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  1. pretty nugget, i bet it was nice hunting down by the river. thanks for sharing your find!
  2. ah yes, I knew this had to be something some of you had tackled before. Beautiful craftsmanship Steve, when I saw the picture my hopes went up it looked like a product model I could just order. No matter, this also sounds like a fun project to work on and build. Steve, thank you very much!
  3. cool rocks Scott, great collection for the deck and good memories.
  4. ive chewed my nails a few times and don't think anybody would care for them to much, kinda bland.
  5. Having never had a harness bungee system to compare, i can't tell you if one is better than the other. I use one J strut on the detector side and don't use the extra chest bracket and also find it easy to adjust and swing with the guide arm attached, I did modify the bungee loop on the free end closing it with heat shrink wrap as suggested on another thread to end using that side by accident when re connecting the bungee to the zed.
  6. Gambler, from the little I've seen theres nails a plenty for all up and around that river. My wonderful sweet understanding kindhearted (are you reading this baby) wife will be out of the country in China for a month beginning around the second week in June and I've pretty much told everyone else if they need anything they are going to have a tough time finding me, I'm going detecting. I probably need to head home here and there to do laundry, but I'm going to spend as much time as i can in the Sierra s and n nevada depending on how things go while indulge guilt free. Im not sure exactly what day I'm heading up but it'll be in that ball park. Clark
  7. bummer on the strut and frustrating to get cut short, but oh how sweet tomorrow may be...
  8. Saw this on craigslist, sf Bay Area, so I posted this for fun... I know nothing about them, it's not a detector exactly, but shows up in a detector search Ahhh... If only
  9. Rick, ahhhh I know so little... I've been digging it all in the desert, except some of the wash areas are so filled with rusted tin and nothing else that I give up and move on. The one time I tried the zed just below downieville on the yuba river I was overwhelmed by square nails, this was my very first outing with the gpz so I moved on to rye patch area for a little easier detecting I thought, but next month I am planning to take on the nails again and I have a much better understanding of the gpz, so I'm planning on finding a much higher grade of hand forged nail... A whole keg of em. I've not yet hunted an area I'd refer to as a patch yet, but that's mostly been a lack of time to go hunt.
  10. Thanks deathray, it would cut down on the number of times you had to dig nails and such in trashy areas with something portable enough to be practical. Nice to have something that worked like the sun-ray probe, except that it was a simple small VLF that could use the GPZ coil.
  11. it seems the biggest weakness of the GPZ is the lack of any reliable discrimination other than a best guess as to depth due to the double target response. My Whites SST will power up in seconds and is a great detector with excellent iron discrimination and may even give an accurate iron response in proximity to the GPZ, but its not practical to carry both. my question is there a small lightweight detector that would compliment the GPZ mainly by giving the operator a second look that reads for an iron signal on the target in question, something like a pin pointer with some decent depth made for iron.
  12. I like this one better than the one i bought at costco... hmmm, might need two...
  13. Steve, very good article and very technical for me while still trying to wrap my brain around all these new concepts i am reading and slowly re reading. I noticed something my last time out by accident, I was running the GPZ and investigating a signal i thought to be ground noise. I had dug a small hole and the signal seemed to be all around inside the hole. I set the GPZ down about 15 feet from the hole and got my whites SST from the car. as soon as i powered on the SST, I could hear the very rapid pulse of the GPZ, the closer to the ground i brought the coil of my vlf detector the stronger the pulse in my head phones. The pulse was also slightly stronger yet when i lowered the coil of the whites into the hole. Wiith all this going on my whites SST indicated hot rock. The way the GPZ charged the ground with its signal made it feel very powerful when receiving the signal through my VLF. All of this was interesting to me, but not something i understand well enough to attach anything significant to in regard to the operation of the GPZ.
