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  1. I think it has been well established that lower frequencies favor larger objects and higher conductors such as silver, and higher frequencies favor smaller objects and lower conductors such as gold. This is why single frequency gold VLF detectors are made in higher frequency models, usually 24 kHz and up.
  2. I haven't tried one yet. I was going to print one up just to see if there's a difference, but I have the 9" coil and it just seems unnecessary for that one.
  3. I haven't had the chance to use it in an actual gold field yet but I did try Goldfield mode on a few tot-lots and man that hits some super tiny targets there. So much so, I ended up switching to Relic or Park just so I didn't have to dig microscopic pieces of jewelry and tiny metallic thingies. It reminds me of Park 2 on my other detector in that it makes the tinest targets sound big, but I don't know how many earring backs, small single links from a chain, or tiny bedazzler doodads I want to dig. 😄 I can see where that would be more important in tiny nugget hunting, but I don't think I'll use Goldfield in a parks or tot-lots anymore. 😉
  4. Yep disregarding all the marketing hype, it's really all about what works best for you in your conditions. It's too bad you can't test drive new detectors before buying, but that would require at least a 100 hour test drive for each one. 🤣 That's why I appreciate the reliable and useful unbiased information from those that can aquire new machines and give honest opinions and testing in their conditions on this forum.
  5. Great finds, Erik! Well done! I couldn't find anything in the manual that advised against searching your yard. I would absolutely recommend the D2 in Relic mode in your yard and would go back over it just to see, regardless of what might be in the manual. You may experience some EMI issues (or not) but give it a try. It won't hurt the detector, just be careful when digging, there may be underground cables that you don't want to cut. You might want to contact your gas, phone, cable, and electric utilities companies because they will usually mark where their lines are so you can avoid them when digging.
  6. Nope, the F-Pulse doesn't discriminate, probably because it's PI. I've used the ProFind 35, XPointer Max, and Cache Pro Elite for discriminating pinpointers. I like the ProFind 35 but you have to get the tip almost on the target to discriminate. I tried the XPointer Max, and it has a little more range identifying ferrous targets but it's just too wonky for me, I just couldn't get comfortable with it. I like the Cache Pro Elite the best for discriminating because it has a thin 8" metal rod and tip only sensitive so I don't have to open a hole to tell if the target is ferrous or non-ferrous. Unfortunately those are no longer being made so I only use mine in special circumstances. And since I got the D2 and MI-6 combo, I really don't even need to descriminate with the pinpointer that much any more because I know going in if the target is ferrous or not 90% of the time.
  7. I'm with F350 on this one. The advantages far outweigh a few minor hiccups with the MI-6. I wasn't a believer until I got one and started using it. My F-Pulse has always done the job for me, but now I only pull it out if I need that extra inch or two of depth (and that's only by using the F-Pulse with the "Super Tune" trick). Now that I've been using the MI-6, I leave my F-Pulse in the car unless I'm going for super deep targets. Plus the MI-6 is better at finding micro targets the F-Pulse misses. Use it in Pitch mode and you'll never look back. 😎
  8. Copy that. As I understand it, programmers only work until the cheetos and energy drinks run out. There could be a shortage of those in France right now. 🤣
  9. I'm with you on the earbuds, they're so much nicer in hot weather. I just ordered the WS4/6 audio adapter and plugged in some cheap JBL wired earbuds and clipped the WS6 puck to my hat band. Problem solved! XP WS4/6 Audio Adapter
  10. I believe the the TPU coil bumpers on Ebay are 3D printed as well. I've seen that quite a few water hunters have just spray painted their coil covers a bright color and they seem to work fine. Cheap and easy to touch up as needed. Just a thought.
  11. Since the D2 is currently at software version 0.71, I would think that it's technically still in Beta and will probably be updated until it gets to version 1.0 and beyond as needed.
  12. I was surprised too. I checked online yesterday and couldn't find any in Australia. I did find some on Ebay (and ordered one) but they only ship inside the US. I'll keep looking. I thought Detect-Ed would carry them but they don't yet. They do have the carbon fiber (Simplex) lower shafts that fit the D2 though, if you're interested.
