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  1. The 540 comes with different levels of iron bias similar to Nox and unlike 340/440. Have you changed your iron bias from high to low by chance? I still get rusty nails with my 600 even at highest bias setting but I get a lot more in lower settings. I see you list having a 340. Do you have the same issue with that unit? I believe 340 and 440 are locked in at higher setting of the 540 from what I have read. Wet ground may amplify conductivity of all targets or create halo people talk about making the detector react to it differently than when dry. So you may find that deep or weird angle
  2. Finally had a chance to try my 600 at the beach and the Sea Hunter. Constantly worried about breaking the Nox still under warranty, overheated the screen with housing cover - check.... Felt like I was going to snap the shaft or coil in the water. Went back to the sand. Sea Hunter I bought used, no warranty, not worried about anything, no issues. Thing is a tank and simple. Yeah, digging up more iron and deep stuff but still dug the coins and other junk the Nox did. Also still made, Garrett will send you o-rings and little parts for free even if you offer to purchase, will r
  3. You have had it for less than one day and selling it? May I ask why? I saw your for sale post with 2 coils, wireless headphones, and an interesting display with like a histogram type graph. Also carbon shaft and possibly well balanced. Do you know if one can use any set of LL aptx wireless headphones or are they proprietary? Thanks
  4. As a non-gold prospector observer, would be interesting to see what else they come out with and how they warranty it. Garrett service is pretty good. I imagine that housing and form factor they used as latest on MX Sport/MX7, the gold models waterproof, not waterproof (GMT/GMX Sport?) they purchased the molds and design. Maybe some of the labels for display unit and coils? Maybe just a simple printing change. Color change probably simple as well. I don’t see the Treasuremaster/Treasure Pro making a comeback as they seemed to be overpriced for that beginner spot where the Ace lin
  5. Yeah, I saw the poll results and can find those. That doesn’t really tell me much other than preference of others. My question was more related to his statements about this being used for something... And maybe something about it benefiting us or something like that. Just curious what the something was? Input for development of next gen or other competitor? Software update? Someone writing another book?
  6. Any updates? I recall one about headphones and one about Iron Bias. Thanks.
  7. You may have to search the forum or pinned topics on this one. Only speculation available and no real answers from Minelab. There are some made up scales comparing range of one versus the other. On setting the mode, I think once you set for each mode, it stays that way until you change or do a reset to factory settings. So you can have Park 1 at FE: 2 and Park 2 at FE2: 0 and it should not change, again, until you change or reset the whole detector. I think that is what they call a local vs a global setting like volume or sensitivity for example.
  8. If that was available in US and just adapts to the stock shaft, I would try that in a heartbeat. Maybe we’ll see it on eBay one of these days.
  9. I have the Fisher F Pulse and a Whites TRX no longer made. Both used AA batteries. Most others use 9v. TRX can actually use either. The TRX (VLF) was deep and tip only detection. It was good but I liked the build quality of the F Pulse better and didn’t need two so sold it. I think some guys like them as they may be more sensitive to small gold from some posts I’ve seen. F Pulse (Pulse) again uses AAs, good solid build quality. Waterproof, 3 year warranty I believe. Has decent depth and sensitivity. I know it does not seem to detect small pieces of foil so may not be goo
  10. Lesche has a couple of their models as small as 18” with different types of handles.
  11. Would the F75 fit into this list? Not sure what your parameters are for successful but seems like it has been around for a while and they are still milking it as a flagship. Seems to have a following and some praise as well. And I guess if you combine variants like T2, numbers of units in use might be even higher?
  12. How is it at pinpointing in pinpointing mode? Do you use wiggle method? And if so, is center of coil best or at edges were the two Ds intersect? Thanks for your insights and nice find. It will be interesting to see how much depth is given up over the 11” or sensitivity and unmasking over the 6” and if it proves to be a good all rounder coil. I feel a coil this size could potentially be more versatile as a stock coil on something like the Equinox or Simplex and still provide good results for most. And perhaps a little lighter making a better balanced detector out of the bo
  13. El Nino, do you know if the stock 11” has this same effect on small targets? Where sensitivity is higher at ends than at center? Same effect as 10x5? Or does the round vs. elliptical DD improve this effect? Learned something new. I thought the sensitivity would have been even across the coil or strongest in center. I’ll have to do some experimenting of my own but curious curious on your thoughts. I have experienced this target outside of hope where I had thought I had pinpointed the center.
