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  1. Well, congrats on your new D1, gopher, I hope you have a lot of fun with it. A lot of people still use the original Deus and love it. Cheers! 😎
  2. Coming from Minelandia to the XP universe, I too prefer High SQR audio, but I'm going to do more experimenting. Since I ran PWM for close to a year to learn the sounds, I like it too. I set up identical Fast programs next to each other. One has High SQR audio and the other has PWM audio. I hope to be able to learn if one gives more target information than the other and if one falses less than the other with identical settings, coils, and swing speeds. I'll let you know what I find out. 😎
  3. Well I gave the D2 Flip Case a go on a relic site a couple of days ago and actually liked it. I did pay more attention to the tones and felt like I was doing as well as I normally do, but a few hours into the hunt I ended up mounting the remote back on the shaft. The main reasons were because it made it quicker and easier to jump between programs for checking signals and also hitting the pinpoint button to size suspected big targets. I was carrying my shovel in my left hand and swinging the detector with my right, so that meant I had to stop and plant the shovel to open the flip case. Maybe an armband would have worked better in this case, IDK. πŸ€” I could hunt either way, but I just like having those few extra tricks at thumb's length. 😎
  4. Nice collection of knives and congrats on the seated quarter, well done! 😎
  5. I was out on a relic site yesterday and a thought popped into my head while wading through the various levels of decaying iron and other trash. Before the V1.0 update I had been running PWM audio because I thought it was much more expressive than Square audio. After V1.0 to present (V2.0) I have been running High SQR audio because I feel like it as expressive as PWM audio and it sounds better overall to my ears. However after long hours in areas of dense square nails, nail pieces, large iron, and burn pits I was getting some ear fatigue from all the falsing. I tried switching between a couple of programs from my usual Fast relic program to see if there any differences in the response to falsing sounds. I have a Deep HC based program in Pitch audio that I use for coin shooting, but it just made everything sound the same and I couldn't tell iron from non-ferrous from falses without checking the VID. I also have a Sensitive program in Full Tones with PWM audio and when I switched to that I noticed (or percieved) a difference in the falsing tones to the point that it was less fatiguing on my ears. I know we have discussed many ways to control falsing, but my quest here is do you prefer PWM or High SQR audio and why? πŸ€”
  6. I'm not sure why that video was posted here, but it was a fun watch. I get that European metal detectable history is much older that here in the US, specially where I live in Colorado, if that was your point. We just don't have anything that old here, if we did it, those kind of finds would be posted in U.S. youtube videos too, but we rarely find anything older than 1600-1700s on the East and West coasts and mostly 1800s (if we're lucky these days) and later out here in the wild west. 😎
  7. I am also a big fan of full tones and sometimes pitch. I found my D2 flip case yesterday and I'm going to give that a shot and see how I like it. I think that could be just the ticket. πŸ˜‰
  8. That's interesting, Lodge Scent. I have my remote tethered as well, but I like the idea of forcing yourself to listen more carefully to the the audio. I try to hunt by tones, but sometimes I just get lazy and watch the ID too much and when I do that I dig more junk. I may have to try your arm band idea. There are a bunch of different phone arm bands on Amazon that would probably work for the D2 remote. Hmmm... Thanks for the idea! 😏
  9. Thanks sohN, LOL! Yep if I get a choice of probes, I gotta go with the MI-6! πŸ˜‰ 🀣
  10. I think we're all waiting patiently for that small elliptical D2 coil. I know I have been, but so far I'm doin okay with the 9" and 11" coils and if I get the 11x13" coil for Christmas, I will definitely be able to wait for XP to get the logistics worked out on a 10x5" FMF coil. So I don't feel the need to go to a D1 just to get that coil. Just my 2 cents. 😏
  11. After looking more closely at the folded 5 Cent token I noticed some differences between that and the Alamo Club token, so I took a chance and opened the Taco-Token yesterday. My suspicions were confirmed and it is not from the Alamo Club (only twenty-six 10 cent tokens known to exist counting mine πŸ˜‰). It is actually from the Pinon Saloon McGuire Colo, which I could not find in the Pritchard token book or online. It also has a hole through it that looks like it was punched with a square nail.
  12. Well way to go Gh, well done and congrats on the Barber dime! It's a beauty! 😎 And thanks for your impressions on the 11x13" coil. It mirrors what others have been saying and I have one on my Christmas list. I've been fairly good this year and hope Santa remembers that time I gave him $20 when he was ringing a bell on the street corner. πŸ˜‰
  13. I watched his second video where he is still in France and bunking with Gary and doing the XP boot camp to learn all things XP. Man he really looks like a fish out of water, but I think "Buddy Videos" would be hilarious to watch, like watching seasoned vet with rookie cop movies. 😏
  14. Well every hunt has something good sohN, and that pendant or earring dangle looks like a keeper even if it not precious metal. And you learned more about the giant coil and beach EMI. I would guess that silver beach has so much silver left because most other detectorists can't deal with the EMI to get any depth. πŸ˜‰
  15. LOL! 🀣 Thanks, Gh, I was thinking I had seen that pattern before on some images of prehistoric plants. That matches it exactly! 😎
  16. Wow, darn good season there, gopher, congrats and well done!
  17. That's hardcore hunting mode, Sinclair, congrats on the silvers and coins! 😎 I snow hunt and like it. Seldom anyone around and my D2 likes the cold so I can go until my hands freeze! 😏
  18. Thanks, LC! Yeah, that fossil was a nice surprise. You just never know what you'll find metal detecting! 😎
  19. Thanks! I don't think I'll forget that hunt anytime soon. My wife was about to make my son drive 3 hours out in the wilderness in the dark to try and find me. Luckily my friend saved my bacon before that happened! πŸ˜‰
  20. Lol! It was definitely a fun day. The night was a little sketchy though! I'm not saying it was aliens... ,but... πŸ›Έ I had the battery checked and it's in good shape. I tracked the problem down to the dome light. It must have been on for days because I don't remember turning it on. That's the danger of leaving the lights on "Auto", I suppose. Now I check to see that everything is off before I leave the car. And I bought a remote battery jumper to keep in the "just-in-case" box! πŸ˜‰
  21. Wow, that is much better! That's the add-on cost of import export I suppose. 😏
  22. Wow, F350, you bounced back big time! Congrats on the Merc, Wheatie and specially that Draped Bust Large Cent, OMG, that's awesome!! I can't even imagine finding something like that. 1700s coins are more rare than hen's teeth out here in the wild west! 😏
  23. Way to sniff out the masked finds, Lodge Scent, well done! 😎 I don't recognize the eagle button, but it looks like it might be an early great seal design. I can see the Union shield on the eagle, an olive branch, and possibly stars above the eagle head, and it looks really old, as does that "sun" button. Congrats! What is the disc at the bottom left corner, a coin?
  24. And the Simplex CF lower shaft is half the price of the Detect-Ed CF lower, you just have to do a little sanding to make it fit properly. XP really should make their own CF lower shaft though.
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