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  1. Ferrite generated a flux magnetic hyper-tuned field polarized the rust into a tightly focused wave of pure energy, it’s a Jeep thing. Good you kept it under 80... not that you’d have a choice😀.
  2. thanks, 1.56 is much better than a sharp stick in the eye anytime in my book. not sure if I will be able to ship the plating solution, anyone ever try to send something like this in the mail, ups or fedx.
  3. The acid I’m not sure yet the container is still factory sealed with the dry acid waiting for the water to be added, the other cleaners go with this ionic cleaner. The blue bottle is a factory sealed one quart bottle of one step 14K plating solution dated from 1992 probably fair amount of gold in the suspension? the little spray bottle’s probably harmless cleaner of some sort in that little pump bottle and the silver foil sealed package is a mystery but feels a bit like the box could hold a respirator of some fashion and that might explain the packaging.
  4. This one was on Craig’s list guy in Concord had it listed for $700 at that time that was about 11 years ago and when I called up to buy it he just gave it to me. The other day there was one just like the big one the guys asking $1500 really going to piss him off when I list it for free.
  5. you’re right, I took the bottom cover off and wiggled the wires and returned function for switching modes PV/SV except PV (present value) is just displaying a negative number suggesting a poor connection to the thermocouple, the thermocouple could be bad as they burn out but this hasn't been fired enough for that so I think you hit it right on the money.
  6. OK, these if anyone ever said geez you know, there should be a kiln out there... might be just what you need. The big one really I’m probably going to have to pay to get rid of on short notice because it took renting a fork lift to bring it home, but it is in good shape fires up to cone 10 (2350f) bricks are k26 with 6” residual natural gas pressure at the burner and has a 16 cubic foot firing chamber. I suppose you could heat anything inside it that would fit (ore?) depending on how you supported the kiln floor. I need to get one more firing when I get time so I can ship the stuff inside. The other kiln is one I bought from another potter made from loose brick, I unstacked it bright all the bricks home and threw away the home made burners and bought 4 new high performance ventures and restocked everything. Because is all just loose fire brick about 50/50 hard and soft all good for cone 10 it could be restocked into any configuration you wanted to design from forged in fire, glass or one bad ass B-B-Q or back yard fire effect. The ventures are jetted for natural gas switching to lpg is easy. obviously local pickup but if you think you might need this be worth the trouble.
  7. See the prize update the kiln might need a part.
  8. Thanks Jason, after all the dust settles and I learn my way around id love the chance to reach out for a little help understanding the new ground that'd be great, but only when you can without causing any issues I'm really interested in the jade project, we are still doing the stuff with China that's more about my wife's friends and her network not the location in fact one of the good things about moving to Vegas is location for her projects and some of her friends live there, some a gonna move there even a new friend in the same neighborhood as the house I might make an offer on she found the place for us. Really amazing news on the jade prospect, was a lot of hard work you earned it congratulations wonderful story and makes me really happy to hear the new deal sounds even better funny how little opportunities and strokes of luck happen keeps life interesting. again really appreciate you reaching out to help, well be in touch and best of luck on everything, clark
  9. Chuck, hardly know what to say except thanks for the very kind words. Any time you are down there, well you know...
  10. Thanks Rick and good luck on your plans to and don’t wait any longer than you have to cause California’s loss is Nevada’s gain. Cooler an greener’s nice I’m gonna miss that so good thing Vegas is the land of illusion. I eye shopped the Reno area and there were a lot of beautiful places for sale that could feel just like home I really like northern Nevada, but the south has a lot to offer and we’re looking forward to it😀.
  11. Thank you everyone I’m relieved it’s game on😀 and thank you Steve for allowing it here. 👍
  12. I could use some advice here, these are somehow associated with what looks like a spot metal plating device but I don't really know anything about this stuff or the chemicals, the stuff sealed in the silver bag sounds ominous and is anybody here familiar with any of this stuff. the little brown plastic bottle where the label has disintegrated has about 3/8 of an inch of dark clear amber heavy liquid, i believe for plating gold???? Im not messing with any of it until im sure what it all is any ideas?
