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  1. Your scenario (especially with elusive silver halfs) has happened to me numerous occasions over the years. Just recently, I was detecting a very small park that has produced countless silver dimes, a few silver quarters, and hundreds of wheat pennies over the years. My buddies and I have zig zagged over the same ground at this small park many dozens of times, and on this one recent hunt, I hadn’t found but a few wheats, until I ended up finding a walker half, which was the first silver half dollar we have found at this little park after hundreds of previous hours of hunts...you just never know! Congrats on your barber Half!!
  2. Congrats on your hard earned oldies, Joe! 👍🏼Do you feel confident there’s gotta be more elusive oldies at that park? I always go back to a spot I found oldies from a previous hunt....embrace the challenge!! Good Luck! Raphis - Dan
  3. That’s true because Park/Field 1 modes on the Nox are internally lower frequency weighted, which is better suited to higher conductive targets (pennies, dimes, etc). Park/Field 2 modes are internally higher frequency weighted, and are better suited for fine jewelry and other low conductors, such as nickels. I still find deep nickels in Park/Field 1, but I’ve always wondered how much deeper I could hit a nickel in Park/Field 2. Congrats on another great day of hunting!! 👍🏼
  4. Fantastic hot spot! 👍🏼👍🏼 Those road trips of yours are ultra productive!! Congrats!
  5. GB, The park I hunted is one of the oldest in LA. Not sure it’s “The oldest”, but it has produced more barbers/injuns than any other park in LA for me. Thanks for the help on the barber date! I’m still not real sure of the date after looking at the coin countless times..🤔
  6. Hello Friends, Last Thursday, I had a couple hrs of free time to go on a hunt. I decided to try my luck at one of the older parks in my locale. This park has been hunted so many times by the locals over the years, not to mention I have hunted this park over 100 times in the past 13 years (but only about 10 times with my Nox). This park has a plethora of non-ferrous trash, iron, and a good bit of EMI, which obviously can mask an older, deeper find. I love the challenge this park poses to the old coin TH’er. It’s not a very large park, either, but the old coins/tokens/jewelry (7-9+”) were numerous here. I have over 300 silver from this park, over 1500 wheat pennies, and close to 100 indian pennies. However, a decent half day hunt from this park today would be 5-6 wheats, and maybe an injun if you’re lucky. Finding silver from this park today is a real challenge. So, for a couple hrs last week, I took my Nox to this park, with the hopes of digging a few oldies. I noise cancelled and ground balance my machine in the area I was gonna hunt. My machine was still jumpy from EMI, but that’s the norm at this park. I wasn’t willing to drop my sensitivity below 23 because the deeper targets are quite faint/obscure with respect to audio. If you swing your coil too fast or too slow you’ll go home empty handed. I saw some older plugs just a few feet from where I was hunting from a couple months back (I remember finding a few silver/wheats on that short hunt back then). My first target I located sounded like a deep injun, but it turned out to be the enameled copper/brass Star Of David pin. My next target was so obscure and deep, that I had to swing/wiggle my coil from every direction possible for over a minute just to tell myself that I should dig this target. The ID numbers were bouncing all over the place (from deeper iron and nearby shallow trash), but I narrowed my coil wiggles over the spot that was repeating mid 20’s ID’s. At 6”, my pinpointer was still silent at the bottom of the hole. It was hard to say if I had to dig deeper or widen my hole. There’s a mod I made to my Propointer that increases the depth by almost 2” (you can find the mod on a number of YT vids, so with the mod engaged on my propointer, I started to hear the target off to one side at the bottom of my plug. After a couple more inches of hard-packed dirt removed from my plug, I saw a flash of silver. It was dime sized and well worn. After reading the date, I couldn’t initially tell if it was 1892 or 1902....What do you guys think the date is??? It’s a Philly mint. I was so pumped after finding that coin!! I rechecked the bottom of the plug with my pinpointer and there was another target next to the dime, but it was only a small, rusty nail. I only dug some deeper pieces of aluminum and a couple bullets in the immediate area to the barber dime over the next 30 min, so I decided to finish my short hunt at an adjacent section to my parked car. That’s where I found the Rosie and all the wheats, along with the Bally’s Aladdins Castle token. It was a very successful, short hunt for me that produced some elusive oldies. With deep, elusive, partially masked targets in the ground, one can never give up hunting a site with that criteria. Let it “rest” for a while if you get skunked on a hunt at a site like this, but never say “I’m never going back there again because there’s nothing left to find!”....the most elusive keeper finds are also the most rewarding to find! HH, Raphis - Dan
  7. A wartime Jefferson nickel no doubt. If Dan soaks that in lemon juice for a few hrs (or more), it should look a lot more like a nickel.
