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  1. It does not take long at all for limestone to alter the ph of an aquarium as it's reactive to any acids in the tank. Think fish urine. Small lime stones dont tend to cause a problem but large amounts can make ph control impossible and that often leads to sever problems with biologic s~ fungus, algae and some parasites. This is why aquarium owners avoid lime stone. You'll be better served with quartz, hard granites and some schists if you want to decorate.
  2. Reminds me of something I was shown, a picture, and told about from another prospector in Australia in an area we were looking around in. He'd found a nugget that was shaped very much like a chisel, showed me that picture he had of it back at camp, and explained that the slates in the area we were in would capture the gold and due to heating/cooling the rock would expand and contract shaping the gold. He had a term for it but I cant recall what it was. I suspect something similar with your find. Neat stuff 🙂
  3. The GTI 2000, later the 2500, was the first top end detector I ever used (top end at the time). The surface elimination function works ok but it's basically a screen for targets detected at the selected depths. The GTI will simply mute most any target, except large can slaw and the like then it just chirps a lot, and attempt to give positives to deeper targets however its not an inverted audio. Targets will still be masked using that function so its not something I used very much. But it does work. The only audio inversion I have ever come across was a coil for my GP3000. I still hav
  4. Hate to say it GB but that handle is beyond remount. The wood is all split out in the head and no amount of wedging will make it stable becaus each of those splits is now an individual fiber and will shift and split further each time you strike with it. The wedges will always loosen up again. Your doing it right but its the handle that will never hold.
  5. Not my area of knowledge but I gotta wonder if the pressure of the press was off on that one and it did not strike hard enough , or maybe long enough, to press the metal into the reeds. Interesting that the faces have a good relief even without the spread.
  6. Hahh, out bush it all looks the same and it's useful finding the wayward car 🙂 Before gps got real accurate I even snuck up on my own ute a couple of times. I still dont understand how I walked around a hill only to sneak up on my ute from the wrong *I thought* direction.😳
  7. Yep the light still worked 🙂 In the time I walked away from my pick 2006 I had a simple garmin gps, not real accurate and had an lcd display, and I was swinging my old GP3000. I use the gps function of the 7000 quite a bit and its handy for walking back into area's of interest as well as examining the lay of my finds. Down side is that once I fill it up I gotta dump it 😞 I'm just not tech savy enough to know how to keep the info~ that's what pen and paper are for 😉
  8. It appears you found a very fine and dense conglomerate. In a way it is a fossil, conglomerate is essentially sand or mud from an old water system thats ossified into rock. The bits of stone are old gravels and it looks that some chalcedony formed in what was a void in the stone~ the white portion of your last photo.
  9. Been there, done that but I did recover my pick after a few hours of back tracking. It was the last time I ever walked away from it. I to got the boot tack but at least it was shallow 🙂 Hahh. I was out bush in WA in 2006 and sat down to take a break when I walked away from it. My saving grace was that I GPS'd all my digs but in that area they were far and few between. On that same trip I lost my head lamp as well in one area, I had a habit of keeping it in my pocket and it fell out. Me and my partner returned to the area about a month later and I got a good strong signal by a log. I hop
  10. Goes to show its still out there. Sweet haul 👍
  11. I've wondered this for a long time and decided its impossible but I'll pose the thought here : Is there any reliable way to return the shine to nickle's and modern nickle/copper clad? So far in this thread I've seen some pretty cool, and some common, methods of cleaning. Most of my modern stuff I just tumble in fine sand for a bit to knock stuff off. Anything of value is just tooth brush and tooth picks. I like the ammonia formula~ I"ll have to try that.
  12. I call people like that sea gulls. Just like sea gulls anywhere if you got something they like they'll follow you and swoop in to snatch anything they can. You can try shoo'ing them away or put up with them. To bad vlf's dont have the retune feature's like PI's do (different operating principals) or I'd just retune on the sea gull till they got the point. If you got mate's with ya you can just pack around the sea gull till they leave, or do it yourself if you think you can bugger them off. Then there's always just dropping you trash pouch around them.... but like you did mn90403 I've lef
  13. That would count as a once in a life time experience indeed 🙂 As to magnitude I'll just say that was pretty darn bright to pulse the sky blue like it did. Doubtful any of us will get to pick that strew field but at the end of the video it looked like a fair bit shot off. Wonder if we'll get any info on it. Maybe one day one will hit close enough to me to get in there quick like the one up in Michigan *I think thats were it was* not to long ago.
  14. My daily wake up includes a trip to spaceweather.com as well as here and news sites. Today they had a rather cool article and video or a meteor explosion in China I thought to transcribe here and share 🙂 Article from Spaceweather.com and link to video from their gallery *they have a lot of cool stuff there* : AN EXPLOSION OVER CHINA: Every night, the Chinese Meteor Monitoring Organization (CMMO) runs an automated camera in Shandong Province, monitoring meteor activity above the coast of the Yellow Sea. On Aug. 16th, it caught the brightest fireball in years. The night sky turned blu
  15. The AC in AZ is due to be turned on in October, right now the states waiting for a new condenser to come in off of back order 😉
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