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  1. Funny you should say that, lol… a friends son came to spend a few days with us in Vegas last week and I gave him a meteorite. My wife suggested making it into jewelry so I polished a large window and drilled a hole to string it and she did the rest making it into the necklace.
  2. I was going through a pile of junk silver for melting into a bar and came across a little silver ring I found detecting a park that was missing its stone. I didn’t really want to melt it so I took one of the meteorites I’d found out at gold basin and cut it to fit the ring and polished it to 2000 grit sandpaper. I think it’s interesting but probably not the most attractive material for Jewelry.
  3. It’s likely prices have only just begun to drop, recreational items, cars and boats and as Rob points out expensive metal detectors are not moving the reasons don’t matter that’s a discussion for someplace else, but if a repackaged 7000 much lighter without the chip were released at what is a competitive price to the Axiom and it was profitable for Minelab to do so Minelab could sell one to every nugget hunter out there just about and do this in just about any economy. cause if it gets as bad as history has recorded this ain’t nuttin, it might take something like a $4K ultra light 7000 just to keep the doors open?
  4. It should be pretty clear to Minelab what customers want, it’s not too late for them to put the 7000 on a diet and get rid of the chip. A 7000 weighing equal to the 6000 with a belt mounted control box using Bluetooth and open to outside coils would quickly put everything back in Minelab’s home court.
  5. I’d say nice looking rocks and good find you are way ahead in this game picking out a mill will be the easy part I’m pretty sure they’ll all crush rock. I don’t know just how fast you are going to go through the ore if you have a lot of it these little mills are more for sampling.
  6. I have this one; and power it with a cheep harbor freight corded right angle grinder. The grinders held up fine so far as has the little mill, I’ve no doubt my cordless Makita would power it just fine. the bearings and everything’s replaceable and the steel is thick enough to hold up and will powder the rock although to get it all to powder you need to screen it and make a couple passes through the mill. here is the eBay link https://www.ebay.com/itm/353373950334
  7. So House Republicans (no politics) introduced a bill called the “Reins Act,” it requires all new rules made by all non elected agencies (ATF) have congressional approval on any new federal regulations and will remove a lot of other regulations that inhibit business removing basically useless, ineffective rules that cause more harm than good…something about rules that make you go huuu? Maybe not that one, but it would make projects a lot more attractive to investors im guessing and mining as heavily regulated as it is you’d have to think with growing concerns about domestic supplies this will have a pretty big impact on mining if it passe? So the video might cross the line so I won’t post it here but if you search; “House Republicans introduce bill to curb executive.” you’ll find it. it’s 30 minutes of your life you’ll never get back but gets to the main points pretty quick, no more arbitrary rules, reduce regulatory burden, reduce spending and support business from burdensome regulation. dredging????
  8. No word from our new friend in China, he’s located near the border of the Middle East and China or there about anyway I would guess the internet was unreliable, interesting anyway and good to know bringing a detector into and out of China is not prohibited. And artifacts are part of a cultural heritage where ever and just like so much jewelry found by members and returned to owners posted here my guess most would find pride in getting a ribbon a once in a lifetime Kodak moment, then get drunk and tell stories, dinners are usually long and the Bi Jo flows free,lol. My little poke of nuggets has no value anyway I have no intention of selling any I’d be fine with pictures and memories of the experience.
  9. You got me digging in my old tool box, is the tip copper? Then I’d say for sure it is an old iron, it also is shaped like it could be used to rig sails and splice rope? that’s a quarter next to it for size comparison.
  10. Thank you for the reply, if someone wanted to buy a detector Axiom, 6000 or say Gold monster? A pick like an Apex or similar and some type of plastic scoop the basic stuff someone might need what is the cost for those in RMB, or dollars? How do you assure authorized equipment? Are these sold in shops by dealers on the internet, both. We would be interested in your experiences, not finds or locations only information that you are comfortable. Thank You
  11. 您對中國的金屬探測非常了解,您熟悉新疆的位置嗎?
  12. You mention many gold detectors in your area, if I may ask in what part of China are you?
  13. My little Octopus will be over there in a couple months I should have some idea what the score is… then, wink, wink, nod, nod, say no more: (Monty Python). A few years back I had a Jade website, the blog discussed Jade and ceramic art, one day cruising google rabbit holes I found an entire page from my blog used on a China tourism travel website… China, a likely tag word, guess they read what we (all of us) write I’d guess?
