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  1. A silver quarter trifecta is a rare day indeed! 👏 Your sterling flower ring is very familiar to me...I have found over a dozen of that design here on the west coast over a 10 year period. Major Congrats! 👍🏼
  2. It’s crazy what can be buried under the ground...last year my Dad found 52 quarters (all clad) in one hole. Some of the coins were stuck together with pieces of decayed bank wrapper on them.
  3. Good digs! I’m envious of your beautifully soft, dark dirt! Here in So Cal where I dig, the ground is very compacted, with many stones/clay. Getting down 7-9” takes a lot of elbow grease. I end up needing to buy a new Lesche every year due to wear (shrinkage) of the blade. 😁
  4. Great videos/tests! Here in the US, I’d pass up all shallow 21/22 ID’s in our local parks...There’s an abundance of those id’s, which are mostly pennies and other larger aluminum trash...They’d have to be whispery for me to dig them (for a possible early wheat or Indian penny), unless I’m dealing with disturbed/turned over ground, trenching, or gopher action. All our dollar coins ID in the 30’s on the Vanq/Eqx. When I used my Explorer SE, it would be a mortal sin to run it in auto sensitivity (especially for a deep coin hunter), simply because you never knew what the true sensiti
  5. Cool, old coin that’s got plenty of character even though you can’t see much detail....looks like it was punched with a square nail....nice wheels too!! 👍🏼
  6. 51/50 I believe you meant to say...🤣😂 Cool contest!! 👍🏼
  7. Haha...it does suck getting old. I can relate to your hand wanting to close itself shut. 😌. Your push for 200 reminded me of my push for 800 silver coins back in 2015...I came up a little short, but I ended up with way more than I thought I would get, and that year turned out to be my most productive ever. Congrats on a great beach season! 👍🏼
  8. Boy, Tom, I wish someone could enlighten you for once!! 😆🤣. Years ago, I clearly recall not a single hunter could pry that whites DFX of yours from your clenched fists, until you got spanked at a certain Nor Cal park by an Explorer hunter....only then did you change your mindset in a matter of a day! 😂 I’d imagine though, you can’t compare apples to oranges (DFX vs Explorer) back then for deep turf silver....but the Nox is no slouch to an Explorer. That’s a fact! You’re still hanging on to your Explorer because you can’t live without your Sunray inline probe! 🤓
  9. If ML had made the CTX as light to swing as the Equinox, I’d probably pay $1200 for a new CTX. I guess you could say I’m a deep silver slayer!! 😂🤓I’ve been hunting old, trashy parks in my locale for more than a decade with an Explorer SE, and the past year with a NOX 800. After digging over 5000 silver coins with my Explorer, I’m here to say I wish I had an Equinox 10 years ago! ☺️ The Nox is a silver slayer!! It finds deeper coinage and co-located deep targets in moderate mineralized soils more efficiently than my Explorer ever could. Last year a buddy of mine and I went to a park we’
  10. That’s a great beach hunt, Mitchel. Those coins definitely haven’t seen much moisture all these years. I’m assuming the sand you’re hunting to find those oldies has a hard pack layer (the deeper you dig, as opposed to soft, fluffy sand). Those silver coins you found remind me so much of my dry sand hunts at a specific stretch of beach, where I dug over 600 silver in 2 years there. I surmised there should undoubtedly be similar conditions at other beaches as the beach I was hunting. I would dig every solid, smooth signal with my PI machine (my Explorer couldn’t attain the depths I was find
  11. Hey GB, could you elaborate a little on the kind of site will you be requiring a magnetic rake for a stronger pull out West here? Are you going to be raking blankets of iron? You did mention hiking/backpacking, but a device like you bought is new to me...I’ve seen plenty of beach hunters and prospectors/meteorite hunters attach magnets on a beach scoop or a pick, but never heard of a magnetic rake.
  12. Sounds like you have your 5000 dialed in for hunting your beaches. 👍🏼 There has been some talk in the prospecting forum about hunting the beaches with the new GPX 6000. The 6000 seems much more simplistic, and doesn’t have iron reject or timings (can’t delineate between high/low conductors on a 6000 like you can on the earlier GPX machines ??). I saw you express some interest in possibly seeing how a 6000 would perform as a beach machine...it seems like you will lose your conductor delineation ability. I’m thinking the 6000 would perform like a super-charged TDI Pro (with the Ground Balance
  13. Ahhhh, that’s a critical “Angle” to attain in one’s back pocket of tricks for both Prospectors and beach hunters using PI’s......It separates the boys from the men! 😂
  14. I have a TDI Pro...it has the low, all, high switch settings, but those are only applicable when the ground balance is enabled...I easily lose 4” to 6” of depth if I turn on ground balance on the TDI Pro. Yes, I have to swing very slowly in wet or mineralized sand to keep the threshold more stable, but that extra depth is key for having a chance at the older finds when there’s no erosion present. I’ve never used a Minelab PI before , but if you don’t have any loss of depth and are still able to hear high/low, low/high conductivities, that’s the cat’s meow!! 👍🏼👍🏼 I believe a Garrett ATX
  15. Great hunt, HardNOX! 👍🏼 It reminds me of my beach hunts with my Whites TDI. My digging technique is much different than yours, but I’d imagine my sand strata is quite a bit different than yours. Could you elaborate a little on how you describe above of your ability to decide to concentrate on digging lower conductors with your 5000 for a while, then switch to digging higher conductors? Does the GPX have this ability without loss of depth?? I do have this ability to differentiate between higher and lower conductors to some extent (if I ground balance my TDI), but I would be greatly lim
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