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  1. our optics were pretty similar i think, mine was just an older drive system and i had to lug around a car battery to run it your setup is much nicer. an 8 inch tube gets you everything you need. I used to go out with a friend who had an old 11 inch orange tube. his optics were really good, but the difference in what you can see is not that big a difference between the 8 and 11 and the bigger tube and mount is a beast to haul around.
  2. Norvic, you weren't kidding when you said you were into astronomy, that is some nice set up what kind of tube do you have inside? I used to have a compustar 8, but sold it back in 1999 because it wasn't y2k compliant and wouldn't work accurately after 2000. I saw a lot of cool stuff, the telescope made it pretty easy, so easy i've forgotten most of what i learnt.
  3. Thanks everyone but to be clear, only the ceramics are mine the jade carving is not my work, the jade is done by friends of mine in China. Buy luck and chance I know a bunch of different jade carvers over in China and the work they do is amazing. This one carver in a city called Nian, works mostly in clear quartz crystal of all different shapes and sizes. A mine in Brazil saves him these 5 ton flawless clear crystals, I saw at least a dozen being worked on and another dozen waiting for design inspiration sitting in different rooms, his studio was two stories tall and had about 50 rooms. In the rooms with the large clear crystals where the carvers were working, each large crystal had 6 or so carvers working all at the same time with small powered diamond tipped tools and the large carvings taking 5 years each to cut and polish... now thats patience. I also like to fish and have a little 21 foot Grady White with a walk around cabin that I usually launch in Santa Cruz or Moss Landing, sometimes I also fish San Francisco Bay and also go out the gate. We should put together a little fishing trip while the weather is good, two weeks ago we hit some nice big Vermilions about an hour up the coast from santa cruz.
  4. bado1 Thanks for the compliment... Here are some pictures a friend in china just sent of jade carved to look like food each is made from a single piece of untreated stone only the plates are real
  5. no doubt, great story and beautiful nuggets!
  6. also if you check you will find a number of threads on the past topics within the last 6 months on this site with different gpz settings for different reasons...
  7. Hi Tony, As both Norvic and Scott have said the factory default setting are great for most all conditions. the gpz by design and function is very easy to use and other than individual preference or while reaching for the limits of the equipment in a particular type of ground, it's almost difficult to not find detectable metal no mater what you find suits your needs with regard to your settings. I consider myself a new user also and I believe it would take me a long time before I was comfortable with something as complicated as the 5000, where I find the menus on the gpz very intuitive, just feel free to play with the controls a bit and you will be cruising in no time. If during the learning process you get lost or are having some trouble, just do a restart and ground balance and you will be good as new.
  8. Paul, You are such a good and generous person I only wish I had a t80 to give you... You deserve it!
  9. Great story and fantastic pictures Chris... thank you. Brings back some memories of when I was a kid, back in the late 50s early 60s when we toured the Comstock silver mine in Virginia City. Back then for a couple bucks they would walk you a half mile into the mountain, through the muck and puddles and over the old ore cart tracks showing you all the old equipment and timbers along the way... when we got to the end of the tunnel they turned off all the lights so you could see what total dark was like if your candle was to blow out or something like that. fun times before we litigated our way out of those kind of experiences, for our own good Im sure.
  10. I'm impressed... not to hiJack the thread, but i'll bet there are some great stories in those 9 seasons out there in the waters of Alaska. Along with the fantastic gold and story on this post!!!
  11. Great story and pretty gold and thats a pretty nice group of old lead too!
  12. The motley crew of designer prospecting doesn't look tough but they did pretty good down on the river and running up and down the hills. the lady standing in the center is now a swim coach and also has 3 olympic gold medals and won china's first gold in women's swimming and she is still fast. she was doing the butterfly stroke in the pool at the winery (it was rough out there folks) and not even getting her hair wet.
