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  1. DDancer

    Rock ID Mysteries

    First two : Chalcedony interior and exterior views, waxy luster and melted wax like look on the outside. third : chalcedony again fourth : certainly looks like chalcopyrite but could be arsenopyrite, try scratching it on some porcelain and check for the smell of sulfur~ burnt matches Fifth and sixth: Not sure, the rind of the stone is decomposed; maybe host rock; and the interior shows layering. Agates don't decompose like this and the interior does not show the luster common to agate however it does appear to be a quartz mineral. As to the round stones Sasquatch's idea with a tile saw is a good one however geodes are not generally noticeable in water by weight. Your sunstone is pretty nice but I cant really say what it is though its attractive 🙂 The green and red stone towards the end of your thread looks like blood stone, heliotrope, and here again a tile saw might be helpful to cut a slab and polish it a bit. I don't see any indications for corundum or garnet in the mix. It looks like a jasper mix to me. Hardness test would help. All in all a good little collection. My thoughts.
  2. DDancer

    Cleaning Quartz?

    Looks interesting. With the pyrites present I dont adivse using strong acids or lime/rust removers as they will react with the pyrites. I'd try bleach first for a week or so to see if it pulls out any organic stains. After that try vinegar on a part of the stone for a week to pull out carbonates and see if that lightens up the quartz. If you do decide to try acid dilute it to about 1 in 10 and try another part of the stone and see how it reacts to the pyrites. Muritic *HCL* pool acid is fairly safe to work with but leave it outdoors and use gloves.
  3. DDancer

    Strange Find In Backyard

    Try looking up images for West Germany neckerchief jewlery. I suspect you have a neckerchief clip there due to the size and the fold down rig was for ease of storage. The center is mother of pearl and the rest I suspect is sterling silver. As to the unknown with the balls and the other odds and ends I get the feeling there was some structure there in the past where people hung their coats and hats. A neat unexpected find indeed.
  4. DDancer

    Cleaning Quartz?

    A photo would be good Mac. It'll let us have a look as to what you want to clean depending on the discoloration. Could be as simple as a little vinegar, baking soda or some CLR but with what you've described I doubt you want to go as heavy as strong acids.
  5. DDancer

    Don't Lose The Headphones Cap

    Sometimes its the simple things. 👍
  6. DDancer

    Mirror Mirror

    Possible halo effect if the mirror no longer gives a signal maybe?
  7. DDancer

    Equinox " Hack " On Youtube

    Not a great dig technique but the trick looks interesting for Australian stuff on isolated targets. Reminds me of a couple of footy fields I detected in that second video 🙂 Interesting that he was not finding, or at least showing, any old large pennies. They tend to pop up along side the silver when you get on it down there.
  8. DDancer