  13. Fred, believe me I am, she swears on a stack of errr.., something very important culturally I'm sadly unfamiliar with "the last house I ever want to live in." nice,, but smaller... less expensive😁, simpler is the one she likes👍
  14. See what I talking about it’d be easy to get in trouble.
  15. This is a terrific spot to hang out and learn about the hobby and everyone here is so nice and helpful it’s feels almost like family and in the spirit of just having good family fun I wanted to propose another give away. Ridgerunner has done this a few times I think and it’s a lot of fun for everyone. So, digging through stuff and I have this little kiln my wife bought a while back for refining gold scrap, I picked it out because I thought just about everyone on this forum might want to have this and really what could be a better fit on a gold related forum, OK gold but I don’t have much of that to give away. It’s an electronically temperature controlled electric kiln made by Kerr called an automatic electro melt, I believe has a 1kg graphite crucible that will fire automatically to just over 2000 f. This is an older model, I haven’t tried it yet but don’t think she used it more than a couple of times. I didn’t see this exact model on eBay but the 3 kg ones they were selling for around $800. i was thinking something simple and easy, the escrow closes on the house I just sold on September 30th, and if you would like to win this little gold scrap refining kiln just add your name to this thread with “I want this or something similar” and every entry I get prior to mid nite September 29th I’ll put in a hat and draw the winner. I’m going to limit my free shipping to the lower 48, but if you are outside the 48 and want to play that’s fine you’ll just have to cover the shipping due to the cost. I’ll do the drawing as soon after the 29th as I can and post the results as soon as possible, good luck. I realized the way I worded my contest entry it sounds like there should be a second place, “or something similar” ok I’m going to include the little pen plating system Steve was so kind to provide the video information for. Looks like the chemicals I had pictured with it in the earlier post are for something else and shipping chemicals is problematic, so no chemicals are included but I see all the cables and clips with the main unit and the power adaptor, the glass is in good condition and there is a little bag with felt tips. I just did a test with the little gold refining kiln and it turns on and I can feel the chamber getting hot on the outside but the controls are not responding like they should. it may need hopefully something minor the instructions suggest a couple of things, no doubt parts are available the company is still around and if nothing else still good source of material for a dyi kiln. Because of this I am including in first place with the kiln a 1900 Morgan silver dollar no mint mark, pictured along side the little kiln to make up for not checking first. UPDATE You can still buy the plating solution online, I’m not sure how to ship chemicals and don’t want to commit to paying a lot to do so but if we can arrange it some how I’ll include the factory sealed quart of plating 14 KY Bright acid plating solution I have should keep it in gold for a little while.
  16. Hard to believe almost an even trade for the little 1126 square foot place I sold in a planned unit development in Santa Clara, I’ve looked at places that range from exactly as you describe to something out of Miami Vice and am struggling to not do something I know I’ll regret. These places are all around or slightly under the million dollar range, the median price in the San Francisco Bay Area, None of them on my list just to expensive to maintain.
  17. The way the real estate market is in Las Vegas I could get in trouble easy buying more home than I can afford to maintain and there’s so many choices its challenging keeping my eyes from being in control and bitting off more than I can swallow. I can only guess what reroofing or painting one of these places would cost and some of the water bills for landscaping in the middle of a desert have to be astronomical. No, we’re being reasonable but, ya... she’s gonna buy new furniture😳.
  18. I realized just how much my wife hates an empty space when we moved out of the house we were renting so my daughter could go to a better school, then into the smaller home and the stuff we’ve given away, taken to good will (5 trailer loads) and the land fill although downsizing the home and studio contents for the move south is a big part, still stuff I don’t want to take with me. I brought so many loads of furniture and household stuff my last trip the intake attendant at good will hit me up for cash supposedly the truck was full... not from my stuff it just happened to be full that day, cost me $20 (they are volunteers, not paid) to donate two almost new hydraulically operated garden recliners from Lowes. Volunteers, he said community service more likely I’d guess😒 reminds me I’ve 3 of those large Rubbermaid bins of tools I’ve collected over the years, large pipe cutters, hammers, some antique type carpenter drills, antique nail puller type stuff and all sorts of odds and ends. Really I’ve forgotten what in them except they have a variety I dig through whenever something comes up and I don’t have the tool I need. Might be a few things someone here on the forum might be able to use, or just a fun way to give it away here? I had a old 7 hp Troy tiller I gave a guy in Hollister on Craig’s list he’d had the same one and his engine blew, only thing I didn’t count on was the thousand other emails, texts and phone calls. And Two ceramic kilns I’m giving them away too, although I’m still using one a couple more times for now, I have a 5x8 utility trailer I had built a long time ago I probably won’t have a place for. I’ll take some pictures and ask for suggestions, could all just be junk?