  8. Congrats on your best silver day ever! 👍🏼 Your hunt brings back quite a few great memories for me...I’ve hunted parks in my locale for years that produced silver days from the low teens to the mid twenties...even one park nearly 150 miles from me that produced a 31 silver day (my PB). All of these parks were just regular, old parks from the ‘20’s-40’s era, without any ground movement. Those days around me are long gone, unfortunately. I wish I could go on extended road trips like you do, but that’s not possible for me at the moment...maybe someday! Anyway, I’m rambling......Congrats again on your memorable hunt! HH, Dan - Raphis
  9. I’ve hunted hundreds of older baseball field (outfields and infields) in parks and schoolyards over the years. Sometimes, only the outfield produces old coins; sometimes only the infield (under the Decomposed Granite layer) will produce. Each baseball diamond is different in how it was built, with respect to the DG infield. Sometimes, 6” of original dirt is removed before laying the DG down. If that is the case, it’s possible to detect the “oldies” in under the DG. Ground balance over the DG before detecting. Depending on the level of moisture, digging thru DG could be a formidable task, but there’s nothing like getting thru the DG, and seeing dark, original dirt and the sight of silver peeking thru the dark dirt!! If, the original dirt was dug out deeper, the oldies will probably have been removed with the dirt before laying the DG. Of course there’s more variables than what I described. Older baseball diamonds could have been resurfaced/rebuilt many decades after they were built, so each one you come across in an older spot needs to be detected (infields and outfields). Also, any picnic areas in an old park with DG laid on the ground should always be inspected to figure out how deep the original dirt strata layer is.
  10. That’s fantastic beach hunting! Looks like those targets had been lost for quite some time too! You said you hunted the beach in the evening? During the receding tide? High tide was around 6 pm around the LA beaches...when I used to hunt the beaches, I’d wait for the tide to recede before hitting the wet slope. Trying to detect the slope at high tide is no fun....however, you obviously know your machines and your beach conditions....that’s for sure. Congrats!! 👍🏼
  11. Great finds and photos! Here in So California, I’ve found just a small handful of Aussie sixpences, three pences, and pennies, along with a couple of WW2 era Florins and some three pences struck at San Francisco mint. One Aussie coin I found was at a park near downtown Los Angeles..it was an Australian Shilling, with a ram’s head on the reverse. I don’t know of anyone else down here in So Cal that has ever found one. Good luck on your next hunt!! 👍🏼
  12. Good report on the use of your machines at the beach, and congrats on your finds! I’m sure it must have felt great to be back on your beaches again! So, what size coil and design (DD, mono) were you using on your 5000? Something just doesn’t sound right if your 5000 wasn’t falsing on the wet sand while your 6000 was. I’ve only use a mono coil on my PI at the beaches, even in the blackest of sand with only minor falsing...but I have to swing my coil very level and slow (coil control), while also walking perpendicular to the water swinging the coil instead of walking parallel to the water. I also can’t lower my pulse delay below 15 uS or I will false more on wet/salt sand. Keep us informed how you fare next week with the 6000 and the mono coil. Good luck!
  13. I’m still getting the “is your liver dying” ads as some others are also. I’m also getting getting Tempur-pedic mattress ads from the Ashley Home Store.
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