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  1. I don’t know one way or the other, obviously I think it’s possible and I’d doubt the finders story even if I wasn’t chasing a dream I absolutely don’t think they found it on their property. They acted nervous the day they found it and I think they have been nervous ever since trying to protect their secret. Wikipedia says they are no longer together so I see cracks in the concrete, I just need one big enough to fit a little pry bar in… maybe then I’ll get a view of what lies Beneath. If it’s still out there, maybe I started a treasure hunt but if it was found in Jackson then I’d at least know what happened and the mystery wold be solved.
  2. I have wondered about this for years, researched as much as I know how, but doubt I’ll ever solve the mystery on my own. So I figured I’d go public on the off hand chance some new information comes into the light. A lot of speculation but again a lot of things seem to fit. Anyway I’m hoping some super sleuth can connect enough dots to solve the puzzle one way or the other… who knows? Link to Treasure net https://www.treasurenet.com/threads/lost-gold.699588/
  3. I think the Axiom has interesting capabilities and the salt mode with the mono coil picks up a small gold test nugget on a dry lake salt pan surprisingly well with very little ground noise. The double d worked too but with the characteristic groan swinging the coil and the iron check did not seem to perform as well in salt mode, the one time I tried it.
  4. Mitchel, you just need to break out the ol’ pinpointer next time… when my sons dog was a pup she swallowed a few things, one the plug end of some usb c cord. The vet said to just keep an eye out for it, I took my trx and probing around her belly I could follow it for the couple days it took.
  5. One variation of the long life symbol combined with the lotus, good luck and long life
  6. The definitive answer from my wife she deals in a lot of this, a double lotus (one top one bottom) with the symbol for long life carved in the center, although the long life symbol is carved incorrectly. it is jadeite the color looks natural, the jade quality and carving decorative nicely set in 14k gold the value somewhere around $500 a shop might ask $1000 and negotiate down.
  7. Here is an example, the symbolism “wisdom”
  8. Nice find, the best way to test it is using an electronic tester, https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Jade+tester&crid=319UVGUV0W57W&sprefix=jade+tester%2Caps%2C151&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 you can also do a scratch test jade runs 7-8.5 in hardness and knife blades 4-6 some harder but on average less than 7 but the scratch test is not recommended. it looks like Jadeite, I’m not sure about the color it might be treated. My wife is due back tonight she’s been in So Cal, she’ll know more about the color and quality and everything about the design I’ll show her and let you know. anyway I’ll know more in the morning, but it looks like a fan shape, meaning probably something to do with peace and prosperity. but, very nice find, it’s an attractive piece very decorative, I imagine who ever lost it was quite upset.
  9. I’m not a knife maker, but I slept in a holiday in last night… I’d suggest a couple hours bing watching old episodes of forged in fire. Great series and they do about everything metal hardening. https://www.history.com/shows/forged-in-fire
  10. I have had the 7000, currently have the 6000 and Axiom they are all great machines the Axiom stands out in versatility and potential edge in trash and the salt mode is pretty remarkable it’s the most ergonomic, the 6000 is easy to use and comfortable to swing and the 7000 is king but the most expensive and least ergonomic but manageable with a swing assist device. You cat go wrong with any of them really but the Axiom is the least expensive and has the iron check feature with the potential to open up areas not well covered allowing you to investigate spots that would drive you crazy with the other two. I personally with the Axiom like both the 7x11mono and 7x11dd coils if you can get that package and decide on the Axiom.
  11. I general you find mono coils and double d coils there are different windings sometimes spiral windings for one and different shapes and sizes and to add to that coils made by different manufactures. In simple terms mono coils tend to be more sensitive and dd run smother under certain conditions. Match the coil to the terrain aiming to keep the coil close to the ground, rocky areas favor smaller coils and wide open spaces larger coils, larger coils can give more depth and ground coverage trashy target infested ground I prefer a smaller coil to better separate target signals. Start with a coil that fits the terrain and get to know all your coils you’ll likely find a favorite in a smaller to mid size coils Phrunt is right to ask what coils you have there are a few really good popular ones if you have one usually an elliptical it will become a favorite you will tend to use most of the time decent depth and coverage good sensitivity and easy to shove under brush where nuggets hide. Phrunt has every coil ever made ( I’m exaggerating) he knows them all well but post up what you have, include pictures and he’ll know but most important try them all the most important thing is knowing your equipment. After that… buy more coils, lol. Good luck out there and be safe.
