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  1. I agree with Phrunt - since switching from the GPX4500 to the GPX6000 i am picking up all these shot gun pellets that the GPX4500 did not see - but on the plus side the GPX6000 is finding so much more gold than the 4500 ever did.
  2. Global pricing is always interesting - usually you will pitch a price at what the market will accept without affecting sales volume too much - that is maximising margin. You look at your costs ex works , import duties (can be very high for poorer countries), shipping costs , warehousing & distribution and exchange rates and arrive at a wholesale and retail price after looking at your competition and judging what pricing points will have an effect on sales volumes. In the gold market segment Minelab has limited competition and consumers are willing to pay big $ to maximise their chances of striking it rich - so Minelab are making hay while the sun shines. In the Oct issue of the Australian Gold magazine there were 10 pictures of SDC's, GPX500 and GPZ7000 in ads and articles - not one mention or advertisement of the GPX6000 - so looks like demand is still high for the 6000 in Australia as Minelab do not have to tickle sales with advertising. The share price is looking into the future and is a reflection of the uncertainty for next financial year (after 30th June 2022). Last years Codan AGM they were selling the concept of 5 new detectors - this year looks like just a consolidation and catch up phase - which possibly will see a stable profit (or a decline if DTC acquisition does not work out as planned) - so no great profit surge from new product launches & question marks around DTC results in a lower share price.
  3. Markets dislike uncertainty - the recent purchase of DTC Communications by Codan is a risk that has some way to go before the market is comfortable that Codan can successfully integrate DTC into their business. Codan announced today that a new contract for DTC of $28m US had been won - with a 18% drop in share price looks like the market was not impressed with this news - maybe hoping for something bigger? Codans share price in the last 12 months has ranged from $9.20 to $19.43 AUD. Its finished the day at $10.95 AUD. Three years + ago you could purchase Codan between $3 & $4 AUD so maybe the price is going back to being a bit more realistic.
  4. I bought one of the first GPX6000 that was available in South Australia - it has found gold in three states and has had a lot of use with no issues at all. Same with the Equinox800 - that gets a real workout & in sea water as well - no issues - not even a cracked coil ear. I must be just dumb lucky or Minelab double quality check any stock coming to their head office home state.
  5. Love the comments - its the golden triangle, Victoria - not the outback - its as safe as houses & the place you go for a relaxing gold fossicking trip. Come on over.
  6. Images for the patented tray for Minelab have been released. Looks like it is the top of the Silversaver that is pictured in Codans latest annual report.
  7. Hi Drew - welcome to the forum. The best settings and coil selection for the 6000 are dependent on ground mineralisation & local EMI and whether you are targeting very small shallow targets or deep targets. Some swear by auto + & others like a quieter threshold so use the manual settings. I would definitely go over your patch with the 14" DD coil in auto + as i have had some surprising results with this coil. The 11" mono is a sweet light thing to use & is fun - 13 grams is pretty good for a beginning so keep on swinging and experimenting and thinking for yourself - you will pick up useful tips on this forum but it does not beat actual experience. Are you detecting AUS or USA?
  8. For F22 Codan reports they will be spending $32.6M AUD on Engineering (I'm assuming this is the same as or incorporates R&D) with 54% or $17.6M AUD for Minelab - so approximately 30% of group net profits are being ploughed back into the business. there are a few new IP patents for Minelab so they are working on something - maybe the hint is where they are "Expanding MULTI-IQ® technology across the range" - at the moment they have expanded from Equinox to Vanquish - maybe they will expand multi IQ to a dedicated underwater detector & replace the Excal. It looks like F22 will be a consolidation year where they are focusing on increasing supply chain/manufacturing/inventory levels - nice problem to have - normally its the reverse with the pressure to move excess stock. There are no new trade mark names on the Aust IP website - so im guessing any new metal detecting products will be at least 6 to 12 months away.