  13. I had a great time at the golden mountain winery, it's a really beautiful piece of property and the lodge is comfortable. I did very little detecting, at most 3 hours total and only picked up 1 bullet at the winery and another 10 at a property on the river about 4 miles away. i cherry picked only the light to mid sounding signals and skipped everything loud or with a double signal and then dug only a small percentage of those, I wanted to look around a little on the river property and not just dig trash from a small area. The group picture is of the motley crew of designer prospecting, I'm tall so i always have to stand in the back of the crowd and in case I'm not tall enough i guess i had to hold the shovel over my head to be seen better, my wife in the short dress was in charge of jewelry selection for the day and yes they did go all the way down to the river in flip flops, it a fairly short and not too difficult walk down to the panning area (although no cake walk). a little gold was found skimming gravel from the surface of the river gravel, for some reason none wanted to borrow the pick and crow bar. needless to say keeping pans full took most of my time and I felt guilty about putting on head phones and going off into my own world. Ive got an open door to return and will go back next weekend and detect at the river property some more, the vineyards are more challenging because of the need to be careful around the grape vines avoiding several things that can be damaging. each vine has a steel post that gives the gpz fits, my Vlf was ok with it but showed half as many targets at the winery and i used only the gpz by the river and it was operating fine. no telling yet if these places have nuggets... i have a strong feeling for the river property having detectable gold somewhere on the 280 acres, the vineyards not so much, but again i really haven't proven i could find gold if i was standing on it. The winery is a great destination, like Napa a long time ago with really friendly people wine tasting flights for 5 bucks, some of the best wood fire pizza I've had. our weekend was comp, so I don't know how much the pizza cost but everything was reasonable there and you can still get a great bottle of wine for 20 bucks. I talked a little with the manager about the idea of opening some of this property for detecting like some sort of special event and he said he had been considering doing something (special events, bird watchers and the like, not that I'm comparing us to bird watchers) (not that there is anything wrong with that) to promote the winery, so if there was interest and if it has detectable gold in this ground and if it can be put together, might be a fun event and not costly. I told him most would be interested in just a day trip, wine tasting, wine is reasonable and i think the food is reasonable also. so; group picture, winery pictures mostly green and down by the river i guess i was attracted to dry grass and rocks...
  14. not that it means anything and I only had a couple of hours but zed struck out there as well. I checked the wall with a couple different types of settings and only found two tiny pieces of trash. a lot of those areas have been hammered out, they invite a lot of people in there on a regular basis. renting one of their wiz bang things or whatever you call it sounds like fun, sucking in the dirt kind of like dredging. ok wife is calling time to hit the road...
  15. i got a feeling the big guy likes you a lot and he's reading this forum real regular just to see what his friends are up to.
  16. don't I wish, but if it was possible i think the demand on Steve would be so high he'd have time for nothing else. The owners of the winery are good friends of good friends and the caretaker is a really nice guy I understand, who enjoys a glass of wine or two when company is around. So this trip I'm going to be torn between two lovers, we are of course going up with our friends and my mother in law (she's really nice) is also visiting from China, time will be a little divided. The tough part is going to be trying to stay sober enough so i don't fall into one of those holes I'm digging, the care taker and I are the only non Chinese and he likes to drink... i have no hope. Had a wedding party in China and I only remember the first half, custom is the groom walks around the room and toasts with each guest and there was over a hundred people there... I only know we cut our wedding cake because I saw the pictures. Every dinner with friends in China is accompanied by lots of BiJo (high proof white rice liquor) and you can't say no, you can try... it'll work for a while, but eventually you give in. This trip i hope it's not to bad, oh the hangovers in Shanghai. thanks for the good word, clark
  17. Thanks deathray and thanks strick, i am bringing both machines I'm sure ill use those and some other things i won't use, that i will need to rearrange every time i try to get something from the car, eventually the entire contents in the car will resemble an unorganized landfill until i unload everything an put it all back in its place... then the dance starts again. good luck yourself, clark
  18. was the Onida mine that my great uncle almost died in when the ceiling caved in.
  19. Finally got an invitation to prospect on some private property in gold country, i have been waiting for this opportunity since before the GPZ came, it's been a carrot dangling off in the distance in front of me and a source of inspiration. My nose is buried in Chris' s book and a dozen others getting ready and although my skull is thick and the pathways narrow little pieces of the puzzle are coming together. History of the place as I'm told is that it has been a privately owned winery since the early 1950's and off limits to any mining activity and therefore never been electronically prospected. there was mining activity in earlier days and in one old building on the property, in the basement it shows writing on the walls left over by Chinese miners and there are some old mining tools left behind in the basement as well. My friends also tell me the care taker on the property says gold can be easily found in the river on the adjoining private property. the property is a mountain top and gentile hill sides, the area is peppered with quartz outcrops and iron stained gossans and according to the records a history of very coarse gold. I have a couple days to bungle around the property and it's going to be a little personally embarrassing if i don't come up with something good here. But it's a big piece of property and my skills are still new. it will be another fantastic learning experience no matter what i find and another adventure to add to the books. Ill take a few pictures and keep ya posted.
  20. please don't strike me down, but JP's the god I've been saying my verses to every night before bed... and may JP guide me to the golden light - ta hope nobody finds this offensive (so many years of catholic school to recover from), but we are all like giddy school girls when JP talks of gold and I hope that never stops!
  21. roaring camp in pine grove just a few miles up highway 88 has taken some 15 to 25 pound monsters off their property in years past if i remember correctly from the speech they give on the ride down down to the river. they stop at the county hanging tree and tell you of the history there as well, it's really an interesting tour, but very sad for those who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. they sure had great gold back then if you lived long enough to enjoy it.
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