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  1. I have the iron on so it will give a grunt. I could have avoided those but figured I’d dig it all since mulch and so shallow. The ID is also fairly accurate for shallow finds.
  2. I forgot about the Bullseye and think I had read somewhere of its high frequency. Good datapoint on that one. I imagine if they were some sort of magic on gold or jewelry people would seek them.
  3. I was hoping you would chime in. I think in past you did some evaluation of various common ones. Again, I think intent was minimizing interference with the Simplex but I recall he gold detectors having around 19kHz or so and figured this might transfer to pinpointers.
  4. Yes, I was wondering if at 18kHz it would be any benefit or better. Seems most other VLF are around 12kHz mark like the ones you mention. I was thinking about another PI like the PulseDive but then started looking into he VLFs. I had a TRX for a bit and although deep, AAs, and tip only, I found it a little quirky/unstable so I sold. I am running EBC lithium AAs and those have been nice so far. I suppose the 9v lithiums are a good compromise. AA would just be more ideal to me. I don’t really need a spare. The FPulse has been very reliable. Just looking to try something else but not under any pressure to push me one way or another.
  5. Anyone have experience with this pinpointer? I think the old one used to be closer to 12 kHz and they changed it due to interference with Simplex. I think that was the intent anyway. Since a lot of the VLF detectors marketed for gold are in that 18-19 kHz range I was wondering if this would be more sensitive to those pesky small foil and maybe gold items when trying to pinpoint. My F Pulse is great other than it seems to struggle with foil. Not a show stopper but if I were to get a different back up, was curious if this might be more sensitive to pesky foil. I’ll still have to get over its use of 9v but that is a different nitpick. The buttons are on back of cap which also seems like odd placement.
  6. I can’t comment on the Coiltek specifically but…. I have used the 6” on Equinox and Vanquish with 10x7. I have used the 6” to re-grid areas that produced goodies with 11” and also to re-grid entire areas in trashy park after gridding with 11” The 6” did squeeze out a couple more things but not a lot compared to the 11”. I also was able to find micro jewelry I feel I missed with the 11” but also felt scanning a huge are just in hopes to recover a small silver earring back or small hollow gold earring is not worth it to me. It takes a lot of patience and time for me to use as primary. The 10x7 on the Vanquish is likely not as deep as 11” but it feels better and should separate better and allow me to get closer to playgrounds equipment, etc. Also allows similar coverage as 11” without the patience needed with the 6” So, what I have found is that I like using a 10x7 (and likely a 10x5) for most general hunting/primarily. If I feel it is worth it, I might still use the 6” or I might use the 11” for more depth once most of the easy stuff and some of the trash has been removed with the 10x7. If I had the 10x5 on Equinox, I would likely not swap out much for the 11” or 6” unless I really felt there was something else there worth it to me like old coins. I basically end up mostly using the Vanquish with 10x7 (which cost me less than just the Coiltek) and the Equinox is a specialty tool with either the 6” or 11”.
  7. Really just multiple detectors for different types of hunting. Most recently it has been the Simplex with The Arrow coil and the Vanquish 440. I can sweep the surface with the Simplex/Arrow and, if it makes sense on the site, follow up with the Vanquish to ID deeper stuff without worrying about surface stuff masking. The Vanquish was supposed to be backup/long-narrow coil option for the Equinox 600 but it is just simple to use and finds the goods. I really need to get the Equinox out soon and put more time on it with the nice carbon S shaft from Steve. Maybe once I cave in and get the Coiltek 10x5 for it 🤔 I suppose if internal battery dies on Simplex or Equinox, the Vanquish is a good option with its replaceable AAs I can keep handy. Beach is my SeaHunter at mom’s and I think my ACE300 will end up there as a backup for dry sand. All I need is to bring my rechargeables or buy some AAs for either or and I’m in business. Wired blue heaphones on SeaHunter and wired MS-2s on Ace. No charging of headphones. Pinpointer, F Pulse with backup batteries. If I had to have a backup for that it would probably be another F Pulse to be honest.
  8. That’s a good to know to ID these. He thickness of the cable is clearly different in the comparison picture from the buyer.
  9. I think those were the 6ish kHz ones that may not work with MXT, DFX models and likely less sought after. Probably still someone out there wanting one for their Classic for surface find hunting.
  10. This might be a good place to start looking for an answer:
  11. So basically no updates is the answer to your original question. You would think that the interest in this size and shape coil for other machines would motivate the manufacturer to prioritize this over a 6” round. Seemed it took a while for the Simplex and Equinox as well.
  12. Didn’t the inventor work for Fisher at some point and develop and manufacture this thing on his own? I wouldn’t say he has done nothing, probably more than most of us have. Was it risky? Probably. Also doubt his price point, volume, and manufacturing ability warrant tons spent on marketing. Kind of a niche detector no? Maybe it needed more creative marketing. Anyway, answering the question with blanket self quotes, what does that accomplish?
  13. Kind of surprised it has not been already moved to the retired forum. Maybe the mourning is over. How long before Tesoro was moved? I’m kind of more curious as to what else Garrett might do with what they bought other than the 24k. And really what new stuff they might come out with in future to keep them relevant, Whites related or not. I’m not a gold prospector but the Axiom sure looks like a nice detector and the Apex is a nice form factor. Not sure seeing some posts about “I put batteries in my V3i and took out for old time sakes” makes sense in the Garrett forum. Just my two cents.
  14. Did Garrett ever put Z link on any of the Ace models? Noticed this icon in the bright sun recently but the screen doesn’t appear to be shared with the AT Max. Was just curious if any of the US or international models had it or if maybe they thought about it at some point and built in the icon. I believe the 400 has Iron Audio so they may share a screen where that icon is used.
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