  9. Hi FON, I was told the target was a largish piece of lead (maybe an oz) at 400mm, it & other targets was buried many years ago by a very experience local detectorist - now i have recovered a .5gram nugget at about this depth (same as JP) at Tibooburra NSW (desert country) with the 11 inch coil so i was very surprised i could not pick it with the 11 and 17 inch mono coils on the 6000 but the DD 14 inch signal was clear as a bell. We had 2 6000 machines with us and both achieved the same results. Also the 11 and 17 inch coils did not sound overly unstable - only when you put them up in the air could you tell you were in a high EMI area. After the testing we went detecting - I kept the DD coil on and could go right up to an electric fence without hearing the pulsing - my mates with the 7000 and the 6000 with mono coil had to stay well clear of the fence as it made their machines very unstable. JP and Steve - thank you for sharing your insights and contributions. Makes me realise i need to understand the environment and ground better to make the correct coil & setting choices. Nothing beats experience. Also i have a unsubstantiated but credible rumour (apologies if this has already been report) that Minelab has already given a 3rd party permission to design and make coils for the GPX6000.
  10. Hi G - i think you gave more away trade secrets as the test bed was in South Australia - so looking forward to visiting the Golden Triangle Victoria again when the borders are open and giving the 14 inch DD a go. Now where exactly was your patch?😊
  11. When i used to work in Papua New Guinea the local saying was "expect the unexpected" which i think applies to metal detecting - you continue to learn and be surprised. Yesterday three of us decided to test the GPX6000 with 11 inch mono, 14 inch DD and 17 inch mono and GPZ7000 with 14 inch stock coil at a local test site that has targets in situ for a number of years. We were particularly interested in the deepest target that was buried at 400mm (about 16 inches) representing a large deep nugget. The 7000 could not detect it in difficult setting only in normal setting - i was told by the owner of the 7000 that normal is not his preferred setting. The 6000 could not detect this deep target with the 11 inch and even the 17 inch (we tried all settings) - but get this - the 14 inch DD with EMI cancel on could hear it as good as (if not better) than the 7000 in normal mode . We were not expecting this result. We though about this for a moment and the only conclusion we could come to was that the high environmental EMI was affecting the performance of the other coils & favoured the DD coil. Any other thoughts as to why we had this result?
  12. Interesting discussion by Minelab testers as to how much influence they think they have on the final product design. It looks to me that Minelab is willing to change their design quite late in the product development cycle based on the following information from Australian Government IP Design website - the only other explanation is that Minelab has another GPX6000 type product they are going to launch. The first design of the GPX6000 was 202013037 which was filed on the 28th May 2020. A revised design 202014625 was lodged 3 months later on the 25th August 2020 - just 7 to 8 months before product started being delivered to customers. The only change in the design i can spot looks like the strengthening of the main body of the detector clamp to the shaft & maybe a different speaker grill. Maybe the more eagle eyed can find more. So in my mind this lends to the belief that - field testing showed there was a problem (strength?) with design of the main body/ shaft connection. - Minelab is willing to change (improve) the design even at quite a late stage of the game. Now some people will say 7 to 8 months is not late to change the design - my experience from developing new products to be manufactured in Asia and distributed globally the standard lead times from final sign off of design and placing of work orders is 6 months minimum - it normally was up to 8 months. So those changes were done just before the big green cant return button was pushed. So take heart testers - im sure your feedback data is being crunched and analysed by Minelab - they have a lot riding on it.
  13. Tried out the 17 inch coil 2 days ago - only for 4 hours before rain set in. First impressions I was able to swing for 4 hours with no bungy cord without affecting my crook shoulder. It appears to be as quiet as the 11 inch coil in area of high EMI and high mineralised ground. Pinpointing was easier than i thought it would be. The shaft did move a few times but i was in steep grassy area - would work better in flatter/easier country. Only pinged on one buckshot pellet - the 11 inch coil constantly gives me about 10 pellets for the same time detecting so "may" not be as sensitive to very small targets. Certainly can cover lots more ground. Definitely need to swing it more to decide if it is worth the $528 AUD.
