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  1. I actually remembered a story from a neighbor that grew up in the area I thought this crowd might appreciate. We were talking about how he came to live at his house facing park. He grew up in a different part of the neighborhood and used to walk to the park to swim. When he did that he would walk to pool barefoot as that saved him the dime for the locker for clothing. So, he would walk through grassy areas and streets that had grassy curb strips. His current house is on that route facing the park and he used to think that was where all the rich people lived. They really were and still are modest houses but he wanted to live there someday and now he does. Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool and also made me think about the kids that did bring that dime or other change and other things they may have dropped on grassy areas on way to the pool or other activities at the park. Like maybe that’s how that watch fob ended up there!
  2. Watch fob is probably my favorite so far. Yes, hopefully more good finds to come! Looking forward to the spring. I’ve used them before but on this park I have been using the city GIS. Good reminder. I’ll have to try it and see if I find something different than GIS aerials. Older ones are pretty blurry. Park has changed over the years but I have done a little research on it and have a few areas of interest. The thing is I am trying to hit not so obvious areas as this park is frequented by detectorists hitting the obvious spots. So I din’t just move here to detect but it was one reason. I now don’t have to drive here! As I get to know neighbors and meet people, I’ll have to work in the request to detect their yards : ) It is an old neighborhood and hundreds of houses so it is a good place to be.
  3. I haven’t posted anything significant in a while. I moved mid year and changed role at work. It has been busy getting settled in and sorting out some things at the house, getting up to speed at work, life. It has been tough getting away to detect. But I also just walk to my detecting spot now. Anyway, wanted to post my more notable finds this year from my new to me 1920 house and neighborhood 1800s park. These were found with my Equinox 600 and Vanquish 440. Hope to have more time to detect this year now that we are more settled. From my front yard and part of backyard I found wheats from 30s-50s, a 40s Merc, an old clock winding key, and lots of nails. The house has been mostly renovated and has probably had a few roofs over the years, so lots more nails to remove. It also has had two additions on crawl space so some of the back yard was lost to that and the 2 car garage. Work has been done on sewer line and buried gutter drains so a lot of the yard has been disturbed over the years. I’m hopeful there are more goodies in rest of yard and masked by the nails. We’ll see what next year brings. These finds show some potential. From the park, I’ve only hunted some areas scouting for potential and only gridded one area mostly for surface finds where a festival was held. I had better luck than I expected. Found a modern silver ring, a modern token, random clad and spills not shown. But what was interesting were a few signals I could not ignore that were good and deeper than surface. So I took the time to dig those. I also can’t resist a good nickel signal so I often dig those as well. I managed to pull a no date Buffalo about 6” or so and an old watch fob, slightly damaged with typical of early 1900s designs. This was a higher tone about 8”. Wasn’t a silver coin like I hoped but I’ll take it. Anyway, there is lots of trash typical of a park and plenty of acreage so hopefully more interesting finds to come after thoroughly gridding and cleaning up areas. Oh, the old religious pin I found in a different area a while back just digging all signals. Never know what you will find in those hunted out spots.
  4. Check out RTG (Reilly’s Treasured Gold). Good scoops and reasonably priced. Made in Florida. After much research I went with the Blade travel version but they have a 6” round travel version as well and many other options. Hand scoops, short pole, long pole, travel pole, aluminum and stainless. You can order direct, other detector shops, ebay, Amazon. They offer some customization if you order direct but not sure on overseas.
  5. Seems like a nice facility with some freshening up needed in office spaces. What would a facility that size be good for these days in Oregon close to a city like Portland? Electric cars or batteries? Tiny houses? Indoor Kale grow operation? Jokes aside, I’m sure it would be nice to see some life and jobs back in that building. Probably where all those White’s product catalogs I used to get as a kid came from. I still look for a Whites Classic I that I wanted and never got. If I can pick one up cheap enough just for nostalgia/wall hanger.
  6. I’ve been wanting to use this test to compare a few detectors I own and thought this variable needed some control. I thought it was odd this was not used in video comparisons and I was such a nerd for thinking that a metronome and some sort of markings for sweep length/distance for reference might be useful.... Guess I’m not the only one so that makes me feel better. And I am now wondering if the cadence foot sensor from my Garmin might be a useful tool in monitoring this if I attach it to detector shaft far enough away from the coil or my arm so it does not interfere. I really only need a point of reference from unit to unit that I am testing 🤔
  7. I saw all minus the Simplex listed on a couple US based online dealers. That is a killer deal almost $100US less than these sites and shipping only $14 seems pretty cheap.
  8. I’ve wondered if it would help differentiating a copper penny from a dime better. They are so close and similar on the Equinox. I’ve hunted some sites where I have found a bunch of wheats but not a single silver dime and wondered if someone more skilled or with a different scale sniffed them out and left the wheats behind.
  9. Have I missed the pricing being discussed for the various detectors? Are they now available from US dealers? Online? Thank you I see metal detector online site has them mostly for $250 and Ace model for $220 but no Simplex model listed? Thought it was on the list..
  10. Don’t forget the “Arrow”! I’m not planning on purchasing a Legend but if they offer the right coils I may just have to and sell off more of my others. Heck even the Equinox 600 if it really is as good.