  19. Smooth sailing, good luck on the island.
  20. If it was just me I’d do the same and it would be on gold producing ground with detectable gold and as much land as I could swing. That’s not gonna happen, I wonder what my friends friend wants for his Opal mine? lol, something I could see regretting as it sounds epic just getting there.
  21. Mitchel, the house my wife likes the most might be a issue for a trailer although it has a 3 car garage i was hoping to use the third bay for a ceramic studio, may have to rethink that as i don't see any vehicles in the google earth shots parked outside hmmm and going to need a trailer or something... wife, trailer better keep the wife happy or ill be living in the trailer. my tax guy says the only thing I can defer on the principal residence is the 250k my wife and I each get, the roll over was done away with in 1997 so only the first 500K is tax free the remainder subject to capital gains and is available to use again after a couple years, and the houses we are considering are about the same price as the one I just sold. the one I just sold I was able to do a little better on the cost basis but will still pay around 60K as an investment property federal and state in capital gains. the 1031 exchange didn't fit for me so i couldn't use it in my situation.
  22. Brian, thanks i can hardly wait there's a place in the southern highlands ill probably put an offer on fairly soon I need to establish residency before selling another place in the bay area to avoid getting hit with California capital gains. freak and Mitchel, thanks for the recommendations ill be joining booth clubs soon, I may even at some point pick up something of my own to play on and share if something special ever comes available and its not to overpriced. and Mitchel don't think I won't, next time you are planning a trip up north send me a message and ill PM you some numbers of a couple spots I've found a few bits one area in northern Nevada's at a club you belong to, but don't be too happy even though I found a little the picking were slim although your skills are better than mine and the story might be different after a patch is patch till its not.
  23. Thanks Lacky, I know I’ve alway enjoyed my time in Vegas although it sure feels good seeing green again when I’d get back home, that’s the only concern so it’s just change I’ll get used to. I’m not a gambler other than tournament poker every once in a while and even then I like the low stakes games I absolutely hate giving up my hard earned pesos gambling, so mostly the strip will be about the occasional show restaurants. My wife is from Shanghai and it’s over 100 most days from June thru September except really humid and the winters are freezing wet cold so my wife will like the weather and between the mornings and mild temps the rest of the year I think I’ll probably get way more hunting in at least that’s the plan.
  24. My wife and I talk occasionally of leaving California for pastures more green or gold or even desert grey as the case may be and decided to do it this time instead of just talking about it.The decision did have an unpleasant catalyst of sorts to push us over the edge a surprise letter from the county assessor letting me know that a mistake in the valuation of my home was not in my favor (depending on how you look at it) and the result was around a 1200 percent increase in my assessed valuation and a tax bill for 2 years due in two installments that made me feel a little sick at first, now that I've had a little time to adjust and have a contract from a buyer on a piece of property I own Im all over the shock and am really looking forward to living a lot closer to what i hope are some decent hunting grounds a lot closer to me then it was living in the south San Francisco bay area. Only thing is after hunting nuggets since the zed came out I've got a nice little database of places I like to hunt and ill sort of be starting over except my skills should be slightly better than when I first started doing the beep, beep beep. Im looking forward to joining some of the local clubs and having the opportunity to get in some decent day hunts something just a little to distant for me right now and ive also wanted to check out some claims I have access to in Arizona, and haven't because they are just to far away now. Be fun to have a real chance to find a little space debris too, a bucket list item for sure id like to check of in my book. Ive always thought northern Nevada would be my choice but seems my wife wants the big city life and Las Vegas is her preference so I guess Im now in love with the idea of being a Las Vegas area resident if I know what's good for me, LOL. actually anyplace I can find some decent nugget hunting will work fine and wow the housing market in the Las Vegas area is something to behold coming from the California Bay area so that's a giant plus and the tax advantages are huge with no state income tax and lower property taxes. Its going to be HOT 4 month out of the year and I figure that'll be mostly indoor air conditioned time, but who knows there may be days I can tough it out and any advice from those been there is much appreciated as to this point I've only been a short term visitor and I know some adjusting will happen, in fact i was just reading a thread on the brown recluse spider that's not something here in the Bay area in California to worry about, they seem more a problem than the Black Widow I'm familiar with. If you lived there and hated it I like to know and the same if you loved it the coordinates of your favorite patches and placers would also be very helpful... 😎
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