  14. Tomorrow I pick up a 17 x 13 mono coil for the GPX6000 in Adelaide, South Australia. Only 2 available in this first delivery which have already been snapped up - so looks like stock will be slowly rationed out. Just wish i could get to NSW or Victoria to give it a better try out than the flogged fields in SA.
  15. To be clear i wasn't being critical of the YouTube test video, i think he did a good job. I am just curious as to why his comparison test results significantly differed from my field experience of the GPX6000 ( have had the 6000 for 3 months and have found gold in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria). Maybe the 0.5gram nugget i found at 250mm was flatter and positioned better in the soil. Maybe the the patch i was on was less mineralised than the test video patch. Maybe the nugget in the test is surrounded by air then soil and not just soil which disrupts both detectors from performing at their optimum - lots of people comment that air testing is not reliable. Both the 6000 and 7000 would have been designed to find nuggets surrounded by earth /minerals. ( like to hear what people with more tech knowledge than me think of this theory) I would like to see field tests where a 7000 finds a target and can the 6000 see it as well and vice versa. That would be interesting. My mate and i both had the 6000 at Tibooburra - we only detected for 3 days before we had to get back to South Australia because of a snap Covid lock down - we were planning longer but in the 3 days we chatted to 2 other guys who were detecting , they had a SDC2300 and a 7000 - every day we came back with 2 to 3 times more to what they were finding - now that doesn't prove anything , its just an observation. Tibooburra is renown for small gold so may favour the 6000 - one day i found 14 nuggets for 0.52 grams in total (one at 0.01 gram) - constant pinging on gold targets really aided me in getting to know the new 6000. Getting back to the topic - i am on the list to get the 17 inch mono which i am told there is still no information on when it will be available - its going to be interesting to see how this new coil performs and I'm hoping i can detect all day with it without a bungy cord - its suppose to be lighter than the 14 inch DD so should be ok.
  16. Using GPX6000 at Tibooburra NSW 11" mono, Auto +, threshold on, I found 0.5 grams at about 250mm (10 inches). sounded clear as a bell. Not sure why the tester could not pick up 1.0 gram piece at 200mm. I have become use to the threshold noises of Auto+ and am now confident that i will hear the sound which tells me to slow down and have another wave - once i do this its like the detector is saying, ok - he wants me to have a good look at this spot - and the signal gets louder if its a target. Is that the Geo Sense?
  17. There are shortages everywhere at the moment - place a order for a new car in Australia and you will be lucky to see it in 5 or 6 months. There are 2 reasons for this. - Huge global manufacturers last year incorrectly forecasted what their sales will be (and therefore what amount of product they will make) for last year and this year. - There is a global shortage of computer chips. So Coiltek - an extremely small company that manufactures out of a 50 foot x 80 foot shed - has admitted they have the same issues as the big boys - incorrect sales forecast and computer chip shortages. Im sure Coiltek is working through this as quickly as they can. Look on the bright side - this sales boom will eventually lead to a cashed up Coiltek who will spend more on product development which can only be good for detectorists.
  18. I dont think any one market is being favoured over another - there's no stock of the small elliptical equinox coil at the local Minelab distributor in Adelaide, South Australia which is where Coiltek manufacture their coils - so just being local does not mean we get priority. With a new product release the sales team will give production a forecast of what they think they will sell - no sales team would forecast that a new product will be the biggest selling product in the companies history - so its just going to take a while for manufacturing to catch up with demand.
  19. There where some coil covers here for sale but have sold out. May have missed out on conversation re chips in coil - has someone x rayed them and there is no chip?
