. Or swiped it from mom and dads jewelry box 😉 pocketed it and took it to school to show off. Lots of strange things can show up in school yards. Never know the truth but its fun to speculate. Its one of the things I enjoy in metal detecting~ the thought of "How did this get here?" and "Man that person must have been upset when they lost this..."
  9. Over the years I've turned up a couple of pound coins, usually near soccer fields. More common, I guess, are euro's also near soccer fields. My guess on them would be exchange students or foreign soccer clubs playing here in the US. Got a good haul there.
  10. He's probably Doing the reading 😉 Next'll be the the questions I bet GaryC
  11. Couple of things you can try: Hand polish the flat end with emery paper then soak as Bob pointed out to see if you can find banding. Usually just a hand polish and wetting will work but soaking might work better because its so dark. Second is find a friend with a mason saw and have a slab cut for a fresh look inside, if the cuts to rough a hand polish and wetting should reveal any banding.
  12. Don't spend a lot of money, though good equipment can be pricey but worth it, the basics will go far. Don't expect to get rich, the experience is rich enough, but one can dream. Don't chase gold when you finally find gold, the grass is seldom greener on the other side of the fence, stories of where gold was found are just that~ where it was~ but you can hope something was left behind when you get done with your patch. Lots of don'ts but lots of do's as well. Do read up on prospecting, knowledge here and from other sources is invaluable, and familiarize yourself with what your endeavoring to do. Do be prepared for the environment you'll be in, bad things happen even to the most careful of us. Do try to go with others, friends/clubs or new chums, this just makes the adventure that much better; but if you do strike out on your own Do tell other's where you'll be and when to expect your next contact with them. And contrary to Don't chase gold, you dont have a patch yet, Do go where others have gone before to increase the likely hood of finding your own patch. Most of all Do have a good time with all of it. The easy bits, the hard bits and the time's in between make prospecting a great hobby.
  13. If you have any photo's of your stuff it might help a touch. Lord knows enough prospectors with sharp eye's can spot a gold flake in a bowl of pyrite who knows what all us in the various forums can spot. Luck to ya mate and sorry for your loss.
  14. Good one Steve. If I were that old man I'd be looking for an Exo-suit for both extra life and extra power. The guy with the bear problem definitly needs extra Fire Power! LOL
  15. Prospecting down there is a challenge for a Yank thats for sure. Takes a fair amount of time and resources, as well as good Mates, to do well on the gold. You got to scratch the itch that not many of us here in the US get to reach so Good On Ya ? I've seen the kilometers and kilometers of bush as well, and may yet again, however just know that all your little black buddies, the fly union, will always be waiting and willing to make new friends. Kanga tail soup is pretty good tucker too ? Enjoy the big smoke before ya get on your flight back. Cheers
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