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  1. Thanks for the update Carl. Hopefully they get their act together, if not Sell The Fisher part of the company to someone with Passion for the hobby and industry before they kill it. BTW, The Whites TDI is Underrated in some respects - Balance and swing=Sweet, Iron I.D that often is more accurate then my Nox 800 in bad ground.
  2. Now that Garrett has decided they are serious about staying competitive in the game, and Minelab appears to know their offerings are aging and have issues by announcing a new model, and Nokta has upped their game with a Equinox Clone, Where is Fisher.? Cosmetic changes to the Antique Gold Bug, and F75, Really.! ANY Rumors of Modern VLF or Pulse Detectors being tested for even Pre-Production.? Fisher Management -- If you have things in the works SPEAK UP, you can ONLY help yourself by doing so, if you do not, Your Loyal Old Customer Base is going to give up on you.! Let them know you are still a player, if you no longer have management with a passion for the hobby and business, Change Management, before you become the next Legendary Company after Whites to go out of business after losing the passion that made them who they were.!
  3. Steve, I am wondering how the Whites Dual Field coils fit into this mix, it seems similar to the Garrett Pi DD coils, is it possible the new Garrett coils are actually based on the Whits coils.?
  4. For Me it was the first Computerized Non Analog detector I had, and that was a Whites Eagle 2. With Analog the only possible target I.D was the sound, and some were good at giving different sounds for Ferris and Non Ferris, But with Computer Analysis of the wave forms it was now often possible to I.D not only that it was a coin for instance, but now often What Coin.! Now that is revolutionary. And Whites at it's best.
  5. Depends on the depth of target. The Round 6" is better at separating in general, BUT keep in mind that with shallow targets with the 10x5 you can use the edge as basically a pin pointer, and with that edge sensitivity you can detect shallow targets right up against obstacles like rocks. The one and only thing I do not like about the 10x5 is with two or more shallow targets and both narrow coil ends so sensitive at times it will pick up both targets with the edges, making it confusing to find the target if you do not know you have more than one. That said I use the 10x5 90% of the time for getting into tight spaces and more coverage, and using the edge on end to pin point shallow targets is nice, and if that does not work than you know it is a deeper target.
  6. Steve, I think Phrunt is right about Aptx, and some others are pretty fast as well, above 150ms I notice it. if you can get your hands on a pair of those Ring Mu6 headsets and get them to pair with a transmitter I think you can have the best of both worlds, nothing in or over your ears (bad for all ears), they don't fall off, super light and comfortable, they set in front of your ears and don't stick out. Other than compatibility with some systems they are hard for even me As a Born Critic to criticize.
  7. I never said it was a Deal Breaker for Me. The truth is that Nothing would ever improve, if things were never critiqued.!
  8. I have heard nothing about LL Bluetooth being abandoned, I do know regular Bluetooth is getting faster, but not as fast as I think it needs to be. it would not make sense to abandon LL when Bluetooth is also used for sound with video. Everyone has their own preferences, but when designing for The Masses, it is always best to appeal to the masses, as well as minimize potential warranty claims, especially for something vulnerable like a port that will be used nearly every outing. BTW , The Brand Ring, Now has a Bluetooth headset that is not bone conducting nor over the ears, it actually has mini speakers that shoot sound back towards your ears, Good Sound, Very Comfortable and secure, and nothing in your ears, and is fast enough, Excellent for hot weather and snake country. The only downside is for some reason it will pair with portable transmitters, but not to the Equinox 800 Bluetooth, maybe because it is Bluetooth 5.0 and Nox I think is 4.1. The Ring model I believe is Mu6, Sure beats a loud speaker attracting people. Real world and factory reliability ratings are rarely the same, USB ports are the most or second most common failing parts of cell phones, including USB - C.
  9. When this model was first reveled I said the two things I don't like and are going to be a problem are the use of a USB plug for charging, not because of fumbling to use it, but for Long Term Reliability. And the lack of Bluetooth is a Marketing Mistake, simply because more and more people use headphones and other listening devises they like that are Bluetooth based, and don't want to be locked into a Garrett system, or have to have a Transmitter and adapter to go Bluetooth. They are going to allow third party coils, but not be open to Non Garrett audio.? Really. I wish Garrett all the best, But think these basic mistakes will come back to haunt them.
  10. Out of Respect, for Whites Long History as often the leader in performance in multiple markets and multiple decades, I don't think it is appropriate to Disrespect that history by lumping them in with defunct companies that had far less impact on the industry. Out of Respect they should have their own archive. What I want to know is -- WHY, did Garrett buy the company if they are not going to do anything with them.? I would like to know how much they spent for the company? It is hard to believe they purchased the company just for the 24K. Whites would have been better off if someone else purchased it. I would have preferred it be bought by a group of Enthusiast and maybe Enthusiastic Engineers. Perhaps that could still happen.
  11. Can your confirm that the Axiom does not have Bluetooth, so only Garretts wireless headphones will work.? I assume it has a headphone jack that a Bluetooth transmitter could be plugged into.
  12. Steve, The double balance points are interesting, do you have any more info on that, I cannot think of another detector that has that, or is it really just two available Notches that are automatically selected, either way it seems unique for a pulse machine. Also, with this unique ground balance is it better at handling hot rocks then any other machine you have used, both VLF and Pulse.? I have yet to find a machine of any type that can ignore the very hot small sized rocks 1" or less, but in quantity, and still see a target smaller than 1/4" and deeper than about an inch, in an ares that looks promising for nuggets. In other words if you balance out these particular small iron hot rocks sensitivity and depth goes almost completely. Thank.
  13. After looking at the longest video put out by Garrett on YouTube, I like it, BUT I see two bad design decisions. One just a serious limit with wireless headphones by not also incorporating Bluetooth into it so people have a choice of headphones or other listening devices and not just Garrett without an added USB external transmitter. The second bad decision is use of USB as not just a data port, but for all the charging, history shows USB ports as one of the most common failures on all devises, even not in dirty environments, so this is an almost sure future failure point. They should have gone with a magnetic type charger port similar to that used on the Nox, and a sealed USB Port used only for update and other data.
  14. Well, Minelab took forever to improve their ergonomics on their pulse machines, and finally did with the 6000, now it looks like Garrett is in the same league at least if not better with ergonomics. Personally I have always found Whites to out perform Garrett in general through the decades. THE big questions now are all direct head to head Performance, Against Minelabs best offerings and if it is not at that level, it must at least improve on their own ATX, and TDI. And if they are smart keep the price more in line with the TDI. I question if it can have the penetrating power of the top Minelabs if the battery can last two days, but hope it does, and wish them all the best with what looks like at least a great start on a new platform, Now that Garrett owns Whites Think like they did in the early years of detecting, and stay at the cutting edge of performance.! Minelab learned with the Nox that a good performing machine at a very competitive price will make more money than if double that price. That should be Garretts business model. Let the head to head serious tests begin..!
  15. I do recall that most coins in areas that were not heavily used were silver, it took years for clad to be dominate, and so looking back those were the glory days, and I just didn't know it. There were many a time I stopped at a Highway Rest Stop, and if few people were around to stretch my legs I would pull out my detector, and it was not unusual to get 5 to as much as $20 in silver in under 30 minutes. It at least paid for the C batteries.
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