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  1. Interesting thanks. I was looking to get a bigger coil for my Equinox 800 to go deeper on beaches, the 15'' coiltek a good option? Only have the stock coil at the moment.
  2. I came back to the forum to try and find out what the point of these coiltek coils are. They are more expensive than the actual minelab ones, what is the actual advantage of buying them? People seem to be promoting these Coiltek coils all over facebook but they don't say why you shouldn't just by one made by Minelab. Coiltek say they are approved by Minelab, why would they approve these? Won't that cost them money?
  3. I was wondering if it could be a good idea store corroded metal detecting finds in a container of oil? I have old bits and pieces made of copper etc. and it probably isn't good for them in the long term to be out in the air for oxidation reasons. What I was thinking of doing was filling a container with vegetable oil and putting them all into it for long term storage, until I can find a better place to store them, think this is a good idea or could it damage them? Maybe there is another type of preservation liquid?
  4. I don't detect underwater but I love detecting in the rain so would only get a waterproof detector. They say detectors run so much quieter in the rain because wet soil can be more conductive, you get a lot less 'chatter', they say the detectors also find things deeper. I definitely notice a difference between detecting when the ground is dry and wet, I can run the detectors with sensitivity maxed out in the rain and there is hardly any 'chatter'.
  5. I've not looked at technical specs, what kind of phone has the same processing power as an Equinox 800 or Deus? These days you can get some pretty cheap phones with hefty computing power.
  6. There is a message on their facebook from the 5th of October, people will be receiving their detectors towards the end of this month. This could be a game changer, will be interesting to see what the reviews are like.
  7. Africa is their biggest market but they have no presence there in terms of an office etc.
  8. Are you using an Equinox 800? Is that still the best detector in that price range? My simplex just stopped working, I'm thinking of replacing it with an Equinox 800. I like the simplex, will get the gen 2 if it has simultaneous multi frequency and more tone breaks etc. I wish detector manufacturers would just put normal Bluetooth transmitters in their detectors so that any headphones or earphones could pair with the detector, but I guess they want to make extra money by only being able to sell their own headphones for the devise.
  9. What evidence is there that a MF loses depth in MF mode? What do you mean by a MF machine will be 'noisier'? I'm looking at getting a MF detector, currently have the Nokta Simplex but don't like it as there is too much chatter even with low sensitivity and ground balance. The MF machines I'm looking at are the Minelab Vanquish 540, Minelab Equinox 600 or 800, or the new Garrett Ace Apex. There is unclear information about what frequencies they use then in multi-frequency mode, and what difference it makes. The Apex doesn't have 40khz for example.
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