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  1. DDancer

    Minelab Equinox Update Released

    A member at this forum suggests using XP compatibility for service pack 2 if your having problems. Here's the link : http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/equinox/587761-equinox-not-recognised.html
  2. DDancer

    Minelab Equinox Update Released

    Hrm, why not. One of my biggest irritations is the depth gauge. It seems to like to change depending on where I set up at.
  3. I've always had my best results with moderately damp soil. I feel it helps with halo effect for deep objects and improves soil conductivity. I base my thoughts on many hunts on previously hunted ground at different times of the year. Usually a day or two after rain storms seems to be a kicker for me.
  4. DDancer

    A Real Whatzit

    I'm inclined to agree with Fred, a change dispenser part. Odd lay out for the seperator plates... here are some google images : https://www.google.com/search?q=vintage+coin+dispenser&sa=X&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=2ahUKEwjNhZKsmJ_dAhVs04MKHQYDDKEQsAR6BAgGEAE&biw=1366&bih=670
  5. DDancer

    Help Iding Maybe

    That too. I think its safe to say it belongs to a watch.
  6. DDancer

    Help Iding Maybe

    A watch fob is my thought as well. The swing arm would have been used to hook a button and the hole would have been where the chain attached. Good find.
  7. DDancer

    Unexpected Find

    Looks like you have some nice quartz clusters there. As to phenakite here is a link : https://www.minerals.net/mineral/phenakite.aspx Neat stuff hides in the oddest places.
  8. DDancer

    Rock ID Mysteries

    First two : Chalcedony interior and exterior views, waxy luster and melted wax like look on the outside. third : chalcedony again fourth : certainly looks like chalcopyrite but could be arsenopyrite, try scratching it on some porcelain and check for the smell of sulfur~ burnt matches Fifth and sixth: Not sure, the rind of the stone is decomposed; maybe host rock; and the interior shows layering. Agates don't decompose like this and the interior does not show the luster common to agate however it does appear to be a quartz mineral. As to the round stones Sasquatch's idea with a tile saw is a good one however geodes are not generally noticeable in water by weight. Your sunstone is pretty nice but I cant really say what it is though its attractive 🙂 The green and red stone towards the end of your thread looks like blood stone, heliotrope, and here again a tile saw might be helpful to cut a slab and polish it a bit. I don't see any indications for corundum or garnet in the mix. It looks like a jasper mix to me. Hardness test would help. All in all a good little collection. My thoughts.
  9. DDancer

    Cleaning Quartz?

    Looks interesting. With the pyrites present I dont adivse using strong acids or lime/rust removers as they will react with the pyrites. I'd try bleach first for a week or so to see if it pulls out any organic stains. After that try vinegar on a part of the stone for a week to pull out carbonates and see if that lightens up the quartz. If you do decide to try acid dilute it to about 1 in 10 and try another part of the stone and see how it reacts to the pyrites. Muritic *HCL* pool acid is fairly safe to work with but leave it outdoors and use gloves.
  10. DDancer

    Strange Find In Backyard

    Try looking up images for West Germany neckerchief jewlery. I suspect you have a neckerchief clip there due to the size and the fold down rig was for ease of storage. The center is mother of pearl and the rest I suspect is sterling silver. As to the unknown with the balls and the other odds and ends I get the feeling there was some structure there in the past where people hung their coats and hats. A neat unexpected find indeed.
  11. DDancer

    Cleaning Quartz?

    A photo would be good Mac. It'll let us have a look as to what you want to clean depending on the discoloration. Could be as simple as a little vinegar, baking soda or some CLR but with what you've described I doubt you want to go as heavy as strong acids.
  12. DDancer

    Don't Lose The Headphones Cap

    Sometimes its the simple things. 👍
  13. DDancer

    Mirror Mirror

    Possible halo effect if the mirror no longer gives a signal maybe?
  14. DDancer

    Equinox " Hack " On Youtube

    Not a great dig technique but the trick looks interesting for Australian stuff on isolated targets. Reminds me of a couple of footy fields I detected in that second video 🙂 Interesting that he was not finding, or at least showing, any old large pennies. They tend to pop up along side the silver when you get on it down there.