  20. I inquired yesterday re a ETA for the 17" Mono coil for the 6000 (in South Australia) and the distributor does not have a date yet when they will have them - said Minelab were having chip supply issues and where concentrating on making the 6000 rather than accessories at the moment. Still a very large backlog of orders for the 6000 as well - suggested i could sell mine at a premium at the moment but that's not going to happening - too many adventures planned. Every detecting day my shoulder thanks me for the 6000 - but now other body parts (legs) are starting to complain because i am detecting longer.
  21. I picked up my 6000 on Monday and have had 3 days of trying out the new toy. First day - i took it to a local prospecting area well known for EMI and tried the 11" mono - the closer i came to the EMI area the less stable it became till it was unusable so i switched to no threshold and lowered the sensitivity - which seemed to work as it was a lot quieter but was capable of sounding off on buckshot. The second day - in same area i tried the 14" DD which totally tamed the EMI so i could run it on manual 10 sensitivity with a threshold. So i am wondering which is better - 11" mono with no threshold and low sensitivity or 14" DD with high sensitivity and a threshold? Also on the second day a friend had his GPZ7000 and we tested a sub gram nugget and a 3 gram nugget. Both machines achieved very similar results - for example on the 3 gram nugget both detectors gave a iffy signal at 24cm but very clear signals at 23cms. Not a real scientific test i know but left us thinking both machines were very similar performance wise. Today i went to the beach to see how the DD coil performed in wet and dry sand - while there was occasional background warbles (i used no threshold) there was no problem in hearing targets loud and clear. Not sure i would use it for my beach work because of the lack of discrimination but for people who like digging everything, are hunting chains or need a bit more depth - it worked. Note - this was not a black sand beach. Likes - With the 11" coil its a breeze to swing - a bit heavier with the 14" but still good. No Sore Shoulder - & with no cords easier to be ambidextrous Set up time and tuning time is minimal. No cords , no battery back pack, no bungy cords - i did not get caught up in thick scrub. Headphones are comfy. Headphones paired easily (better than the Equinox). Confidence in performance tuning. Option of having threshold or no threshold. (switched to no threshold when pin pointing - made it easier sometimes with the 14" coil). Did i mention how light it is? Dislikes - None so far. Could do better (no deal breakers)- A case for the headphones would have been nice (like Equinox). Also a car cigarette lighter charger is not included. Wires on Headphones look pretty flimsy - time will tell if they are up to the job. A few times the rubber headphone socket protector unintentionally opened - its not a real firm fit. In summary - I have a smile on the dial - just need to get to some decent gold fields - maybe will be able to do that this weekend.
  22. Well maybe not one video but maybe say 3 on the functionality of the 6000 cutting out the spin, gloss and actors then having some regional highly experienced experts give their take on the 6000 with some tips on what to expect for their particular region without a dictated script. I would love to see Minelabs marketing plan (not to be confused with advertising plan) - if they have one -to understand their rational behind their fairly disjointed product launch of what is a extremely important product for the company. I'm guessing their prime focus is technology and product development with marketing possibly being a bit of a poor cousin afterthought. Anyway can't wait to pick up my 6000 on Monday - hopefully it will turn out to be as good as the girl of my dreams. Beach detecting I always get asked what has been my best find - I always say my wife - it gets a laugh from the ladies.
  23. Maybe more the mannerisms and style of photography rather than straight out looks. Finding the big nugget is straight from All Aussie Adventures but then he would have some sort of stupid misadventure which would negate all the good work. Anyway I digress - I think it would be much better to have one large clip rather than 13. If you cut the theatrical nonsense it would be half the time to view as well and half the cost to produce.
  24. Unfortunately the guy in the Minelab videos looks like Russell Coights All Aussie Adventures which puts me off the videos a bit. All Aussie Adventures is a comedy show about Russell who believes he is a real Aussie with an intimate knowledge of the bush but in reality knows bugger all and gets himself and the people he is trying to impress with his bush skills into all sorts of predicaments. I think I will stick to the manual.
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