  11. They all seem to do it. Watch some of the Vanquish commercials that were made if you haven’t. The “they started it” argument is immature. It is comical but in a head shaking way. I rather they put out a solid video and presentation about their product and a series of instructional/tech videos and let people decide. Social media has taken the marketing to a whole new level of.... well.... wrong in my opinion. Honestly one thing I notice is that people will not take the time to read a manual on a more complex detector. They want everything spoon fed in Facebook and YouTube videos. Why not just cater to that with some good instructional videos without the drama? I’d respect them more for providing that rather than the bashing and drama videos but maybe that is just me. Although I have not found love for more Garrett detectors other than my Seahunter, I do respect that they have some instructional videos on their site and their Apex videos were not overly or at all bashy. Acting quality? Meh. Personally I don’t need the show, I’m looking for specs, features, instructional content.
  12. Everything needs to turn into a reality TV drama these days guys. Part of the marketing and staying relevant. I couldn’t finish watching it. Better things to do this week. I’ll wait for the tests and side by side and opinions. Happy Thanksgiving.
  13. Because they can get away with it and it works? They will still get tons of sales. Why does a Hyundai H look like a slanted Honda H emblem?
  14. The Vanquish ones are pretty cheesy and lame too. They seem to like taking subtle and not so subtle jabs at each other. But how interesting or what class of actors would one expect for something like metal detectors? I mean it is almost on par with Law and Order or CSI level of acting.
  15. I haven’t worn a wrist watch since I started carrying a phone in my pocket other than a Garmin for training and events when I used to compete. I don’t own one otherwise. During detecting I carry my phone and have no noticeable issues but I wear gloves. I won’t reach in my pocket and handle my iPhone with muddy gloves. It is a hassle just to check the time. There are these things called girlfriends and wives that sometimes get upset when you lose track of time and are gone longer than you said you would. I mitigate that by literally setting alarms on my phone to give me a heads up. We have commitments or I tell her I’ll be back by X. I get it out occasionally to send her and a buddy pictures of cool stuff I find, especially when it is jewelry. I might remember to check the time before I shove back in pocket and put gloves back on. Personally I could care less how many hours I have hunted or hours on my machine. It is not a mechanical device that needs maintenance. A clock on the screen that I am starring at anyway is handy and a simple delighter feature to add.
  16. The clock is a nice feature I wish I had honestly and the ferrocheck graph seems useful. Not sure worth upgrading if you already have the “competitor” unless it has game changer performance somehow. They sure took some not so subtle jabs at them! If you didn’t have “competitor” or upgrading from a Simplex it might be compelling. I suspect a compatible version of the Pulse pointer will come out and 6x9 and 13” coils to up the sales numbers later. Also wondering if they just plan to drop a lot of their other models and just make it up on volume with the Simplex and the Legend and the kid devices.
  17. Yes, nobody seemed to have answered the question in the title of your post with the obvious answer : ) I occasionally struggle with nostalgia about a detector I wanted as a kid and never bought but it would just collect dust. I kind of get that but I guess by the results and the rest of your tools.... Check out Sea Ghost housing if you have not. Probably no cost effective solution but pretty neat. He makes for various detectors.
  18. So the answer is yes? And the F2 as well? I have a somewhat similar detectors as you. Equinox 600, Vanquish 440, Fisher F22. The Ace 300 other than being a Garrett probably doesn’t compare to AT Max in frequency and coil type but I do have a Simplex that should be closer in specs. I’ve been wanting to do similar comparison testing with mine this winter. But so far this year, all I know is I have been defaulting to the Vanquish a lot and it does find the goods just like the Equinox without having to think too much about the settings.
  19. Just for fun, I was wondering what the short list of names for this coil was 🤔 I like Bigfoot and Cleansweep better than Arrow. I would have named it “Sythe” I think. I was also thinking about how quickly I would be able to move or what kind of rhythm a coil like this. The 6” is like having your laces tied together, the 11” like wearing shackles, an 18” ‘er like normal walking pace? 🤔
  20. this... the MS-2s fixed part of this issue but the tones are not for me... thing is I probably would have loved a detector like the Ace when I was a kid
  21. I picked up my Ace 300 in that range. The Simplex was sub 200. Then used wireless headphones from a guy whose Simplex was stolen... Patience and opportunity is key!
  22. Yes, I think in this case the depth is not a concern as I have other tools for that and the Simplex with the headphones and perhaps adding their linked pinpointer will be the nicer setup. My case for this is areas that get temporarily fenced for festivals at park and the grassy temporary parking areas for fresh drops. May try it at the beach when visiting family just for something different.
  23. This is a similar decision for me but the delta between the value of the ACE and the Simplex is likely not worth going for the ACE I think. Similar to another recent discussion on the you might still be able to get someone to pay a lot more for a used Max than a Simplex for whatever reason. I doubt there will be a difference in the price of this coil between the two so I am leaning towards the Simplex.
  24. I wrote that I do not want it to be really deep. I was hoping it was even more limited in depth by design. Same strategy you mention I think. If I can’t pop it out quickly with my digging tool or find it on the surface, I want to move on or not detect it possibly. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll get caught up on that.
  25. When I was looking into possibly getting an F75/T2 to try, some of you guys convinced me that other than the ergo, I wasn’t really missing anything if I already had the Simplex for a lesser price and it was sort of a budget Deus/Orx replacement to compliment my 600. My decision right now is between the Ace and the Simplex. But other than having less money into the Ace, I can’t find any other reason to choose it over the Simplex. But there is always that other option of buying something else on the current or future list of detectors. Decisions, decisions.....
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