  14. Yeah, now that I have a second shaft to make quick swaps, I am trying to put some time on the 6” when I have the patience on areas I have already covered with the 11”. Just to prove to myself what the 6” can do. It takes so much more time to cover area with this small coil. I think it is good for specific and smaller areas that have produced other stuff.
  15. For reference, here is what a first pass and higher numbers session would look like at this park.
  16. Last weekend I posted about a silver earring back I found in this park area I have been working that has yielded a couple good finds. This weekend I found this gold earring. Not too heavy, hollow, but 14k on the stud and came out nice and shinny. I’ve gridded this area in both directions with the 11”, Park 1 and Park 2. Going over it now in Park 2 again with the 6” and working the lower numbers. This gold earring was a 2-3 VDI, mostly 3. So I’ve proved to myself that with good patience and putting in the time I can find small jewelry at parks. But, is it worth it? So much
  17. I’ve typically done the tot lots with my F22 as it is pretty easy to swing and decent 9x5.5 concentric elliptical coil. I’ll have to try the 6” and Equinox sometime. I don’t like the 11” on tot lots. I save the tot lots for when the ground is too dry and hard in summer and give the turf a break.
  18. Getting a little more time on the 6” in an area I’ve already gridded in Park 1 and Park 2 with the 11”. Found a gold ring, silver quarter, and lots of pull tabs and nickels here before so wanting to see what I am leaving behind from coil masking and lower positive VDIs. This earring back today wasn’t exactly low VDI, came in 10 - 12 range. But I dug those before. Either missed it or it averaged lower with some iron or foil under the 11”. Anyway, not sure it will be worth the effort yet but interesting challenge and learning what the detector can do. That tip toe behind that 6”
  19. They seem to at least be reading the posts. I’ll keep making my argument and suggestion. You can counterpoint it all you want : ) From some of my other posts and that of others, there definitely could be better balance for some without having to add 16oz to the back end. Reducing a smaller amount of weight from the right end of the detector would have same effect. I’d even take a 8x5 a la Garrett or 9x5 or so if it gives it the right balance while offering some reasonable coverage and maneuverability. That’s the coil and solution I want. Fisher seems to have some sort of lighte
  20. You may be right but just here hoping. At the moment I’m not too compelled to jump on this coil. The shape would be nice in some cases for me but the weight reduction and better balance would definitely be a delighter that may tip me over to making a purchase. I think the 11” round on the Equinox seemed to be more “marketing and who has a big coil out of box and depth” than the better option for most situations, do it all coil that say a 10x5-6” coil would be. And then you take a nose heaviness penalty. I guess I am disappointed that the SP24 Fir the Simplex and this Coiltek 10x6 for
  21. 360 grams for the Vanquish. And in theory it could be a little lighter than the 10x7 since 10x5 A 10th of a pound or so off the coil and longer lever arm is better than adding a pound off the back of the shaft to help balance it better. Just a personal opinion on another reason that might make me more interested in the coil instead of the stock 11” and spending another $200+ on this detector.
  22. I would be more interested in this coil if they made a light version of it, about the same or less of the Vanquish 10x7 coil.
  23. Got my Pelso’s in. They seem decent. Not any more fragile than my Seahunter ones from Garrett. Funny the label still says “exclusively for Kellyco” but they don’t sell anymore. Just some more detailed pics for reference. I’ll comment some more after I use them.
  24. Yeah, it is hard to tell if the band on yours is bigger than on mine or if they have since made changes and made them wider. The SS tips are only available on the non travel versions of the Blade and Pro. I can see this being a benefit and wear item for heavy use. For my purposes it should be more than adequate. They off course can do custom stuff if you work with them directly. Honestly I kind of would have liked a Pro 6” with the smaller holes like the blade. I think it would have been adequate and packed a little better. But it would have been a custom order.
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