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  1. Thanks Snake Eyes - That looks about right. If it does change 1 per year... I don't have any others and I couldn't find enough posted online to put the pieces together!
  2. Hi - Thank you! These are fantastic! The actual date codes still seem elusive, but I feel like I am honing in on a range. I saw the same question asked on other detector/treasure finding forums but no one knew the answer... Maybe there's an ex-Whites employee out there that know's the secret.
  3. Well, Whites still has the manual up online - but no dates anywhere in it... cm_1_tr_dlx_instruction_manual.pdf
  4. Hi - Thanks for your reply. I'll dig around a little on the inside and see if there's anywhere else that might give a clue. I was hoping there was a list somewhere out there but so far have come up empty. People list their date code when they sell them, but the dates the list just look like a guess/range. I also tried to find a date range for when the model was produced, but haven't been able to track that down either! Cheers!
  5. Hi - I have a mint Coinmaster 1 TRDX machine that I got at a yard sale. It has all of the components and fired right up with fresh batteries. I was just tying to find out when it is from exactly but can't seem to find it online. It has a Date of GG. It's a fun machine to use as it brings back old memories as a kid in the 1970's out finding stuff with a similar machine my buddy had. Thank you in advance for your time, Dino
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