    2017 In Oz, A Short Story DD

    Fred as hard as I hunted I dont think anyone would have cleaned up better 😉 I did leave some behind however so they are there for the taking. The region around Kal is pretty well flogged however with a dozer and permit to push there's still plenty about. I walked onto many old and new pushes and drove by several active ones. Even had a few chats with the local miners who stopped by to see what I was about. Good folks as long as your doing it right and legal. Lots of stories to like the one about the dog grave near one of my camps to be heard from them too.
  9. This year, 2018, I'm working thru the year to pay up on last years not so great stab at a golden prospects in Australia last year, 2017. It was a great trip, always is, but a lot of little factors kept me gold poor *which I use to pay for food, fuel and amenities* so I leaned on the credit card a little to hard. Hahh! No one ever said I'd get rich but ehh~ One can dream by the camp fire.~~ Another driving factor for this post is that my email does not like to send pictures so this is for you all who have asked "Where are the pictures?" when I tried to send them. Well that aside Its Always A Good Go down under. I stayed mostly in the region of Kalgoorie last year, hard hunted land that, so I could be of help and hang around with my mates in Coolgardie while they fixed up a new caravan and ute. The gold was small and hard to come by but I still got a few ounces in littles from the EL's I applied for, and yes sent the reports in for, but in all here are a few good days on the scales : And here are what most days went like. I only had a few days streaches during the weeks out bush where I caught the skunk... but I entertained myself otherwise 😉 I did find one small meteorite but it chose to find the hole in my pocket instead of coming home with me. Bugger. But while I was out and about I decided to look for another mineral I knew occured in the region were I was and took a few days driving the fence lines to find it. Chrysoprase. Never did find the mine that my mate pointed me towards but I did find an area that had the right indicators, what is called white and blue chrysoprase and chalcedony, and on stopping there I took a couple of days to speck around. I was finding mostly low grade stuff, the above picture, but found one good bit with just the tip sticking out like an iceberg: Among other interesting rocks like this one, semi-crystalline quartz with some nice shiny bubbly limonite and from another area of flats a fulgerite, solidified lightning strike: So my rock hounding itch was scratched 🙂 Now camp is always a treat in the mornings and evenings but I also mentioned I kept myself entertained on days when I was not finding much. Aside from just enjoying nature and walking Kays getting no where on the gold a few days of yabbie fishing made for a great reliefe after catching the skunk. I visited various dams nearby and treated myself to a Yabbie feast on many evenings. So all in all a great time, good eats and nice finds. If you want to go my suggestion is : Make a Plan and stick to it. You wont be dissapointed. There were a great many other things that occured but like I said, a short story. Regards and go live the dream. Next year who knows..... I'm thinking opal or sapphires myself with a little gold and yabbie. Thanks for reading, DD
  10. Think I've made my statement to MineLab. Some of those features in the 800, can be added thru Updates I'm sure, and be added to The 600~ no real cost~ and the equipment, sans the wireless module but keep the headphones~ for a modest cost for the bundle.... heck would have flown of the shelf for me... and a few hundred others. Its the tweeks, the wireless outta the box, Audio adjustments, that many persons have been wanting for YEARS! Heck ya did it with the 7000!!! even if it was with your own ML MODIFICATION, and a damn WM12. Gotta say though I was then and am now a megaFanboy for the 7000!! OH MY Gosh! Get your attention? I had to ditch the WM12 last year and go direct wire~ flaky connections. But I reckon if I'd had BT tech and good headphones I'd never have to dink with it. Go figure. I can adjust the 7000 to how I like and get the gold. So why not the 600 outta the box for outstanding audio, hrm. For coin and karats? In as far as availability its still a standoff with the dealers and the customers. consider how much of this could have been eliminated with a few bits of tech and a Little for thought.
  11. Separate post, Sitting Elf I dont even consider what ya said. Not pertinent.
  12. Hrm. Yep. No. The goodies in the bag for one or the other are a determining feature. And Yes, Steve, the ship has sailed **I'm an old seaman so I know the term well** and what I pitch is not a bitch but a determination. Yes to whatever is being "cranked" out now, however limited, it is what is in demand ; however some sticks should and can be rolled in the bundle and off set current demand. No?? I am well aware of differences. Boards, electronics, and Outboards~ water motivators 😉 In point of fact there was a discussion on the boards used in the EQ series some months ago. *no not going to reference it memory serves*. phrunt I work on electronics as well and its no surprise for me. Simple differences whether its V3i or VX# and I claim no expertise Steve. Nope what I'm pointing at is good old sales, like one says *points the bony finger*, and that given an options of the 6 with the options of the 8 and to the limited packages presented that would make one happy. Not most but maybe heck think about it.
  13. Hey all, I know there is a thread on availability issues : However that is not what I'm addressing. We, subjective We, know that the EQ800 is under tight supply. The EQ600 is more generally available. There are differences in what is supplied by both units. The 800 has more user features and equipment than the 600 and thats disregarding frequencies that each can supply. Its those features, and whats in the total package, that I'm addressing. Audio adjustments that the 800 supplies but not the 600, equipment included with the 800 again not supplied, additional profiles provided with the 800 but not supplied with the 600. Package deals. Kind of sucks for many people not looking for the additional Freq's but looking for the performance and added adjustments, profiles and equipment that only the 800 package supplies. So What the Heck??? One has to pick up an 800 to get the wireless package? Or spend the extra money to make it so. Hrm. Audio tones, tone breaks, additional user profiles... all pretty much on the same board *electronics board* as the 800 for a 600. Hrm. Nope not real happy with that. And I doubt the dealers of these products are either. Why would I say that. Ordered one last month. Gave a callout to see where I was on the list... no definitive answer. Point of fact told, its June now, that March was the earliest. Next year. I put money down on an 800 for features and a package that did what I want... dont care about the Gold modes as I wont be using them here in the States... thats why I have a 7000! Minelab, my suggestion is get your stuff together. Its a popular unit. I'd rather own a 600 with the package: wireless equipment, profiles and audio adjustments: and skip the bling of Gold Modes in less time that it takes your factory in Malaysia to pump out 800's. Point is most of us general go getters would like to see our dealers have a good turn around and get the "Monkey Off Their Backs" ~ that's a direct quote from a dealer~ than have to sit in back order limbo. Personally I wait. I want to see the kinks worked out before I ordered. But I ordered. And will wait till whenever *not the dealers fault* for the package I decided on.... not that there was much choice in the matter!! Mate of mine got his in about 3 weeks.... shopping around from dealer to dealer and calling favors. That is BS. Waits are not hard for me... having a dealer or two give me the "Monkey" is BS. Where ever ya go. A 600 with the whistles sans Gold mode. To much to ask? Not updatable to such a requirement? Or just and ostrich with his head in the sand. Love ya ML, made a lot of money with your products. Maybe someone in marketing and one in research should get there heads together. DD
  14. DDancer

    E-rock-tic Formation

    Well its got some interesting eye candy 😉 for a picture rock. Hehh. Honestly though its a challenge to put a lable on. Two characteristic definitions : Chalcedony, Agate. The bubble *I'll call them that to be polite* like formations are characteristic of chalcedony and the banding in the obverse views are of agate. Both are the same mineral class~ silicate or quartz. On the front below the bubbles is what I call druzzy quartz ~ very small crystalline quartz crystals~ also commonly associated with chalcedony/agate. The druzzy quartz is crystal variety of quartz and chalcedony/agates fall outside of this catagory due to the non-crystalline nature of the silicate. Though I would not do it, takes away from the mental image, if one were to carefully cut one of the bubbles you'd most likely see further agate banding.