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  1. I asked the question and appreciate any experience people have with the 6000 in areas with Really Bad black sand and high numbers hot rocks of small size down in the ground. Mr. I Brake, Don't make assumptions, I found a .9 Once Nugget 6 inches down in that area years ago, in an 8 inch round hole on bedrock, with enough black sand in the hole to make multiple 3 inch black balls on the magnet I have on the handle of my digger. My Whites GMT gave Magnetic Iron readings in the 70's, and initial Probability of Iron at over 70%, But it was a Good strong signal, and knowing high black sand can
  2. That's some info, Thanks Steve. I'm on the fence about ordering a 6000, if I could test one in these Extreme Ground conditions it would tell me if the new ground analysis on it is truly a leap ahead. MINELAB -- You really need to test your New Baby in The Worst Ground Conditions to perfect the new programming, contact me and I can help.!
  3. In southern Arizona I know of a few areas that have Black Sand as much as a foot deep, and it seems more conductive than average black sand as well, I also know of places where there are Small Very Hot Rocks in Mass. The Black Sands areas I have tested using every possible mode and setting available and with 6 and 11 inch coils with a Nox 800, and even something the size of a shotgun shell setting Right On The Surface is invisible, same using a Goldbug Pro, and just a slight signal using a TDI SL, Nothing at all even with the TDI if even level with the surface, the ground is not just no
  4. I will just point out that The Equinox 800 gives you the ability to set Target Tones and Volumes for the different I.D Numbers, so you can to some extent invert volumes if you want, but larger targets are still in general going to be louder, but as long as it is not overloaded like with large iron you can set certain numbers your getting to a lower volume or tone. If Minelab is listening -- Please add at least some of the adjustments available in the other modes to the Prospecting Modes, At Least Two Tones for Plus and Minus Numbers.!
  5. I can tell you for certain that in prospecting modes 1 and 2 ( the most sensitive of all the modes) that you will get bursts of strong interference from cell phones, it seems to be picked up by the control box as much if not more than the coil, and if I forget to turn off my phone and it gets near the box it can be startling when listening to a faint threshold. Note, even if you have notices etc turned off on your phone the phone still Checks Into the system now and then, and it's that transmitting burst of EMI that seems the worst. I have yet to update to 3.0 but will, just for thos
  6. BTW, For those who don't know -- Value Engineering is the term often used for Making Something Cheaper, which is fine, But it rarely means Better, and if the original design was good it often results in ruining a good product to cut costs.
  7. I'm sure you are correct, My suggestions are to bring in at least enough income to survive Via service and accessories and minor products while pursuing new technologies, I for one have worked for big corporations and as you may already know it is OFTEN hard to get Non Engineers in Management to take the time To Tinker With TRULY New Ideas, and corporate structures often feed into that by basing Management compensations like bonuses on Short Term Profits, so they resist investing in the future because it hits their bonuses Now, but one or two out of the box thinking Engineers can make
  8. I guess I don't understand how that works. Google is the search engine but the ads are all over Your Website, I hope that You get paid for them to be here? Do you get paid Per Click perhaps? Just trying to help not be a Pest. Keep up the good work, maybe some day will will meet, would love to enjoy a few days detecting with another Enthusiast.
  9. Steve, I looked over one of your advertisers web sites -- Wayrates, and may be interested in a few items, BUT, they have almost No specs for their clothing, I mean basic things like often not even the material something is made of.! For their sake and yours for ad revenue, Please make them aware that most guys like me and others will not even think of ordering something with only photos and almost nothing else as a description. Pants especially need info like -- Material type -- Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Blend, Etc. weight of material would be great also. Details on Po
  10. I have been unable to locate the 1 inch by 1 inch magnets I originally used, no one seems to offer them now. The 1 inch Diameter by 1/2 inch are available and I have some on order but have not tried them, they should work but I wonder about the pull force, so will compare the two when I can. Four 1/4 inch thick ones stacked should also work but untested as well. I suspect several of the Websites are actually the same company based on their Website contents and layouts, the site I ordered the 1/2 in ones from was CMS Magnetics But they have slow shipping, was ordered on the 14th and m
  11. The upgrades I had in mind are not generally software, and would give reasons to stay with the brand until the new models keep them. And the price of Robotics has come WAY down so production could greatly improve with low investment. As for no politics on the site, those were Facts regarding the politics of manufacturing , not politics for politics. SO, I guess No One has Contacts that have funds and like a Good Noble Challenge.?
  12. Steve, Whites should still have a patent on a Combo VLF PI detector if the rumor was true, and they did still produce until recently anyway products, it's hard to believe their production cost are much higher than any other U.S based detector manufacturer, given they are in a little town with relatively low wages, the service side I see as mainly just a backup income for times like now and the natural economy fluctuations, the main worth of the company is a 70 year customer base, BUT that worth declines rapidly if they stay closed, so it needs to stay open until new models start selling,
  13. Steve, and Others With Contacts. Whites has been around for so long with many thousands of machines still in use and many loyal customers who will still want to keep those machines and will need service and parts, yes I understand there is a service agent. It just seems to Me that someone could use that service and parts business base to sustain the company while going through unused ideas and patents to develop new products, such as a V3i and High Power TDI in a Sport case Etc. I have several ideas myself. MY Question To You -- Do you know of anyone with the financial mean
  14. I have never worn out a cap in the roughly 3 years I have used this setup, but am sure it could be done depending on the type of ground and how and how much it is used, But they are cheap. I have however lost a few, they don't just fall off by themselves it seems, usually it takes a hole or something that grabs it and I fail to notice it happened until too late to find it, lost I think 3. Most often I do what may be called Extreme Detecting, on steep hills and trekking through heavy brush and between rocks, Etc. So loosing things is not uncommon, the first was my mind long ago.!
  15. MAGNET SETUP. For Trash and Small Hot Rocks. The magnet type and size is getting hard to find BUT here is My Favorite setup. --- A 1 inch Diameter Cylindrical magnet 1 inch long, with a countersunk hole through it for a mounting screw, AND a 1 inch Furniture Leg Cap to cover it, The Thin Plastic Kind, not the thick rubber ones. I can usually find the cap at an ACE Hardware in a pack of 2 or 4 for under $3. Some major Magnet retailers use to carry this magnet either in 42 or 52 grade, 52 is strongest, I just ordered a set of 1 inch diameter BUT only 1/2 inch long magnets wi
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