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  1. Nice collection going there. I think you should consider setting up a large screen off the back of the dredge and have a member of your crew work it while you dredge if you want to have an easier go recovering fossils. You getting anything else in the riffles? If you dont want the fossils going thru the pump use a siphon set up, I think thats what its called, high pressure stream into a head that creates a jet for pick up. Someone will help me out here as I'm not a dredge guy.
  2. Back when I was in the Navy, a few decades ago, I looked seriously into trying to get posted down there for the experience~ with the thought in the back of my head to do just what that group did. But on the QT as anything you pick up pretty much belongs to the scientists. Very cool they pulled off such a haul. Meteorite recovery in Antarctica is an ongoing thing but thats the first dedicated hunt I've ever read on.
  3. Not a meteorite. Looks to be a heavily inclusion chalcedony. The pockets with the small quartz crystals and layering are akin to tiny geodes/agates. How it got to your farm I cant say but its likely it fell outta someones pocket πŸ˜‰ Neat bit.
  4. I gotta wonder how that filter is going to hold upto clay silts but its definitely a neat idea for snipping.
  5. Never go by the package myself πŸ˜‰ Takes some practice to get that kind of result. But Good On Ya πŸ‘ If your feeling sparky try re-dissolving them and try, try try again. Got a good result there and if you try again save one crystal for the seed.
  6. A number of years ago, sometime within the last 10 I believe, a gentleman with one of those pennies released his back into the wild. So when I saw the headline myself I thought maybe someone had finally found it. I'm sure there are a couple out there in piggy banks or penny rolls just waiting for the observant youngster to find πŸ™‚
  7. Thats a pretty cool site jasong. Never thought to look for a chemistry site..... thanks.
  8. I had the pleasure of prospecting with Kevin and his wife Bep in WA back in 2006, even had them sign her book about the story that I'd picked up in Victoria years before. There's a lot in that story from he and his wife thats not in the book πŸ˜‰ but by an large it was fun to hear and read. There was a fair controversy after Kevin sold the nugget to the US and OZ changed the rules a bit on selling big nuggets after that. While Kevin is now resting his wife Bep is still getting around and doing well. Met her again two years ago in WA and my mate and his wife there still keep in contact with her. Just imagine running around with a nugget like that in the back of your vehicle in a baby wash tub covered with a towel. Or digging it, and digging it and it just kept going down.
  9. My first memories of you on the net Steve were at Rob Allisons site just before Gains Creek. Its been a while and your still going strong Mate.πŸ‘
  10. Have fun πŸ™‚ Be interested to see how it turns out. Dont be disappointed if it does not look like the picture on the box πŸ˜‰ When I first tried Alum crystals I usually got strings of rock crystals. The trick is seeding the solution right.
  11. If you want to spend a few bucks you can buy crystal making kits online, most are alum based but there are other interesting ones. I've done it with both the kit, which I purchased at a musiem in the gift shop, and used alum powder commonly found here where they sell spices and goods for pickling and preserving. Sugar and Salt are good one's to. Its also fun to try supersaturated solutions of these as well. The stuff your looking at phrunt does not appear to be Potassium aluminum sulfate. Try looking for it at a store that has pickling and preserving supplies.
  12. Pretty cool set up on that site. Great to see.
  13. Heat the water up first, put some coffee in the first bag and filter the water with the second and you have yourself a cuppa Colombian Gold πŸ˜‰ Thats a good one Idahogold thanks.
  14. πŸ‘ Great that your getting out and getting a bit out of it Fred πŸ™‚ The longest journey starts with the first step, then a step at a time.
  15. Having prospected several times over the years in WA and your being new to it I suggest waiting till next April thru August and look into taking a gold tour out of Kalgoorie. That time frame is the typical "Gold Season" as the deserts are mild at that time of year. There are several outfits that do tours and some have detector hires available. You'll need your own vehicle and a couple of weeks off but its a good way to gain a bit of experience prospecting in Australia. If you decide to give it an additional go, a good way to meet friends and have a go on your own later on. Kal is about 8 hours strait drive from Perth and in the heart of the WA gold fields. Lots of interesting stuff to see on the way out as well. Until next gold season read up on prospecting and prospectors in WA. Loads of information on it in the net and at the library. Get a good detector for the parks there in Perth and get some practice in πŸ˜‰ Lot of lost kangaroo's and abo's to find while you wait. Also you might want to check out this old thread authored by Fred Mason. Lots of pictures and some info on the gold fields.
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