  13. Thanks! There was no marking that I could see on the copper plate thingy. It has a folded tab on the left side and I assume it had one on the right too, so it may have be the backing for a small photo frame or possibly a pendant of some kind, I don't know at this point. A couple of the more interesting finds for me was the old corroded 45 LC bullet with the lead still in place, it must have been a dropped bullet, and the smaller possibly .38 caliber bullet with the lead carved into a ball shape, which may have been made into a game piece possibly for playing chess.
  14. A couple of weeks back I made a post about a seeded club hunt I attended. The next day a few of us left-overs went to find a Victorian era picnic ground to detect. While we think we had the right location, the area had been the site of much flooding over the years and was layered with huge amounts of overburden, debris, and modern trash. The only period thing found was a 1913 Wheat penny, so the group then desided to go to an 1800s railroad station site some miles away. When we arrived, the bulk of the group made a bee line to the foundation of the old depot building while I lagged behind. I figured this place had probably been hunted a lot over the years, so I decided to work the road less travelled and headed up an inclined area away from the pack. One of the guys yelled out that there was nothing where I was but trash and the good stuff was at the old depot foundation. I waved and kept scanning where I was. As I moved along I hit a few modern coins, but noticed the trash was getting older. Soon I was in an area with lots of old glass and started finding real old bullet cartidges. Soon after that it happened... I got a clear penny signal on the Deus II and there just under the surface was an old coin. Really old! I couldn't tell what it was at first, but as I gently wiped a century or more of caked dirt off the coin I could see the feathers of a headress. With a little more careful cleaning, I could just barely make out the date 1863. It was an old "Fatty" IHP and my first 1800s coin found in the wild! Needless to say I was ecstatic! I looked up and could see the rest of the gang scurrying around the depot area like ants on a piece of candy so I just stayed in my little area. I didn't find any more coins or even the the caliber of finds normally displayed on the forum, but I did find more old stuff that is cool to me. The guys did make some cool finds at the depot foundation including a Civil War era army coat sleeve button, a baggage tag with the name of the depot engraved, a Woodsmen Union pin, and a 1900s Wheat Penny, but I didn't get any photos of those. I also found this thing that I thought was more modern trash until I noticed It had a name "PAT.A" scratched into it. It could be a baggage tag I guess. My old sun baked IHP was the only 1800s coin found that day. Ironically, I found two 1863 IHPs at the seeded hunt the day before. I guess sometimes good things come in threes. 🙂
  15. Another great getaway, F350! That Jamestown medalion is fantastic. That's got to be super rare. Thanks for taking us along on your detectcation!
  16. I don't think that should have any effect on the MI-6. I usually run the detector pretty hot 96-98 most of the time and haven't noticed it affecting the MI-6 at all.
  17. From what I've read on various forums, including here, Tony Eisenhower makes very highly regarded wired underwater headphones for the Nox and Excal, and now the Deus II (no WS6 puck required). He can only be reached though his email: tony@idigbeaches.com Get in touch with him and I think he can help you out. Cheers!
  18. I run mine hot (46-48) in pitch mode all the time too and don't have any problems other than getting a little chatty if it's too hot for the mineralization I'm in at the time. I have noticed sometimes it seems to loose a little depth (maybe an inch or two) and I have to turn it off and back on to get the initial depth back. I know you're supposed to turn it on touching the ground in mineralized areas to get max depth, but I never do that, so that could be the problem. If I know the target is deep (below 4 inches or so), I just use the F-Pulse, although I've been using it less and less now that I've noticed a trick in pitch mode. If a target is just at the edge of the MI-6's range, in pitch mode it will sound like a low faint iron hum and disappear as I move off the target. If I press down or open a small hole to get the tip a little deeper, it will lock on to the target, so I just use the F-Pulse for the really deep ones.
  19. Mine unpaired a couple of times but hasn't done it since. I thought I must have hit a button on the remote or something when turning the MI-6 on, but it hasn't happened in a while now, so I don't know what caused it.
  20. I must admit, I don't understand XP's one washer theory. That doesn't really make much sense to me, but after switching out the lower shaft to the carbon fiber shaft, I've got rubber washers on both sides now so that's not a problem.
  21. +1 on that! The Nox and the 10x5 coil is a killer combo!
  22. The original poster was seeking a discriminating (ferrous vs non-ferrous) pinpointer. A magnetic on/off switch does not solve that request.
  23. I think Tony Eisenhower makes his wired waterproof headphones with a D2 connector option but I don't have the info to get in touch with him. Maybe one of the other diver/beach hunters can help out with that.
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