  14. I think Simon nailed it, but the shaft is ropey and the coil appears heavy…
  15. Swegin, The rock quotes Confucius, “Heavy rock lift with your legs not your back,” and the sign warns “park at your own risk, wild monkey area”… No just kidding sorry, actually the rock has written on it an old Chinese proverb about an imaginary perfect world and The first sign is a tribute to an ancient Chinese god Fuxi, this is Fuxi canyon, and no I can’t read it I had to ask. googling Fuxi Canyon, I was surprised to learn that is a major tourist attraction rivaling the Grand Canyon even complete with its own skywalk, although on my friends property we didn’t see anyone our group was all alone. This is the same general area in and around Xinmi, but some distance away, the stone quarried there at my friends mine is called Xinmi Yu, Yu is the Chinese word for Jade, Yu is also fish or Octopus depending on context or inflection. My Wife’s name is Zhang Yu, “Octopus.”
  16. Ha… she’ll like that, there must be some interesting things to detect around those temple buildings Im certain no detector coil has ever swung there, old coins at the very least and the coins would be keepers I’d think.
  17. I don’t know the regulations but I plan to give it shot sometime in the future when travel becomes easier, although only if I have assurances there will be no issues. If I can keep finds or not would not be a deciding factor I think the experience would be a chance in a lifetime. I have friends in a few different locations that have invited me to detect on their property one has a lake and I was told there is some sort of gold dredging operation another friends mountain property has a jade mine (more of a green quartz type of stone) I don’t think it has a history of gold but who knows it’s a vast area of hills and rivers. Of interest detecting is one of the oldest temples found in the area, although if I were to find anything there should stay with the temple. Some other friends have offered to escort me into restricted areas they have access, but I haven’t done really any research yet although I think with their help it will be OK. I’m not sure if I can bring my own detector or if it would be easier to buy/borrow one over there, but in all my trips over my experience there is little interest in what is brought in, more concerns I’ve seen have more to do with taking cultural artifacts out of the country but something important to know first. next year maybe, depending but I want to go back pretty soon anyway although I hate being on a plane for so long, If possible it would be fun to plan a small group trip. if there is interest I have pictures of the jade mountain temple and property.
  18. my son saw this on the news the other day, I guess the popularity of prospecting shows was the inspiration, now how to convince the kids this is Disneyland an micky’s inside the mine swinging a pick… https://mikesroadtrip.com/gold-mining-in-arizona/
  19. There’s a guy who goes by the name “Pierogi” on his channel “Scammer Payback”, a cyber security specialist he baits these guys in and then reverses the game taking over their computers copying then deleting all their files before turning everything over to law enforcement. He’s got a lot of videos out there a real hoot to watch, google it if you have not had the pleasure of seeing him in action.
  20. I grew up with and was friends and neighbors with a family in Saratoga California Matt, Dan and Steve Navakovich the oldest brother Matt was in my high school class and Dan worked with me in the fire Department, Dans dad George was a Captain in the local town fire department where I first started. The family owned and still runs a small farm a fruit orchard of 10 acres. Haven’t talked with any of them for over 25 years I’d guess, I wonder and am curious if this is the same Steve Navakovich I grew up knowing as it’s kind of an unusual name outside of Slavonic nations and most hockey teams, lol?
  21. Yep, unlikely I’ll need the booster pack but who knows? My first impression is this detector is well thought out, Garrett has nicely added extra touches beyond the minimum the booster pack seems unnecessary until the day it is, the back pack an unexpected bonus great for tossing in an airline overhead compartment and everything feels solid the shaft extension locks and carbon fiber shaft designed well and satisfying to use nothing at all to complain about here so far. Garrett (and Steve) great job.
  22. So, that little charging like device is actually the clip on 8 AA battery booster pack… the headphone and Axiom charger use different cords with different connectors the headphones have a bright little charge indicator light and the unit main battery a small charging meter on the Axiom LCD.
  23. I just wanted to add for those interested the Axiom baby is on the way Gerry sent the delivery notification today and in delivery terms the ups stork’s flying smooth as silk, it won’t be long… think I’ll name Gerry as the godfather he’s taken such good care up to date, why stop now. thanks Gerry
  24. Thanks Jason for the reply, out detecting I tend to just lump them all into a generic class as hot rocks and ironstone, magnetite and other minerals with iron or iron looking qualities but doing so is not helping me use the information they give as it relates to finding gold. additionally a youngster maybe 8 or 10 yrs old the son of one of my doctors is crazy for geology I discovered when one time giving my Doc a gold basin meteorite on a day it just happened to be his sons birthday and he was thrilled to have this for his son… the boy was thrilled to get it and his dad was a hero bringing it home. I’ve since sent him a gold nugget and now I look for interesting rocks to send the kid through his dad but figure I should be able to at least identify the minerals if I can? So that’s the most important thing about this question, thank you. The one in quartz is a light reddish brown streak and I visually selected it I don’t think the 6000 hit on it, the others definite dark streak I’d call black that the 6000 can’t ignore and very strong attraction to a magnet but not magnetic itself are the properties I observed. anyway thanks Jason very much!
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