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    Had: Ace 400i, Spectra V3i, Ctx3030, Dēus 11" LF, Golden Mask 1+ 15khz Uk Editon, Multi Kruzer, Deus 13" x35, Nokta/Makro Anfibio.

    Have: Dēus 9HF, Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and Gpx 5000

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  1. You probably heard from youtube... I saw a video from a guy wearing a Minelab cap saying that... if i remember correctly, on his background he had some look like pink curtains... it's not true.
  2. Thank you mate! Someone told me exactly the same! The 15 round is lighter... 🍻
  3. Thank you mate! Wish that i could write better English... 🍻
  4. Hope y'all doing great! Guys, I'm on my way to bed and catch some sleep... So i copied the text from my original post. Hey wassup guys!😀 Hope y'all doing great!🙏 Here it is, yesterday's result with my brand new Coiltek coil for the Minelab Equinox! (14x9) Before anything else, let me say that i could had found way more stuff (another patch at around 500m away from where I've been yesterday), but i was determined to try this coil on a area where i have searched many times before. (I have some old footage here, it's same area where i used my GPX 5000 with the 14" DD Goldstalker), and no, I'
  5. Hope you doing great mate. Read my previous reply here. Michael aka IffySignals knows me. (I'm Fabio)
  6. He is not getting a signal from the coin... he getting a signal from the mineralization. I did a live video on facebook explaining about that. I'm from Europe and i hunt on Ancient soils... i have the Dēus, Nox and Gpx 5000. Had the Kruzer, the Anfibio and several other machines... im quite known on Facebook metal detect groups. I tried to contact Calabash couple of times but in vain... (he is one of my role models btw). If you pay attention, both units won't get a signal while running "normal programs " but they do receive a signal while both in All Metal mode. You can tweak the nox t
  7. I use mainly the wm08 module because it's way faster than the Bluetooth. I can hear the difference on polluted ancient sites. (Mineralization and iron) Wired directly to the control box or using just the speaker is way more faster, but i don't like being Wired directly to my machine because i would have to remove the headphones every time, i don't like using the speaker because i want to pay attention to what I'm listening, ambiance sounds like the wind can be a problem and i won't be as much focused as i am while using the headphones.
  8. Hi guys! Hope y'all doing great! I came across this website: https://www.geosense.nl And it got me thinking... When i see the word Geosense, Geology is what comes to my mind! Geology involves minerals right? What if this new method has the ability to see/scan iron? And then it would disc or reproduce any characteristic sound or any type of visual information, this without necessarily having the need to use a DD coil.🤔 I mean, we are talking about Minelab... the ones who keep revolutionizing the metal detect world with their unique methods. Another link from the same compa
  9. Just saw couple of Turkish resellers on Facebook saying that it has iron reject 🤔
  10. The guy on the video making the presentation is called Ali Ibrahim. Development ManagerMinelab MEA Check him out here: https://egypt-mining.com/speakers.html
  11. I can always send you a customized Kinder Suprise Egg with couple of hammered coins and some gold!😂
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