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  1. Hey, you got silver! That's a good day, Congrats!
  2. Thank you Steve!! Finally the whole frequency thing is put into it's proper perspective. I've been reading so much misinformation about frequencies and multi-frquencies regarding the upcoming new machine releases, especially in some of the other forums. It took me a while to figure out that frequency was about metal size, not metal composition. Now I'm looking at targets in a different way and it's really helping accerelate my learning. So Thank You again for making so much good information available for those that thirst for knowledge!
  3. It's a little more complicated than that. Here's the breakdown and the whole process in a nutshell: UK Treasure Report Laws
  4. Personally, I'd be more than happy with a 9.5x5" ellipical FMF coil with external battery for the D2 (like the HF coil for the D1) for use in the Colorado gold fields, ghost towns, and parks. In fact that's probably the only thing hold me back from pulling the trigger right now. That skinny coil is indespensible in those places.
  5. There are a few Youtube videos by people coming up with ideas to seal the 800 for water use, one by a very well known beach hunter. Just search "Equinox in water" on Youtube to see those and many videos by deep water Nox users. You might be able to contact some of them directly to get their experiences with the Equinox in salt water. I only beach detect once or twice a year and don't go in the water (illegal where I detect), but I've dropped my 800 in the surf several times and always hosed it down after salt water beach hunting with no problems. Personally, I consider any detector only submersible to 10 feet to be dunk proof, like an IP68 rated watch or cellphone, and not intended for extended use in deep water regardless of manufacturer claims. If you want truly waterproof, I feel like your only current options are an Excalibur II or possibly the New Deus II, which hasn't been seen user tested fully submerged in salt water for extended periods yet.
  6. Welcome Gary! I too, though not an XP owner yet, enjoy your videos and your soothing style immensely. I also appreciate how you explain the intricacies of the D2 that even someone who has never used a Deus can understand. Thank you for helping to make the leap easier.
  7. So I'm looking at the D2 Manual (Page 25) and it doesn't really say how you get out of Pinpoint Mode. It looks like you short press the lower middle button to go to the Pinpoint Screen and it's default mode is to Auto-Tune the threshold and you can then pinpoint the target or manual re-tune the threshold to get a more accurate target location. But it looks like you have to push the top right button to exit pinpoint mode. Is that correct?
  8. Thank you Loren, your first impressions report of the Deus II is especially valuable to someone like me who has never used a Deus. This is the kind of information you usually don't hear from other reviews as they are made by people familiar with XP detectors. I think you provided useful information that a non-Deus user should be aware of. It doesn't prevent me from considering purchasing the D2, but gives me real user information, often overlooked, to temper my excitement from all the hype and ground my expectations in reality. I intend to keep my Equinox regardless of my decision to aquire a Deus II as that will be another learning curve to surpass. I don't buy into the one detector theory and see the D2 as another great tool to learn. I appreciate your unique perspectives.
  9. Damn, you popsicle water divers are hardcore! I'll hunt the Colorado snow if it's above 35° outside and just bring the frozen target balls home to thaw while I sit by the fire, but I'm not getting near water that cold! 😄
  10. Excellent finds in very difficult ground! Well done! That wings & propeller button looks like the WWII era US Army Air Corps insignia.
  11. Awesome find! I'd go back to look for the Eagle & Cannons pin attachment that goes to it. You know snow makes good signals louder! 😄
  12. Howdy, GnshpCSO, and as my dad use to say, "Welcome back to God's Country!" 😎
  13. To further complicate your questions... I have the 11" and Coiltek 10x5" (actually 9.5x5") coils for the Nox and rarely use the 11" anymore even in large fields because of the hot dirt and trash in our lovely Colorado grounds. But if XP does develop a 9.5x5" FMF coil at some point, the 9" coil would be not needed IMHO. So to live in the now vs later, I'm thinking the 9" coil is still the way to go to get the superior separation and lighter swing. If the 9.5x5" coil comes out, I could sell the 9" and buy an 11". That's my way of thinking right now anyway.
  14. The lead soldier looks like a WWI "Hun", so he could be eating a giant soft pretzel. 😄 I'm German, btw, so I'm allowed by the Geneva Convention to make Hun jokes. 🤣
  15. There are 3 of them on Amazon right now. Coiltek 10x5 Coil for Equinox
  16. Sweet Barber, Dogo! Looks like you're back in the swing of it! 😎
  17. Looks like an awesome haul to me. Well done! I've heard stories of the famous/infamous Culpeper area hunts. That's on my bucket list after I get and learn a PI detector that will see into the center of the Earth. 😄
  18. I haven't noticed any loss of depth in my Rocky Mountain iron hot dirt. The deepest target I have dug in our parks (no plug allowed) is 8 Inches, but I have passed on 10" and deeper targets because I can't go that deep without making a mess. I did dig a 12 inch deep 6" pie plate in a farm field though.
  19. It's silicone grip wrap tape I found on Amazon. It sticks to itself, not the control handle, so it will come off clean if you have to remove it. I've had it on there since last Summer and really like it. Silicone Grip Tape
  20. I'm not sure how I rated this, I don't have a Youtube channel and don't make videos, in fact I'm a relative noob with less than 2 years on the Nox, but Steve was nice enough to send me a protoype of his new S-Shaft for the Equinox to beta test. I must say it's pretty nice. It weighs in 1 ounce lighter than the bare stock shaft without coil, cuff, and control pod installed. So far I've tested it with the 6" and 10x5" coils and it feels really nice and responsive, but I'm not doing a full review until testing is done. I still have to run the 11" and 12x15" coils. He said I could post a photo so here ya go. I was doing a 5 hour test today when some college-age youngsters were sledding nearby and one of them came up to me and told me her friend had lost his ring in the snow and asked me if I could help find it. So the field test turned into a rescue mission.
  21. There are 3 of them listed from a retailer, Back Woods Detectors in Tennessee, on Ebay. Coiltek 10x5 Coil for Equinox
  22. Excellent video and excellent finds. I envy you with so much history below your feet. Here in the US, we're lucky to find anything metal 100-200 years old. 😎
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