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  1. I am new here on this forum. Name here is Bill, located in north county of S.D. I recently upgraded my equipment from a AT MAX to a Nox800...what a difference! Kinda dumb not spending the extra $ and getting it in the first place...but oh well. If you are out here nearby let's hook up and refill the change coffers! Well....you find the change and I will keep the gold!
  2. Thank you Jeff...wish there were more people down here to join detecting....oh well...life in Commifornia
  3. Hi folks! New member here. Quick question for the Nox 800 that i need reassurance of, if that is okay. After I attempt to do a auto balance and get the lowest number, should I click on the check/X or just go directly to searching? Please bear with me as I just advanced myself from a "carrot" (hint hint) to something more professional. Thanks!
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