  12. tasty nugget and next time you could always...
  13. There were a few things on my Gold Lake painting I wanted to change, a foreground tree layer, color values, vegetation…
  14. I sold my 7000 and all it’s goodies just before the Axiom was released and didn’t use the 22” concentric coil more than a dozen times and at that never more than 3 or 4 hours at a time my back couldn’t take it. It’d take me a bit to recover between outings too… it was heavy enough to take the joy out of swinging a coil. Now had I had success in the conditions this coil excels in the pain in my back would have been a non issue, more specifically a known deep nugget patch area. I did not have that access to that spot and a patch hunter in my opinion this coil is not. the coverage is narrow compared to its overall footprint as well so absolutely you need to overlap, some swingy thingy contraption might be the answer I didn’t have one of them load levelers and was on a mission to simplify… I’ll confess I miss the 7000 a little and may have been hasty but will wait and see what the new zed might bring to the party if there ever is that party, only thing she better make the 6000 look corn fed.
  15. I wanted to give gold lake another try and see if I couldn’t do a little better on it at least on the perspective. So I went back, cut down a few trees… took another picture, lol.
  16. Garrett very apologetically emailed me this morning about the shipping issue and offered to take it back and said they would replace the arm cuff and make sure everything was OK. I declined returning my detector explaining that was most likely just unnecessary extra work for both of us. I also explained my intent was to establish for my record what had happened in case some problem related future issue were to occur and that I preferred they send me a replacement arm cuff I could have on hand if my repair were to ever fail. Garrett replied a short time later acknowledging my message and a new arm cuff with screws is on its way. I continue to be pleased there is little more I could ask of them.
  17. Dain, I’m confidant in the end you’ll be pleased with your Axiom, did you let them know this lack of feedback was an issue for you, I’m sure they will get back to you with an answer if you let them know you’d like more information about your repair.
  18. Ok, I sent Garrett an email thanking them for the great service, my invoice was no charge but asked to confirm there was no charge just to be sure and lastly and FIY about the shipping telling them it was not urgent, they won’t get my email and pictures until Monday but they have it just in case. Minelab also got back to me again … I’m going to need a whole new thread, lol… Ok they are great too, life is good we live in wonderful times.
  19. A quick update on an earlier comment on the 6000, Minelab reached out to me apparently they did not get the email? Anyway, things happen but I need to amend my earlier comment they do as well care and are quick to respond to customer needs and also provide excellent customer support, my apologies the comment was undeserving.
  20. I just fired it up with the 11” DD coil for the first time since getting it back to make sure it is working after a couple days in the hands of UPS, and it’s working great. At the lowest setting inside my home and that setting may have some special programming similar to the silent threshold on the 6000 except a threshold tone steady as a rock this was a steady tone with absolutely zero warble that is surprisingly sensitive waving various test nuggets in front of the coil, even nuggets as small as .03g gave a solid hit a couple inches away, moving up a notch in sensitivity introduced a little EMI but not bad considering no detector I’ve ever owned previously did anything but go nuts at any power level indoors, so this is looking really good I’m looking forward to seeing it in action out in the field. Anyway as I learn more I’ll try and be more specific hopefully with results on un dug targets of the yellow variety.
  21. Yea, good point I’ll give them a call and at the same time let them know it’s not urgent just in case UPS did more than I thought. for anyone facing similar repairs it was an easy fix that would work on coil ears or anything else the arm cuff feels strong as new and joining those small pieces is next to impossible with just gluing the joint, if anyone needs detailed instructions just PM me and I’ll give the step by step.
  22. For a second I was a tiny bit bummed till I realized I probably could fix it myself, then it became kind of fun. It feels plenty strong with 2 layers of glass and epoxy, I could sand it more so you couldn’t tell it was repaired but figured it’d be stronger if I kept as much of the glass intact as I could. I haven’t decided if I even want to bother Garrett yet because it feels a little unappreciative of all they did for me and I don’t think the repair will fail. before and after
  23. Ha, sanding and paint makes me the fiberglass(er) I ain’t, lol.
  24. Simon, thank you and good to hear you’ve also experienced great customer service from Garrett. I emailed the US Minelab repair center about sending my 6000 in to get the speaker noise patch they emailed me back today!
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