  14. lots of good information, I actually did consider some kind of sat phone or something, but i figure the cost on those is pretty stiff and a little caution would do. The rubber vulcanizing tape is great stuff, I keep a roll in the boat but forgot about it for my car and then I tried the trailer, but that just opened a whole new can O worms being different tire sizes an all, you see where this is going... So, if you need any service out there just look for the severely overloaded old silver Mine Lab 500, I mean ML500 and give a shout, i'll quit digging lead long enough to come give a hand. Clark
  15. So, I've spent a lot of years in my life working in emergency services and one of the most important things I learned was talking about safety is one of the best ways to prevent something bad going worse, or better yet not having anything bad happen at all. That being said and me having tire issues in the high n Nevada desert this last time out, the next time I plan to be better equipped. To help my self and be able to help someone else as well, being out in remote areas is kind of like boating in that another in distress becomes your priority if you can assist. My growing list includes: upgraded tires, two spares, tire plug kit, tire patches, rubber goop, 12 volt tire pump with battery jump start ($80 at Costco), extra quarts of oil, extra gallons water, hand winch and chain/straps, 200 ft rescue rope, small tools, small first aid kit, there are more things I'm sure. Plus all my prospecting tools and supplies... Barely room for me in the car. What other things do you carry to stay safe and what safety tips do other people have to share?
  16. My vlf is a whites sst, I bought it for the ease of use it being pre set for my local ground type here in california. This detector is up and running in seconds, seems to match the mxt in power, has very fast tracking and excellent ground balance. The 15 kHz makes it a good all around easy machine that is very stable for a newbie.
  17. I'd happily eat crow any time the dessert menu includes gold too clean my palate. Nothing like the sweet after taste of yellow, or so I've heard. Congrats on your finds! Happy to hear the z is running sweet
  18. Thanks Rick, ya, she looks down right sporty with them meatier treads. I'll give them a good test in June, my wife will be in China for a month and I'm gonna romance the zed while she's out of town... I'm going to cowboy it around downieville and n Nevada, or where ever the urge points me. Hope to have your kind of good luck on the yellow stuff, but know I need to learn a lot a pay my dues first. Good huntin out there... Clark
  19. Hi hawkeye,I don't really know to much about off road tires, but the Nevada desert is teaching me some lessons. I called a couple of tire shops looking for the most aggressive tire I could find to fit my old ml 500, they got a laugh... There was not very many choices based on the stock 17" wheels and limited tire clearance from the springs. I wanted the goodyear mt/r Kevlar, but they don't make one to fit my ride. The best I could find was the Goodyear wrangler dura max lt truck 10 ply on the tread, 245/70r 17. They run around $210 plus all the charges they tack on to the bill. The reviews are ok and the ride seems ok on the pavement, they hum a bit, but I kind of like the noise and it makes me feel more off road ish driven bown the boulevard. Last month I nearly got stuck trying to get down a very steep dirt road, actually down was no problem... Up hill was the challenge. I even had to drag out my hand winch at one point to get out of a jam and away from the cliff edge of the road. Blasting up the road as fast as I could and I nearly stalled out several times, but finally made it back out. I'm hoping these tires are a big improvement over my old street ms treads. Anyone have any experience with the duramax tires out in the desert? I saved two of my old tires for extra spares now I just need to pick up a used rim or two and I'm set for the next hunt.
  20. Nice tires and happy feet, show the gold no mercy now! Just added new shoes on my old steed... Hope the desert gods will be merciful to us now.
  21. My lower shaft lock is keyed and will not rotate, the upper shaft lock allows my zed s coil to rotate an inch or so when the shaft is fully extended. occasionally I find it's not quite lined up straight when Im out swinging it around too. It takes a little force for it to move, so I haven't been really bothered by it yet, but it seems like it should be made to lock solid.
  22. Don't keep food in the car, bears can and will tear the car apart to get at the food they smell. A bear proof food locker on site or up a tree that's not right next to the tent is what I've learned. If you have to store food near camp have your friend sleep on the food side and tie his shoelaces together after he falls asleep.
  23. I don't know much about it and you probably have already seen this, but there is a company (gold hog) that makes something called a gold hog pan. Its a gold pan identified device that will process and sample material faster, they claim performance similar to a sluice, but it is legal like a gold pan.
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